2DopeBoyz & Okayplayer Presents Add-2 – Tale Of Two’s City v.4: Better Days (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka October 23, 2010

After a slight delay, the Windy City MC drops his latest effort brought to you by OKP and the dopehouse. Tracklist and link down bottom.

1. Waiting So Long (produced by IIL Meel)
2. The Menace’s Theme pt.2 (produced by Antman Wonder)
3. A Love Letter To All My Ex’s feat DonWill & VonPea of Tanya Morgan (produced by the Getards)
4. Dream Girl (produced by Slot-A)
5. Spare None (produced by D-Man)
6.) As The World Burns feat. Satan (produced by Marcus Banks)
7) Ghetto Rain (produced by IIL Meel)
8) Dream Catcher feat Nida Nasheeda (produced by Ken B)
9) The Feeling Is Gone (produced by Ken B)
10) Cassette Tapes (produced by Mydus)
11) Drift Away Interlude
12) Slow It Down (produced by High Caliba)
13) Unhappy Hour (produced by IIL Meel)
14) Black Out (produced by D-Man)
15) Off Our Cloud (produced by IIL Meel)
16) Brown Skin Girl feat Andy Allo (produced by Ken B)
17) To Be Young interlude
18) D.G.K (produced by Slot-A)
19) When The Spotlight Fades (produced by Thoughts For Food)
20) Me & My Rhymes (produced by DviousMindz)

*Bonus The Crown (produced by Ken B)

  • Anyone got the link for the first two of these?

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  • 1woRd

    this gonna be one the best tapes to drop this year. Add-2 easily one the best out

  • RealHipHopPlease


  • A.T.C.Q


  • CanadianHopster

    been listening to this guy since volume 2. man can he spit. and i can relate to it. for me thats the biggest thing in music (hip hop). if all u talk bout is bitches this and money that and gangsta this and cocaine that then shit how am i supposed to bump yo shit w/o ppl looking at me like look at this foo, anyway Mood Muzik 4 and now this. man it is truly a blessing. keep up the good work joey and add-2, and ya if anyone got the links to the other volumes please hook it up, im fiendin ;)

  • Cloud 9


  • To Mega Therion

    Any links to 1 & 2.

  • Bri

    ‘Even in a staring contest you couldn’t see me. Cleanin’ up the mess you can call me shamwow. I sound like Shyne then you sound like Shyne now. Wowwww’

  • :P


  • yawn

    GIMME A G!


  • Its Dat Time

    Another classic!!!!!!!!!!!!! Black Out is insaneeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Cloud 9

    Add-2 sticks a dildo in yawns mouth..when he yawns. waka flocka iz at datpiff homey. take yo ass on.

  • Its Dat Time

    haha Yawns a bitch! This is real music not that wack no substance shit you use to hearing. #TeamAdd2 all day

  • Justice

    BBBBBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN waiting for this…… downloading now…. Add-2 >>>>>>>>>

  • caseykruger

    been looking forward to this tape for a while…ADD-2 is what hip hop needs

  • js13

    Add-2 = hip-hop…

  • ben


  • Hell yeah. Bout to pop this in…good lookin’ 2dope , okayplayer & Add-2.

  • FINALLY!!! This is gonna be ill!

  • Man I have been waiting on this joint since ADD-2 first mentioned it. About to listen to the tape from start to finish.

  • straightkillah

    “I sound like Shyne then, you sound like Shyne now.”

    I’m sold. this guy is ill.

  • The intro alone is shutting shit down. Theres waaay too many quotables but that Shyne line made me stop the song

  • bf

    Nice end to the day!

  • Pete.C

    Rough timing but FUCK YEAH. Add2 is dopeeee

  • Justice

    really like the vibe of this… much more laid back then the first 2 ( i havent heard or know where to find vol 1)…

  • …Guys this might be the best hip-hop album of the year.

  • Bcold5

    Here was arguably the most promising rapper out of Chicago right now. Now this one solidifies. Add-2 is (2) dope CHICAGO ILLINOIS!!!!

  • Trey Bones

    This is one of the illest mixtapes released this year. Add-2 is one of the promising artists out.

  • I think he and Quest are the best up and comers.

  • (Qui-C)

    So yeah…I’m really not one to comment but Add-2 I’ve heard your other mix tapes and was very impressed but you have left me speechless by what you gave on Off the Cloud, which is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL..I am in love with what you were gifted to ADD-2 the talents of the UNTOUCHABLE producer, IIL Meel …I know good music when I hear it and when something evokes the emotions this work has for me I know its REAL…you have made your mark with me…OFFICIALLY a supporter.


  • muzikxl

    Anybody got a link for the first mixtape?

  • (Qui-C)

    *Off Our Cloud…sorry about that typo up there:)

  • sik

    alright im from da chi imma check this guy out i been sleepin for a while seen alot of his post but by the looks of thinhgs ill give him a shot..ill give my feedback soon. i hope yall aint woofin..

  • Digitek

    ahh man, this just made my night ..thank you 2DBYZ

  • OnTheRun

    everyone needs to tell their friends about Add

  • 1woRd

    this project is incredible…as far as projects dropped in 2010, this is up there with The Roots album, Kweli & Hi-Tek, Overly Dedicated, etc. amazing work

  • So, y’all here the 3rd & 4th, but not the 1st two? Or y’all just don’t know how to count?

  • *heard

  • brendan

    one of the few dudes who puts out great material for FREE

  • Sub

    before hearing tape: Zzzz
    after hearing tape: this shit is niiiiice

  • Man like I said on, if Add-2’s camp wants to put the FLAC version up I’d be willing to pay ten bucks for this easy. I feel bad getting it for free.

  • bf

    I was under the impression that there was NO Vol. 1

    I’ve even searched for safe measure. Can someone clarify? If there is a Vol. 1, then post please!

  • Jonnielluminati put his cock between ya mommy

    Think I’ll check it out off the strength of the comments, listened to a track a couple months ago but wasn’t feelin it..had good lyrics but that’s about it

  • #Add2’sBabyMama

    This Mixtape Is Nothing Short Of Amazing…Add Been Dope Since ’06.

  • rjblaze23

    haha @Sub.. but uhhh this is pretty dope..first time hearing him and dude is dope. dreamcatcher on replay tonight as i sleep no doubt.

  • SpeakinTheTruth

    it’s bout to be the best independent album of the year!!! downloading right now! ADD-2 IS THE TRUTH! Don’t sleep homie! check it out!

  • SpeakinTheTruth

    @bf – In fact there was vol.1 recorded but Add said the recordings got lost or something like that and the only cd he has with it has a lotta scratches and scuffs on it so it wouldn’t even play well. So you won’t find vol. 1 online.

  • ive been followin dude for a minute but lets face facts here

    dude is talented, has good rhymes, can rap, etc…

    but he boring as fuck…….he lacks the “IT” factor which is why i guarantee he will NEVER BLOW

  • dave

    who is this whack muhfucka?

  • hiphop81

    wow. this sounds amazing…im gon be listenin to this all day…wasnt expectin this…

  • wordupshun

    yeah. im super sold. this is dope as shit. hope the right people here this. hip hop needs this dude.

  • Aware of the ReaL

    sooooo….he’s not signed cuz……

  • ill RhymeSeeker

    this is major. im officially a fan. theres alot of great material on this project. and the production….man o man…

  • To Mega Therion

    Does anybody have alink to vol. 2? How about a re-post?

  • Its Dat Time

    So far this and Kendrick Lamars tape are the dopest things I’ve heard. Off Our Cloud, Black Out, The Feeling Is Gone or Cassette Tapes are some of my favs

    Add-2 you outdid yourself on this one bro. Calling it a mixtape is selling it short, THIS IS AN ALBUM

  • wrer

    This is dope

  • I think this is far greater than the Kendrick Lamar tape, Add-2 is just on another level lyrically.

  • apoclyps

    This is a very nice mixtape.

  • Answer Me!

    agree with @fulltimeboss but still downloading just to hear that track with Andy Allo !!!

  • derrik

    okay so the download gave me 22 tracks. the extra track is called And She Said, and it was labeled as track number 5 setting all the other ones off. anyone else have the same problem?
    oh and the cd is dope as fuck

  • derrik

    okay so i looked at the back cover art and found out it goes like this

    1. Waiting So Long
    2. The Menace’s Theme (Part 2)
    3. A Love Letter To All My Ex’s
    4. Dream Girl
    5. And She Said
    6. Spare None
    7. As The World Burns
    8. Ghetto Rain
    9. Dream Catcher
    10. The Feeling Is Gone
    11. Cassette Tapes
    12. Drift Away (Interlude)
    13. Slow It Down
    14. UnHappy Hour
    15. Black Out
    16. Off Our Clouds
    17. Brown Skin Girl
    18. To Be Young (Interlude)
    19. D.G.K.
    20. When The Spotlight Fades
    21. Me & My Rhymes
    22. The Crown (Bonus)

  • @fulltimeboss you cant guarantee anything. add-2 isnt flashy and have much of that “industry artist” swag, but he still has alot of style and character. did you ever here “hoes got feelings”, “locker room stories” or the “big bad wolf” from vol. 3? or both menace themes, and the slue of tracks that got character and style on vol.4? the dudes def got it where it counts. and thats what really matters.

  • This album is truly amazing…left me speechless. The production is tight, the rhymes are blazin, and the vibe of the whole album is incredible.

    Shout out to Meel for the production on “Off Our Cloud” you crazy for that one d-_-b

  • The only thing I didn’t like about this was the mixing, sometimes it’s really hard to hear him over the beats. Asides from that this tape is solid like the last two. Vol. 3 is still my fav though, Luxury was my fav song of ’09.

  • Its Dat Time

    Whenever ppl say someone doesnt have “it” its just a matter of opinion. Like to me I thought Cyhi the prince doesnt have it but he got signed with Kanye somehow. Some people some people dont but Add-2 to me is sick with it. Fulltimeboss I’d say listen to this one song and tell me this isnt sick…

  • Oh and co-sign iilmeel. Add’s got character man, just listen to “The Dating Game” on vol. 2 lol.

  • a

    @Meka can u fix the usershare link? i get viruses everytime i download off mediafire but i want to check this out. but i wont download it off mediashare tho

  • Dr. White

    Fire!!! As The World Burns is my shit

  • GA boy912

    Best mixtape of the year by far. And that means alot considering all of the major label artists putting tapes out. Give Add his props for the quality of music he consistently puts out. From the flow, delivery, creativity, and message of each and every song….aren’t too many artists out there that can compare. 22 tracks with 2 interludes, so there’s 20 solid and amazing tracks this guy is putting out for free! Props to Add-2 for keeping real hip hop alive.

  • Always Sunny In PA


  • musicSLAVE

    heh. i like to call this a wake up call…this is beyond dope. classic material here all throughout. keep it up dude. just know you set the bar up high as shit.

  • Primetime Slanders

    This ALBUM is so out of control…this has no business being free. The lyrics, the concepts, the production(some made Add step out into some places I’ve never heard him) are top notch. I feel like I’m cheating dude and every producer that put in on this. I have Vol 1-4 and the growth of this artist is incredible. But I hope yall got the ear to catch what this man is saying in Black Out…That shit is beyond words. My favorite mixtape of the year FLATOUT.

  • I agree and this has been a great year for mixtapes.

  • Jets Bitch.

    Beats: 10/10
    Lyrics: 11/10
    Delivery: 10/10
    Consistency Of Fire: Priceless
    Add Is Mad Decent.

  • Always Sunny In PA

    after a few days rotation I think I can safely say this is better than most albums. At first I thought maybe I was judging too early with what I said since it was so new but after a weeks worth of spins this album is nothing short of amazing. Lyrics, dope beats and great songs. Props to Add-2

  • good god, who did the cuts on track 2!!

  • sdf

    This tape is fuckin top notch! This is high quality shit. I feel bad not having to pay for it.

  • breakforit

    smh. i sure hope all the right people listen to this mixtape man. i really do. this is too dope to go unnoticed…real shit.

  • yugang

    Ok I slept on another ill ass mc! *smacks myself up against my forehead* shame on me for that one. If it wasnt for that actual proof track super genius i wouldn’t of heard add-2. Damn their are too many new mcs for me to fit on my ipod….sorry wiz your out! add-2 your in!

  • yugang

    btw 2dopeboyz u should fix the link cause the files are corrupted and ppl in the future to download this wont be able to play it

  • Xerxes

    This is still fresh. One of my favorites of the year