Locksmith - Grey Area f. Crooked I

Photo: Shake.

Industry rule #4080...

DOWNLOAD: Locksmith - Grey Area f. Crooked I (prod. E-A-Ski) | Mediaifre

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  • Sour D

    wow i didnt see this coming. Havent heard shit from locksmith in a minute

  • huh

    damn this hot
    Crooked i killin 2010

    thx shake for hulkshare works fast and efficient

  • LOCKSMITH > Crooked I

  • FelatioCain

    I love Ski but it sounds like a twelve year old who just got his hands on FL 9 made this beat. Verses were hard though, Locksmith reppin that Bay Area!

  • 111

    cant wait for the official untagged version of good friday tonite - kanye - hell of a life mp3...hop he doesnt cancel it and get mad lol

    and is this the same guy who battleraps?

    Locksmith vs Jonny Storm Rap Battle [Grind Time Florida]

  • FelatioCain

    ^^ yeah this is him.

  • WOW

    OMG I always dreamed of this duo on a track together!

  • Dopeboyz

    Really good Battle Rappin
    Grind Time Presents: Locksmith vs Jonny Storm pt.1

    Really good ones:

  • Onederin

    Not my favorite beat from Ski, but the Lock and Crooked did their thing.

  • Shy


  • nice friday surprise

  • killamic

    Thanks 4 finally posting this!

  • yugang

    Your late on this! Still bumps like a muthafucka!

  • Crooked I was dope and i loved the shout out to Chamillionaire in the beginning too
    As for Locksmith.. he was wack. Have yall ever seen his Grindtime Battles? Dude battles like a bitch. Passwurdz bodied him. He raps like a CERTIFIED BITCH.

  • sorry

    ^^ you mad cause he styled on you?

  • go watch his battles and tell me he doesn't rap like a bitch.
    Yall talkin bout Kanye soundin Feminine and shit this guy is 1000000 worst

  • LmFao

    @prophetofprofit bet he'd make u his bitch in a battle since you talking about somebody battling like a bitch.

  • @LmFao I bet he wouldn't.

  • LmFao

    @LmFao battle him and find out....if you think u can do better. Handsdown Locksmith is a better / more potent mc than passwurdz, and hes got a more sustainable career than the nigga. Locksmith's Career & Battle Resume>anything passwurdz did, period!

  • ^If you say so. Pass is a far better battler than Lock.

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