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Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (Tracklist)

blame it on Miss_Peas October 23, 2010

The official tracklisting for Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, courtesy of Itunes. November 22nd.

1. Dark Fantasy
2. Gorgeous f. Raekwon & Kid Cudi
4. All Of the Lights
5. Monster f. Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj & Bon Iver
6. So Appalled f. Jay-Z, Pusha T, CyHi Da Prynce & Swizz Beatz
7. Devil In a New Dress
8. Runaway f. Pusha T
9. Hell Of a Life
10. Blame Game f. John Legend & Pusha T
11. Lost In the World
12. See Me Now [Bonus]

SHAKE EDIT: Soo… we already heard half the album? That’s disappointing.

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  • 1234



    no more good friday???

  • brian

    A little disappointed

  • SavannahChitlinPimp

    And let the complaining begin…

  • Rous

    definitely dissappointed…we’ve heard half the songs….

  • bennetton

    weak shit. what happened to 19 or 20 track album Kanye? Already heard at least one version of 8/12. Hell of a Life leaked today.

    This shit better change.

  • van

    what happened to chain heavy and momma’s boyfriend..

  • Sumit

    disappointed to be honest…6 of these songs were given away, and 3 more have been leaked in some form or another (though that’s our fault for listening).

  • JaySole

    Are you serious!? Man im disappointed i had to scroll up like 10 times to make sure this isn’t a GOOD Friday track list. *sigh :(

  • DamWilder

    What are the odds those other 7 tracks get leaked…?

  • Yea thats cool just drop half the album already you fuckin nut.

  • hp all day

    the four tracks i haven’t herd yet better be a amazing Ye


    *commits suicide*

  • DrE


  • IGetLonelyToo

    Not like y’all niggas is gon actually buy the album anyhow. Just sayin’.

  • mars blackmon

    damn so Ye just been giving away his album for free every friday for the last 2 months?? smh

  • Mz. Drizzy

    where’s the drake verse on all of the lights !!!! smh i hope this isnt offcial

  • o yea

    Banks album will be way better

  • Only three tracks I haven’t heard at least some form of. Damn.

  • clofton

    still gona be dope

  • Tha Phantom

    whattt? 12 songs, i thought this was gonna be longer..ahh well, i recongnize half of em, no good

  • DallasTx_Greedy

    Hey Atleast we gettin that Jay z & Kanye Project….

  • is he kidding?

  • shane

    that comes a little short in my book…there will be bonus tracks, and amazon isnt always correct on their album release dates, and tracklistings…lets hope they are wrong

  • Ash

    wow….. Im pissed… so Chain Heavy & Mama’s boyfriend arnt on the album???? WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mz. Drizzy

    @DrE yah right foh

  • ZackMorris

    So we basically heard half the album already?

  • smiffl

    haha funny. so where is disk two?

    *finds out there is no disc two*

    …..so that’s it huh?

  • damn nigga are about to have a kanye fell off roast if this album doesn’t do well…….who would have thought banks & cudi would have better albums lol

  • 12 tracks? fuck that spit in the face of the paying customer atleast banks had bonuses and cudi has 17 tracks

  • nigga made a pizza


  • K-Rich

    i dont care if all the Good Friday songs on the album are gonna be remastered or whatever. we’ve already heard them. he basically leaked his own album. im HIGHLY disappointed

  • RoyceDa59

    wtf is this ya fukin fruit

  • Mojosodope

    Wow this is bullshit. Why is it so fuckin short? I feel cheated since we’ve all heard 1/2 of the album already. It seems like its been a decrease in # of songs every album.

  • SavannahChitlinPimp

    Funny thing is, this probably won’t be final tracklisting. I can recall few times when Itunes and amazon tracklisting was not right. I’ll wait before I start cry like some. And I like how niggas is talking like they actually was gonna spend money to buy the album in the first place LOL.

  • Jigga

    I was gonna cop this shit but fuck it..im getting Banks album instead

  • Only12Songs!!!

    I could see if it was 14…but 12… dude… I guess he figures since he did like 10 Good Friday songs then it would be cool..but when you think about it we still have like 8 or 9 Good Friday songs to go. since he said they would be released untill christmas . so were going to get a bunch of Kanye songs by the end of the year

  • Maga D

    uhm… RZA? I’ve already heard 3/4 of the album. I’m so dissapointed in myself. 3 good fridays? ehm, ok. I’m sure mastered and complete will sound waaay better than what we have now. Not that they are bad, but they sound unfinished.

  • blair

    ‘ye dude… this cannot be official. seriously. their is no way this is offical…

  • sideshowRaheem

    Lets really break this down.

    Don’t Stop
    Lord, Lord, Lord
    Christian Dior Denim Flow
    GOOD Friday
    Don’t Look Down(coming tonight)

    Plus the 12 tracks on this album…Plus nine more *FREE* G.O.O.D. Friday tracks between now and Christmas… and STILL I read niggas complaining…..really?

  • team lupe

    Lol @ the suicide comment

  • DrE

    mz.drizzy bitch shut the fuck up dont ever @ me hoe!!!!!

    drake lame ass aint on the album cause he the one kanye was dissing on deuces remix “niqqas take my old flows & they take my old swag,he just took my old bitch & turned it to his new bitch” everybody know drake lame ass fucking with that bitch amber rose shit all over the net SURPRISE BITCH

  • Cam

    Everyone just calm the fuck down….I know, it looks very dissapointing but it’s not the FINAL tracklist, Kanye has to turn in the mastered copy of MBDTF within the next 2 weeks. HOPEFULLY it will change……it HAS to…..

    *dead* at the album cover on iTunes

  • SavannahChitlinPimp

    Bang Em’ Smurf so you’ve heard all three albums? Where can I find them? *ends sarcasm*

  • Kennyis22

    12 songs? And some of the tracks we’ve already heard that are underwhelming? I expected Kanye to be good again but HFM2 will be so much better.

    My top 3 rap albums will probably be Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son Of Chico Dusty, Hunger For More 2 and Recovery.

  • ZackMorris

    “And I like how niggas is talking like they actually was gonna spend money to buy the album in the first place LOL”

    Some people are not like you bruhman.

  • this surely cant be all the songs that are on there…

  • not his fault shit leaks. Those GOOD Friday tracks deserve to be on here.

  • sik

    where tha fuck is mama’s boyfriend and chain heavy!!! im very angry lol.

  • THEdopeboy

    smh if this is it

  • sik

    fuk it im buyin anyway

  • DrE

    sweet ass nigga should of just released this on nov.9th with cudi classic

  • shane

    @ sideshowRaheem how do you know dont look down is droppin tonight?

  • Dick B.

    I’ve heard almost all of these tracks. Can’t say I’m surprised though. No DJ Premier uh?

  • L

    Lookin really wack..since we all heard half the tracks already. Let’s hope the other half is G.O.O.D music

  • sideshowRaheem


    Because dude who runs the Good Music blog said it was on his Twitter and he’s usually pretty accurate

  • smiffl

    ^ i’m sure that with that Kanye/Jay Album, any Premier beats went to that

  • blair

    I’m buyin regardless. Still a downer. Hopefully not the final. Kanye just lookin’ to stir up some controversy lol. Love the man. Let’s be optimistic

  • Busy

    very dissappointed…………………

  • SavannahChitlinPimp

    ZackMorris, good comback :/. Not like I haven’t bought every other Kanye cd…

  • Dick B.

    @ smiffl lets hope so

  • L

    I’m not buyin this…. -___-

  • MrCrockett

    wheres popular?

  • Lancer

    Cudi>Banks>Kanye>Nigger Barbie

  • brendan

    how does an artist release an album when half the tracks on it are already out? that doesnt make any sense to me. buying the album seems unrealistic to me

  • dude

    wooooooooooooooooooooow. kanye taking a first loss?? this nigga using that Rick Ross formula. half your songs already out before the album. 2 years & 12 songs??? basically 6??????? you talkin’ bout all this time to make music & you have sooo much information to say & hella things to talk about & all we get is 6 new songs??? No Comment

  • Please note: The pre-order contents listed here are subject to change without notice and the final product received may differ.

    just hope and pray…

  • he just said the other day that only two of the Good Fridays are gonna be on there…i think this might be wrong

  • Dick B.

    I didn’t like any of the G.O.O.D. Friday tracks actually. I think they all sucked a**.

  • jay

    but on the real wheres mamas boy friend that song sounded dope ive heard a majority of these tracks its still gonna be a dope album but im a little disappointed i bet we wont even get those dj premier pete rock joints

  • Rockets

    I don’t think this is real, no way that this can be true.

  • cli-city

    The word was this album would be 100% hip hop…..everything that has leaked so far is below average for a Kanye album except for devil in a new dress……..Kanye fails again….hip hop is over

  • Ace

    yeah this is wrong. another source is kanye himself in the video with him talking about his favorite verse. He said lost in the world is the last song on the album. Not, see me now. Besides, it’s way too early to do a tracklisting release. its probably a fake outline for idiots hackers/leakers to follow because they wanna say they leaked the album & say they have all the songs the tracklist shows

  • wth

    this nigga got more album covers than he do tracks smh i cosign @DrE cudi album> this EP

  • Justanothercrow123

    this is prob fake. i just cant believe hed release so much of this before hand. if its real, ill support the guy and get the album, but its kind of weird that he already leaked all but four of the songs on this thing. #kanyeshrug

  • E.T.Beatz

    fuck half of the album already was a good friday track or been leaked i doubt this is the track list cuz kanye only wanted to put two good friday tracks on the album but fuck well see wat happened ill still buy the album tho :D


    Hiphop is dead bring on 2012 It’s over you guys time to rap it up smfh

  • mistercharisma

    Man, I can’t believe 9 of the 12 tracks are out or were released.

    The only new ones are:

    Dark Fantasy
    Blame Game

  • E.T.Beatz

    i dont think hip hop is dead yet cuz we got game and j.cole and nipsey hustle and i think their sikk i bet there r more rappers

  • bennetton

    I preordered this album yesterday. :/

  • Willis

    This can’t be the final tracklist..

  • Megatron

    is there a point in buying the album? i am kinda regreting GOOD Friday

  • Dick B.

    As a fan of boom bap I really wasn’t planning on buying this album. Even with the expected Premier, Pete Rock, RZA, and Q-Tip productions. If those tracks were to be released and any good I would of downloaded them individually.

  • Lashay

    something tells me that this is fake.

  • Black on Both Sides

    Wow. This is turning out to be a HUGE disappointment. Hopefully LASERS will pick up the slack next year.Kanye Shrug regular shrug.

  • How I Got Over

    Isn’t anyone else excited that Raekwon is on the album???? Fuck that just made my day.

  • SavannahChitlinPimp

    ^LMAO at thinking Lasers is really coming out. You know Atlantic only did that to get niggas off their backs. Watch. Around that time, you’ll hear bout it getting pushed back again or Lupe leaving the label.

  • names are for people

    lmao ! at three songs not being heard.. daaamn

  • Where’s the Premo and Pete Rock shit that was supposed to be on here?! Where’s the Em feature? I was really looking forward to hearing Chain Heavy and Momma’s Boyfriend. Man, that rumored track list looked a lot better than this shit. This has to be fake as Ye said only Devil in a New Dress and Monster were the only Good Friday tracks on the album. If this track list is real there’s no way in hell I’m buying that! I’d rather let Chippy D take a poop on my chest before I spend money on this shit.

  • Will



    1. Odds are you aren’t buying the album.
    2. There’s gonna be around 20 tracks from Good Friday.
    3. Be thankful for the tracks he’s giving out, and enjoy the album. Who else is putting out songs like his EVERY WEEK? *BE THANKFUL*

  • haithere

    the fuck….i heard half this shit already?

    good friday songs should be bonus tracks or released as a separate mixtape or some shit smh

  • IGetLonelyToo

    Lloyd Banks is fuckin terrible.

  • mmkayy

    i knew this was gonna happen im not mad but SEE ME NOW ???? hell no take that off kanye

  • Lloyd Banks, Rhianna & Nickki should outsell this bullshit album

  • mmkayy


    Will said this on October 23rd, 2010 at 1:27 am

    ^ oh nd ur an idiot

  • Saywhat

    IGetLonelyToo = idit

  • bennetton

    Dark Fantasy is produced by RZA

  • jacobmorales15

    damn, over half the album has already been leaked. still gunna buy it but that kinda sucks

  • Saywhat


  • dv

    itunes- contents listed here are subject to change without notice and the final product received may differ… hopefully they missed some songs.


    This Can’t Be Life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *Slits Wrists*

  • I’m still gonna buy this, but i’m disappointed

  • Josh

    See Me Now is noted as a bonus track on iTunes, so technically, Lost in the World is the last track. I’m still hoping for different though; the Premo, Pete Rock, etc. joints are going to Watch the Throne…I think.

  • Rockets

    ITunes is screwing with us. It’s not the real track lisiting since in a recent MTV interview Kanye said his favorite line he has ever written was on Lost In The World and he said that was the last track on the album, therefore this is WRONG.

  • ExtraGood909


  • Fuuuuuuuuuuuck. Album is going to be dope but if I knew all those GOOD Friday tracks would be on the album I wouldn’t have DL’d…

  • i’m sticking my head in the oven and it’s good and ready. who’s down to join me??

  • Saga

    i know we’ve been getting GOOD friday songs and there’s more on the way,people will bitch saying isnt that enough but fuck it’s a brand new album!!! you want fresh shit with songs that’ll have you listening for months. don’t want an album that ive already heard half,regardless i’m buying for support but i hope it changes.

  • The most ungrateful people I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe most of these comments. It’s got 12 tracks on it, all the songs that have been leaked and Runaway, are gonna be changed and remastered (Kanye does it every time) and he’s been giving away good music for FREE every week. And people complain that the album is 12 songs. I don’t understand people anymore.. I just don’t get it.

    I hope it’s great, and I’m excited for it, and I’m grateful that an artist can take the time to give people something new all the time.

  • sideshowRaheem

    @Alex J.

    This shit is actually unbelievable isn’t it. People are only complaining because they got to hear part of the album 1) early and 2) for free. No G.O.O.D. dead goes unpunished I guess.

  • Yo

    This is awful. I have honestly never been more disappointed in Ye as an artist.

  • b

    from the beginning this record has been touted as kanyes return to hip hop…pete rock, rza, qtip…. im going to be disappointed if this is a just him taking his sound to more distant and obscure “high fashion” music ensamble. don’t get me wrong the dude is a musical genius buts for the sake of hiphop give me more zulu nation and less marc jacobs

  • David

    WHUUUUUUUT? That seriously can’t be the tracklisting… Damn. And I was planning on picking this up. I hope this is not the final product.

  • cj

    i dont think this is a real tracklist i think this is a fake one 2 prevent people from leakin the cd..i think the cd has more songs

  • IGetLonelyToo

    Yo is Lasers doesn’t drop as scheduled…I really think somebody finna get shot lol

  • David

    Didn’t he also say that Bon Ivor was in most of the album? Didn’t he say that ‘Lost In The World’ was the album outro? Didn’t he say that 2 G.O.O.D. Friday songs were gonna make the album?

    Meh.. Oh well. I’ll still buy it, but i feel like I’ve already played most of the album. Still grateful for it though!

  • freshmike


  • kidkidmyname on every wanted poster

    by tomorow night the album will be out because the movie. FAIL!

  • xastey

    really hope this isn’t the offical tracklist, only a few songs didn’t leak, what about those songs he preview at facebook

  • AirYeezy

    wow Huge buzz kill…. :'(

  • IGetLonelyToo

    Oh, and Banks sounds like the Cookie Monster during Ramadan. He ain’t spit anything worthwhile in years. GTFOH

  • freshmike

    my anticipation for this just got fucked in the ass by a big fat dick!!!!

  • dddd

    the new good friday song is amazing
    IT ACTUALLY jus has kanye west rappin the best song ever
    Kanye West – Hell of a life .mp3
    google it
    ..Hot song one of the best

  • 1111

    Kanye West – Hell of a life .mp3

  • Based

    whoa 3 songs i havent heard GTFOH im not buying this shit @least my boy cudi on that bitch

  • Base_Head


  • Chalkboard Empire

    In the words of Jay-Z on “Last Call”…….”FUCK YOU KANYE!!!” For building me up for this shit one lie at a time. Watch him make up sum bullshit excuse like songs got leaked why he cut the album shorter. Why should I be grateful? Nigga making music for me the consumer to purchase and enjoy. I don’t have to be grateful cause he give me a song every friday. I would be grateful if he called me tomorrow morning and said “YO CHALK I’LL WORK YOUR SHIFT FOR YOU” THEN I WOULD BE GRATEFUL OR IF THE NIGGA PAID ONE OF MY BILLS HE TOOK THE KIDS FOR A NIGHT SO I COULD ACTUALLY HAVE DATE WITH MY WIFE BUT UNTIL THEN HE MAKING MUSIC SO I EXPECT THE PRODUCT HE BRAGGED ABOUT FOR DAMN NEAR TWO YEARS GUESS HE NEEDED SOME KIND OF HYPE FOR THE ALBUM BUT DAMN


  • Chalkboard Empire


  • gvbjbjh bkjnbjnoinojijiohjoijopjk[-

    aint released a album in 3 years & this is all u got?

  • IGetLonelyToo

    Fuck a Lloyd Banks.

  • Dopeboyz

    is it jus me or if u roll over the top part of this site a huge movie ad plays and takes over ur computer screen

  • GMoney911

    jus listened to Kanye West – Hell of a life its one of the hot songs on the album if the album is anything like that it Gonna be some HEAT!!! fuk ya

  • Mz. Drizzy

    @dre he’s was talkin about fab..fab is with amber rose right now your fuckin idiot !

  • I doubt this is the actual tracklisting. iTunes put out the preorder now because of all the hype surrounding tomorrow’s premier of the Runaway film. Bon Iver is featured on 9 songs for example yet in the itunes tracklist he only appears in Monster. Kanye said Monster and Devil are the only two GOOD Friday songs that’ll be on the album. All of the Lights is supposed to feature 11 artists. Mama’s Boyfriend and Chain Heavy are missing. So obviously iTunes doesn’t have the actual album in their database right now or else they’d show the proper feature. They’re just throwing up a link so that people can preorder it now while anticipation builds. Take a deep breath, iTunes does this a lot. The album isn’t due out for a month. iTunes knows as much as Shake at this point haha.

  • LMAO @ the album cover on Itunes, hahahahahahah blurrr!

  • thisguy

    @ everybody

    the reason most of us are disappointed isn’t because we don’t have a lot of songs to listen to. it’s because when we finally get a chance spend money on these artist, which people still do, we get songs we’ve already heard and nobody pays for shit that’s been free for weeks.

  • H808

    This is a fake list, he already confirmed to MTV that the only GOOD Friday tracks that would make the album were Monster and Devil in a new dress. And if you check iTunes it even says it’s subject to change and NOT official.

  • kanye and crooked and royce really the ones on the
    top on 2010 , rest assured they deliver always relax hos

    Kanye West – Hell of a life .mp3

  • cityofdevils

    ^^ cosign, chill out everyone. And these are NOT production credits for those asking about RZA, pete rock etc

  • uch


  • mtrx

    Where’s chain heavy, mama’s boyfriend, sweat on my face, ect!? fuckkkk

  • Joe Budden’s Cousin Pete


  • TugeHitties

    ^^ Agree besides your caps-lock even though it’s national caps-lock day. I dunno, I’m just disappointed man, seems a little lame to me. Basically paying 12 bucks for 6 new songs, just doesn’t seem worth it to me. Too bad, I was excited too.

  • Ryan.T.

    I’m lovin “Hell Of A Life”, that’s my shit right now

  • Nicholas

    Kanye West’s Good Ass Job or Record For Hype Tracklist:
    01. Hell Of A Life
    02. Dark Fantasy
    03. Power (produced by Dwele)
    04. Chain Heavy
    05. Ghetto University
    06. That’s My Bitch
    07. Runaway
    08. Lost In The World
    09. Gorgeous
    10. Monster (feat. Rick Ross)
    11. Holding Me Back
    12. Devil In A New Dress
    13. The Joy
    14. So Appalled
    15. Blame Game
    16. Sweat On My Face

  • H808

    Let me also point out that in an interview after the screening in L.A. he said that Lost in The World would be the last track on the album.

  • Nicholas

    Wtf went wrong with that ^^^^^^^^

  • H808

    My bad btw for the double post.

  • Over2

    im sorry but this nigga distroyed his cd with “all of the lights”, we dont need the song to be that long!! wtf?, we wanna hear new songs!

  • gangster

    this itunes tracklist is fake…where is chain heavy ??? where is mama’s boyfriends ??? and a few more from the Hype list…

  • cityofdevils

    On iTunes it lists See Me Now as a bonus cut so Lost in the World IS the last track

  • Shawn

    I hope this is fake. If it isn’t then I wouldn’t have used So Appalled. Christian Dior Denim Flow was a much better song IMO. Regardless, it seems I’ve heard most of this album already has others have stated. I won’t be buying if this ends up being the definite final check list. The GOOD Friday’s will be something to look forward to though. I’ll just make my own personal double album with all those tracks.

  • Nicholas

    i like Good Ass Job more

  • SavannahChitlinPimp

    Honestly nobody’s forcing anyone to buy this so clean up the period blood and relax. My thing is to the people who “hated” all the GOOD Friday tracks, were you really gonna buy the album anyway? Or do you just see an opportunity to further be negative regarding Ye?

  • so appalled is tyte man wtf u smoke scrub kid

  • D

    it’s not htat we are complaining mothafucka.

    we need fresh album, plus the tracks from good friday was ehh

  • wow

    If you defend Kanye on this shit you just a dickrider, period. Fuck this nigga, taking his fans for a ride. Release some bullshit tracks every friday then throw em together for a compilation album. FUCK THAT

  • D

    besides i’m so appalled

  • Papa Razzi

    Ayo fuck wheres my G.O .O.D Music its 3 am on a sat Wheres my G.O.O.D Music Fcuk the movies wheres my MuSic

  • CW

    Hint. To stop clowns from leaking unfinished records he releases a tentative tracklist

    He might as well have Take One For The Team as the opening record

  • Nicholas

    sweat on my face , thats my bitch , chain heavy , mamas boyfreind , holding me back and the joy where the fuck are they i dont want know see me now that was awful. What you doing to us kanye?

  • sneakaholic011

    I’m not gonna pass any judgement until it drops.
    i suggest you guys do the same and not get so worked up about an UNOFFICIAL tracklist.

  • CW

    And we trust that anything this guy does is going to live up to history….If there is one person who knows music and his place in history it is Yeezy

    Not stressed. Trust in the GOAT

  • Duck

    to bad we have access to over 50% of the songs already… unless he adds some more unheard tracks im just gonna download

  • SavannahChitlinPimp

    sneakaholic011 please tell them again because some people (D, wow) don’t get it.


    damn i miss old YE college dropout era-classic underdog
    Late registration era-classic production risin to the top
    Graduation era-The top Dog classssssic hip hop album
    808 era-strange sad and loss of hip hop
    This long ass title era-too many features no classic sample production pretty boring

  • D. $cience

    Ah, the mindset of a spoiled fan…SMH.

    This is why the game is f—ed up. First fans complained about albums being too long, now they’re complaining about an album that’s too short? You guys kill me. I don’t give two sh–s if he gave these songs away for free already, if you really like Kanye, go buy the damn album. The Kanye fans will be the first to call Kanye a genius and creates musical art, but don’t want to support the art physically. I don’t get it. I’m not a Kanye d—rider, but I had plans of buying the album regardless if I’m disappointed, because it’s going next to Graduation, which is next to Late Reg, which is next to College Drop, which is next to the Kon The LV Don mixtapes, which in turn makes my music collection “art”. The digital age spoiled you motherf—ers.

    Oh, BTW, I don’t even believe this is the final tracklist. I guarantee last minute changes will be made.

  • Ok jus add this one to it if u already heard em all:

  • f19

    Kanye West – Hell of a life .mp3

  • wow

    itunes ain’t gonna post some unofficial bullshit, especially after he said he turned in his album last week. Kanye is a LAME.

  • 173rd!
    if thats really the tracklist im disappointed_ not cause any of those are bad songs but i was hoping less of the leaks where on the album.


  • Runaway

    itunes ain’t gonna post some unofficial bullshit, especially after he said he turned in his album last week. Kanye is a LAME.

    Umm yes iTunes does post unofficial bullshit you idiot. They just want that pre-order money. this is not the final track list. I was at the Runaway premier in Los Angeles. This IS NOT THE REAL TRACK LIST SHAKE TAKE THIS DUMB SHIT DOWN

  • blair

    YOU PEOPLE ARE NOT VERY INTELLIGENT IF YOU’RE BUYING INTO THIS ONE. The initial dissapointment got to me but their is no way. ‘Ye knows he’s gotta go hard. The wiki page for cudi’s album had like 11 tracks up for his potential list and that’s down to 5. Everything will be fine. This album WILL be tight.

  • marcus

    I am drunk, and this tracklist is bullshit like crazy motherfuckers

  • “YOU PEOPLE ARE NOT VERY INTELLIGENT” get out of here talking like that. you sound like a little bitch-made fag. people are gonna react how they’re gonna react. insulting their intelligence over a leaked tracklist? gtfoh

  • Disappointing Tracklist…
    But atleast we gonna be A-List Songs every friday until Christmas.. We can Make our Own “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” albums for iPods. All we need are those 5 Covers he is promising us

  • Nateq

    Kanye is my favorite artist and i wanna support buy you basically pay for 6 songs, and i am gonna miss good firdays.


    i think that nigga was told before BON IVER will be featured on 9 tracks ! but What Da fuck is this ? something wrong with iTUNEZ ???????????


  • Joey

    if its real, so its here LOL. remember thats his beautiful fantasy and its not ours ! so he putted the shitz which he was wished for on it. fuck that shit

  • blair

    yo crackadon, I’m not coming on here to get into a cussing war over a tracklist. People just need to calm down and think this through logically. Save them a lot of stress. So the whole “bitch-made-fag” comment was not needed. We all like good music here so just cut it. I’ll admit I crossed the line w/ my intelligence comment, but c’mon guys ‘ye knows he can’t get away w/ this.
    Peace + Love

  • hey

    Kanye is probably the greatest musician alive but I’m very disappointed to be honest, I already heard 6 of the tracks (HALF OF THE ALBUM) and I didn’t even listen to any of the leaks, only songs that Kanye himself released

  • f19


  • Do people still make ‘fag’ jokes? Grow up hip hop.

  • Zoo

    What Da Fuck is This? Can it be a fake shit ? answer : i dont think so !

  • dv

    Tracklist is FAKE AS FUCK, only 2 g.o.o.d friday songs are on the CD

  • @ blair i feel ya, homie. sorry about my comment, i just hate it when people get all disrespectful on message boards/comment sections. i never call people idiots or shit like that, so that’s why i reacted how i did. it’s all good, man. i was/am disappointed as all hell, but i have a feeling Kanye’s gonna come through. i sure hope so cuz he knows people are expecting a lot from him, so i don’t see why he’d drop an album where we’ve heard half the songs already. imma meditate on this!

  • really mad if this is it.

  • 21st Century

    so this nigga fucked da all 3 million dollarz up ? what da fuck

  • Veezyy

    What happened to the Premier, Pete Rock, Madlib and Q-Tip produced track?

  • 21st Century

    probably those tracks will be on the EP.

  • OMG

    no tracklisting on Amazon yet !

  • Rocky

    rest of tracks will be on All of the Lights or Runaway film LOL

  • hmmm

    What happen to Premo and Buckwild songs?

  • GR

    Kanye’s releasing…hopefully soon. I need my sleeep yo!

    “Don’t Look Down” feat. Mos Def, Lupe Fiasco and Big Sean

    Sounds pretty damn impressive

  • shakessister





  • wavesurfa

    I feel like Ye let us down doe, I mean I understand niggas sayin he droppin’ Good Friday tracks for the fans but those tracks are for a diffrent MIXTAPE, he puttin them on the album makes me feel he lazy with the songs and just drop older ones on it. I mean a 2 year break ain’t nuthin, Nas usually take that time for albums too, but he always gives us fresh new tracks. Ye shouldve done better IF this is the real album tracklist, I guess he never gettin on the Graduation level anymore..

  • Rocky

    # Expected Release:Nov 22, 2010

    Please note: The pre-order contents listed here are subject to change without notice and the final product received may differ.

  • Well He Said Runaway was 8mins long sooo we still got that to look forward to even thou it probly is just voice samples.
    See Me Now & Devil In A New Dress Sound Unfinshed and this cant be official cause it doesnt say beyonce and charlie wilson featured on See Me Now
    He Also Did A New Verse For Power On SNL So That Might Be On There.
    Monster and So Appalled are the Only 2 track I Think Ye Hasnt Changed Since Theyve Been out.
    Look At Positives Ppl

  • And Ye Put Out Enough Music Lately Were ppl could Make their own MBDTF Album

  • copy and past the whole text into your browser, New G.O.O.D. Friday joint

  • yaboy316

    Technically weve only heard 4 songs because hes changing runaway to the VMA version and Devil in a New Dress is longer

  • 50 CENT

    Some inside info, the Runaway film was actually brilliantly created by Kanye West, the whole movie contains the full album tracks, the film begins with Dark Fantasy and ends with See Me Now.
    I have listened to the whole album, album was fire, people don’t know how much energy kanye had put into the album and the film. Read all ya comments, most of them are hating on the numbers of the songs. BUT……

    I can tease you guys and tell you that All Of the Lights and Gorgeous probly would be the most successful, creative songs of Kanye’s ENTIRE career. Believe that. You can’t imagine how good the album is until you watch the film!

  • Dan L


  • Joe

    Mr. Curtis, were did u watch RUNAWAY film?

  • facemask

    I remember back when college dropout dropped, we’d heard almost all the songs before the release and it got leaked on top of it too.

    Shit was still fire.

    Album’s gonna rock, can’t wait to see the Runaway premiere tonight.

  • varsityballin

    ^ also that track is the beginning track to the runaway film

  • Logik

    Where the fuck is chain heavy and mama’s boyfriend. dont make me punch you in the chest and make your 808s and heartbreak.

  • Joe

    maybe he saved other tracks for next good fridayz or da EP

  • jhghj


  • The Rent is Too Damn High Party

    Chain Heavy, Mama’s Boyfriends… surely these will be on the album?

    I didnt listen to the leaks any way.

    I’m reserving judgement, disappointment, whining, critiques, plaudits, praises and positive phrases for when I…

    ACTUALLY hear the album. Some of y’all jumping to the conclusion lilipad, don’t be on the prejudice precipice for the rest of this.


  • MattDubois

    I thought he had Eminem on the album?

    I want G.O.O.D. Ass Job that woulda been dope not this strange shit.

  • facemask

    Apparently All of the Lights is 20:12 minutes long.

  • leutrim rexhaj

    i am sure this isnt the tracklist because kanye said that only monster and devil in a new dress would make it from the good friday tracks. also it seems to me that kanye is too smart to include 6 already released songs on his album…power and runaway need to be there because they were singles of course but out of the other 4 songs see me now and one of the good friday tracks has got to go…also he needs more songs

  • PMart

    He also said one of his songs has 11 artists and thats not on there, so this is definitly wrong

  • Y3K

    So the only songs that haven’t leaked (unfinished or not) are Dark Fantasy, Gorgeous and Blame Game.. Damn.

  • DatKid

    How is Christian Dior Denim Flow not on this album??
    sickest beat evver

  • yaboy316

    lol @Logik “dont make me punch you in the chest and make your 808s and heartbreak” lmfao

  • james dean

    tsk..We can’t blame Kanye for this tracklist…As interwebs users WE are the ones who listened to and downloaded the leaks….. I really do think after that “REcord for Hype” scare he scrapped everything

  • crookedj

    i hate these ugly ass album covers

  • Jones

    Well at least we have Lasers

  • panoble

    can’t wait to hear “Gorgeous”. Definitely gonna cop this even though I know half the tracks

  • WTF?

    this shit is fake he said the only good friday songs on the album were devil in a new dress and monster so this is obviously a mistake/false tracklist

  • kalabash

    what happened to 15-18 track long albums? look at janelle monae (one of the best albums in the last decade = 18 tracks!!!). big boi = 15 good ass tracks. and so on…

    now look at kanye. 12 tracks… fuck the good friday tracks. he better do a album like he used to do. but noooo, he’s a real ARTIST person now and it’s much cooler to do a 12 track “quality” album. wtf

    man, I love kanye but I don’t get this.

  • CP

    GOOD FRIDAY SONG IS ON KANYE’S BLOG 2db needs to post it

  • Clyde Dreskler

    Im still going to buy the album, I support my favorite rapper

  • goodfriday

    good friday track dont look down is on kanyes site check it out (Shake)

  • Hunty

    Plk November 22 Lloyd motherfucking banks. His album is better then kanyes

  • Jackson

    Stop fuckin on this shit. nobody knows what da fuck will be on the CD. so u can wait then time will tell.
    but its so stupid to make a album with leaked tracks ! wtf

  • Nas

    Dark Fantasy. click my name to check. RZA killed the beat

  • The Rent is Too Damn High Party


  • Tom

    Okay, I hope this is a fucking joke man.

    First: Kanye confirmed he had 2 songs that would be on the album: Chain Heavy & Mama’s Boyfriend. Where are they?

    Second: Kanye worked with Eminem, T.I., Lil Wayne, Drake, Lloyd Banks, Soulja Boy, Nas and much more. And the only we get is some of G.O.O.D. Music, Raekwon, Bon Iver, Ross and Nicki Minaj on a old track?

    Third: iTunes says it may be differ what you get when you pre-order. (Read the left side)

    Please let this be a joke, Kanye, or I won’t buy the album!

    This is what I want:

    – More good features (Drake, Eminem, Wayne, Nas, T.I. and Cudi, Raekwon and Minaj only good AND AT LEAST 1 FEATURE AT DEVIL IN A NEW DRESS)
    – More not leaked tracks (Power, Lost In The World, Hell Of A Life, Runaway and All Of The Lights stay and not more)
    – A deluxe version with bonus tracks and no stupid ass video which I can watch on YouTube.
    – More than 12 tracks!!! (At least 16 or 17)

    Hope you agree with this!

  • Nas

    Dark Fantasy is dope check. Click my name

  • Tom

    Oh yeah anyway if the album is a fail, I’ll certainly make a GOOD Friday Album for u

  • DontGetIt

    SO you’re gonna ditch a couple tracks that were so dope they didn’t need a beat (“Chain Heavy”, “Momma’s Boyfriend”) for shit like “So Appalled”? Bad call ‘Ye, I mean, no question it’ll be a good album, but it just seems almost lazy to be putting out so many already released tracks…I dunno…

  • kanye said only monster and devil will be on his LP. also he said chain heavy and momma boyfriend would be on this. this has to be wrong. im still gunna buy it no matter how much songs are on it.

  • bz0

    real disappointing list. better change ‘ye.

  • Tom

    If Kanye change the things I enlisted above I will pay double of my money for that fuckin album, if it’s not gonna change it’s official a fail for me

    Oh yeah and Christian Dior Denim Flow is way better than Devil In A New Dress, So Appalled and Monster!


  • DrE

    @mz drizzy bitch go die its all on mediatakeout its pictures of amber rose leaving drake’s concerts with him in canada if u dont know what you’re talkin bout just shut the fuck up I BET DRAKE WONT BE ON THAT SONG BITCH GO KILL YO SELF BITCH!!!!

  • Bryan

    its gonna change, considering the fact that so appalled is not supposed to be on the album…chain heavy and mama’s boyfriend should be on it but regardless, the album is gonna be fire

  • djozborne

    all i gotta say is this shit better not be the final… doesn’t look like it anyway. if it is the final, it’s ridiculous. 12 songs? fuck outta here

  • Y3K

    Ok now Gorgeous and Blame Game are the only 2 not to have leaked yet smh

  • DrE

    and bitch dont ever say shit to me again i dont give a fuck about yo feelings or how u feel go slit yo throat hoe

  • pj04


  • His Airness

    To many good friday tracks. Still gonna cop for the other tracks.

  • els

    I highly doubt thats all

  • kngdeuce

    ill be the album as long as eminems garbage singing ass isnt on it

  • Stizzle

    Just be happy he’s gone back to making the music everyone loves. People talkin about other tunes that arnt on it, why the fuck do you care, he’s obviously got other plans for them, they’ll come around

  • Stizzle

    If we didn’t hear most of it already doesnt mean its a bad album…

  • Tom

    I hope this gon change and I hope it will BEFORE November 22th… So I can be happy before it comes out (:

  • z-ro

    The quality of the the monster track on iTunes is much worse than the one released on GOOD Friday

  • VA phil

    this is not the tracklist. itunes always puts up some bullshit for preorders

  • Jag

    hhahahaha really

  • PhilGood

    i guarantee this is not the official tracklist. Ye’ doesn’t want his track leaked so he is just going to put up a list with half the tracks we have already heard makes us sad then be amazed when the album drops. Yeezy isn’t stupid

  • straightkillah

    …this is a joke. literally, this has to be a joke. cus don’t look down isn’t on this list when it is easily THE greatest g.o.o.d. friday song out of all of them. if this is really it, kanye, that is a HUGE disappointment….

  • Kanye West – Dark Fantasy (Intro)(prod. RZA) [NoTags]

    Click my name… shits dope btw

  • PhilGood

    @Dark Fantasy that’s the Ye i like to hear.

  • Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (Artwork #3)

    Click my name to view…

  • David

    @ Artwork #3^

    That is the best cover I’ve seen in a while next to Cudi’s. The College Dropout bear looks so crazy!

  • Ashin’ Kusher

    this isn’t the final tracklist people, dont worry.
    I read someone said itunes is trying to get that pre order money, their exactly right. within a couple weeks we’ll get the real tracklist.

  • BlockBurneR


  • Silverkidd310

    first of all where is chain heavy and mamas boyfriend! this was supposed to be the most anticipated album of the year and he gave us this! i mean come on kanye mamas boy friend was to lyrical to be let go! BRING EM BACK AND GET A BETTER TRACKLIST.

  • jjgp1112

    What the fuck?! We’ve already heard 7/12 tracks!

  • |3lackstar

    You’ve heard 7/12 tracks of what their earlier inception was, Kanye wouldn’t just give away the final copy on some GOOD Friday shit. Watch, they’ll definitely be more tweaked.

    And whoever complained about the amount of tracks…19-20 track Kanye? Those days never existed, more then half of College Dropout and Late Registration were skits. That’s not 19-20 tracks, that’s more like 12-13 with a dick load of skits. I prefer the no nonsense tracklist. Thankfully I haven’t bothered with any GOOD Friday tracks so I’m comfortably content.

  • C. Diddy

    I don’t believe this is the final tracklist. First off because Kanye said the only GOOD Friday tracks would be Monster & Devil in a New Dress, secondly because Kanye’s not that dumb to basically leak half his album for free. Thirdly, because iTunes has been known to do tracklist shit like this and then change it.

  • Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (Artwork #3)

    Click my name to view

  • tylerg


  • Blue

    I havent heard 3 of the tracks LOL
    this is a badjoke.

  • yes this looks like an itunes leak .

  • Kanye West – Dark Fantasy (Intro) (prod. RZA, Kanye West, & No I.D.) [NoTags]

    Click my name to listen

  • Triz

    termanology + Joe budden + Celph titled album’s>>>>>> kanye


    Even tho we heard almost all these songs, its gunna be the experience of the whole album thats gunna make it our beautiful dark fantasy.

  • Nicholas

    i told yall his album was gonna be his soundtrack to the album

  • Nicholas

    i meant film i am a idiot

  • invitado

    Meh i hope itunes is just being cheap and promoting a list for preorders sake. If not then i still have Cudi and the good friday tracks

  • TE

    Albums 12 with tracks = FAIL…

  • Paul P

    FUCK YOU Haters he gives you evfery week a fuckin dope song for free till chritmas. Whatchuwant man?


    when the album drops im just gunna combine all the good G.O.O.D friday tracks (like todays) to the album and just make it one mega dope album

  • smh at yall hatin ass niggas

    So you got the whole album for free before he released it..real heartbreaker huh??

  • j.e.t.s.

    man in my opinion all of those good friday tracks were pretty lame, but i guess devil in a new dress was pretty good. this definitely won’t be near the level of late registration or college dropout unfortunately.. at least that’s what im guessing

  • TE

    P.s. – That intro track is class!!! sounds un-finsihed though.

  • Ricky

    I dont beleve this
    I thought mama’s boyfriend was gonna be on the album
    I was looking forward to the song but i guess having it as a GOOD Friday song will do

  • john_dough

    real bad news….

  • JM

    wheres the tracks madlib produced?

  • Tom

    If this is true I’m gonna eat my shoe.

  • wtf

    kanye your a joke…

  • These Are Facts

    Reserving judgment until the album drops. And iTunes has been known to mess up (i.e. When ‘Graduation’ was up to preorder three weeks before it dropped, a track titled “CRS” was a bonus track. It was replaced with “Bittersweet.”)

  • Tom

    Yeah you’re right These Are Facts, and what about Tha Carter III? That was a completely mess

  • Stephanie


  • DAME

    i have a feeling that he will have more. because if he’s prevented all these from being leaked by others, then he’ll be good at hiding the rest

  • DAME

    i could have sworn they said monster was gonna be on that Jay and Ye project….

  • aiikd

    well the good friday version of devil in a new dress wasn’t finished

  • ttoooo


  • Clsmooth

    damn that’s it? he could’ve released good friday as a better album and what happened to beats by madlib premo and pete rock smh im disappointed

  • Truth

    This shit, I hope is a dummy list cause if this is going to be the album then that messed up. LOL maybe it’s a way to get people back for leaking his shit earlier, but i doubt this will be the final tracklist

  • RappishWayz


  • disappointing “Cause” u already listen a half of da album….this album gonna be a classic!!!


  • sometimes less is more. ie illmatic To me, cohesion is more important than numbers. hell, most times tracks that don’t fit are released in mixtapes anyways..

  • Rick

    not really that disappointing because we’re gonna be getting new music through christmas soooo not really that big of a deal.

  • Lil Wayne’s Hemorrhoid

    Kanye really thinks highly of himself, which in my opinion is entirely unfounded. Putting out a CD with 8 tracks that have already leaked?? You sucking my tits or something?

  • @ triPAUD its not about Less Is More, everyones complaining cause we’ve heard 75% of the album through GOOD Friday and leaks.
    if I wudda known, I wouldnt have listened to these songs till the album dropped.

  • The Truth

    Dumb niggers. Just chill the fuck out and drink some fucking grape soda.

  • Cameron

    Stop complaining whats the difference between Kanye leaking most of the album or dropping them all at once? I prefer it this way I get a whole week to bump each track. Just because it’s different does not make it worse. Watch, every big album will be leaking most of there songs because Yaye is a taste maker.

  • @Dino said: “if I wudda known, I wouldnt have listened to these songs till the album dropped.”

    yeah right

  • trill

    ppl are soo stupid & simple minded, i mean really, they get music from a talent artist for free and they still complain? damn you know he gonna finalize songs, like power w/ a new verse, runaway 8 min version, all of the lights w/ 11 features(without that pussy drake), final versions of dark fantasy, lost in the world, & hell of a life, & 2 unleaked songs, thats 8 out of 12 new songs, soo all you ppl complaining can shut the fuck up now. and buy the album & support your artist, don’t be a douche & download it online, you only do that to crappy artist(wayne, drake, gucci, ect.)

  • 1woRd

    shake post Better Days…Add-2 sent it to your email

  • sorry

    I was gonna buy it but why waste my money on 4 new songs that will probably be just as sub par as most of the GOOD friday tracks? The only people who would buy this are Ye’ dickriders, and there are millions so he’s pretty lucky. Despite what you cunts think everything this guy touches DOESN’T turn gold… as shown by trying to sell his fans an album with 4 new tracks on it.

  • sorry

    I’m gonna bittorrent the fuck out of his CD and make sure all my friends do too. LATE

  • craigRmani

    lots of weak ‘already released’ shit on this album, good thing i didnt preorder… covers boring as well.

  • WTF?

  • The reason people are pissed off is not because half of the we have already heard a fucking MONTH before the release…not that at all. But the fact that everybody has already gotten accustomed with the fact that GOOD Friday music is throwaways and album is gonna be much better.

  • eat that you meanly mouthed bastards

  • sorry

    ^^ BAM!!!

  • dude! @trill i agree with you 100%!!!!!!!!!!

  • kanye west

    please by my album, i know i have been lazy and only giving you like 4 new songs, but i come out of the closet on these songs and you can see my true rainbow pheonix self!

    im glad some of you in here agree with me cos i like good ass jobs too!!

  • trinking

    Maybe he released this fake tracklist to STOP people from leaking the acutal tracks from the album..just a thought? kinda makes sense if you think about it

  • Nolan

    damn the rest of this album better be sick – he leaked half of it already


  • thats 8 out of 12 new songs, soo all you ppl complaining can shut the fuck up now. and buy the album & support your artist, don’t be a douche & download it online, you only do that to crappy artist(wayne, drake, gucci, ect.)

    trill said this on October 23rd, 2010 at 6:15 pm


    Y r people complaining that theyve heard 8 of the 12 songs already. Did we all forget that we get a new song every friday (sometimes saturday) and we might get the Watch the Throne EP and a GOOD MUSIC compilation this year? Its all about quality not quantity. It seems like its never enough for you commenters. Just support good music and buy the album.

  • sorry

    ^^^ why the fuck would I buy the album when I’ve heard 75% of it already, with that 75% supposed to be throwaway tracks??

  • Sage

    He just played the whole cd in the movie already. hope you liked the snippets

  • TheREAL

    Guys calm down. This is the TRACKLIST for Ye’s short film, “Runaway”. In other words this is just the soundtrack! So don’t be disappointed yet!

  • trill

    mama’s boy & chain heavy most likely are gonna be bonus tracks on it, sooo now shut the fuck about it

  • BAM12393

    @sorry If you watched Kanye’s short film tonight you would have heard him say something along the lines of “people think they’ve heard these tracks, you haven’t heard these :)”

  • chainheavy


  • sorry for being honest

    most likely this, probably that… as of now it’s twelve tracks that everyone has heard. Until it changes I’m pissed and disappointed, period.

  • will

    are you people actually pissed that he’s been giving you free music weekly for over a month? are you fucking kidding me? quit whining.

  • trill

    “hackers aren’t gonna give you what i’m gonna give you” – kanye west, now ppl stfu and pre-order the album

  • Lalala

    Get the Deluxe Edition bitches

  • boi

    this is the tracklist none of the leaks are mixed or mastered

  • lonestar_playa

    Damn……I miss wheneva u HAD to buy albums without hearin all these crazy leaks. Now u got artists leakin half dey album out b4 its released. Den again can u blame em? Dey figure dat if u gon download dere music for free dey might as well give u traks one by one.

  • TugeHitties

    you guys act like he’s doing us some huge favor that no other artist does by releasing music… in all he’s released like 8-9 tracks or some shit, and then included most of those on his “new” cd… i don’t blame people for being pissed, that’s pretty lame.

  • TugeHitties

    Having said that I encourage everyone to download his album. He’s already rich. =)

  • lonestar_playa

    @ TugeHitties…..heh….like niggaz aint gon download it anyway

  • lol

    for such an “artsy” nigga he really couldn’t come up with a better title than “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”… rofl, lame as fuck.

  • 213

    –Im really bored on a saturday night , so i post on forums and pretend people notice or care … —-

  • ^^ irony.

  • Michael Dao

    Why are the fuck are people complaining about hearing half of the album already? At least you can say you got the shit for free instead of illegally downloading the leak for the whole thing a week from now. God people are fucking stupid

  • Knox

    Well he should’ve at least put christian dior denim flow in this.

    ahhh well, im still going to support my artist. Now im waiting for Cudi.

    G.O.O.D Music > Young Money

  • why are people complaining for.

  • blair


  • killa

    just finished watching runaway and i nearly passed out. there’s also a track with kudi on it near the beginning that we haven’t heard of yet.

  • Michael Dao
    because this new generation of “fans” aka leeches complain about everything, they download, for free, then complain that theyve downloaded n want the artist to give them more material for free, its all me me me , free free free with these new fans, the microwave generation. smh.

  • lonestar_playa
    heres an idea, stop downloading, legal or illiegal leaks, and wait till the album comes out. ITS YOUR OWN FAULT. NO 1 TOLD U TO DOWNLOAD ANYTHING.

  • luke

    I did a search and the word “disappoint” was found 27 times in the comments.

  • Tom

    If this tracklist won’t get updated I’ll buy the Banks album instead of this…

  • chris


  • @ MercyMercyMarciallago


  • tatties

    Personally, I am a bit (note: bit) disappointed we have heard half of it… BUT bear in mind GOOD Friday tracks are unmastered and in pretty shitty quality. Also, seriously, how fucking dope was the intro from the Runaway and “Blame Game”?


    what. the. fuck. back to anticipating r.e.d.why the fuck aent tracks like cddf on this!?

  • cowabunga!

    the real problem here isn’t that we’ve heard most of this stuff, it’s that most of the stuff sucks. Kanye, you are an over-confident disappointment.

  • Ryuk

    Man what a bunch of whiny bitches.

  • MadAsFuck

    G.O.O.D. Friday songs > My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (Tracklist)

  • MadAsFuck

    If this tracklist won’t get updated I’ll buy the Nicki album instead lol

  • Ryuk

    Bloggers made this music landscape we live in, where an artist songs either will be leaked without their permission, or must be leaked just to be able to survive in this market place, then actually have the audacity to bitch about it. Amazing. You are the reason you’ve heard more than half of the album. Congrats.

  • RickyLake

    ^^^ stfu he released all those tracks. Lloyd Banks isn’t having this problem, Cudi isn’t having this problem, Nicki isn’t having this problem. STFU RYUK AND KEEP RIDING YE’S COCK.

  • RickyLake

    EM didn’t do this shit either, Ye is just a douche trying to have his fans buy 4 new tracks. That nigga thinks WAY too highly of himself, as reflected on the Gay Fish south park.

  • Busy

    Where the fuck is Mama’s Boyfriend, Chain Heavy, Ghetto University, That’s My Bitch, Holding Me Back, The Joy, Blame Game & Sweat On My Face?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • leutrim rexhaj

    its crazy we’ve heard all but the raekwon song…

  • CorrectYoAss

    How the tracklist should have been…

    1. Hell Of A Life
    2. Dark Fantasy
    3. Power f. Dwele
    4. Chain Heavy
    5. All Of The Lights f. John Legend, The-Dream, Ryan Leslie, Tony Williams, Charlie Wilson, Elly Jackson, Alicia Keys, Fergie, KiD CuDi, Rihanna & Elton John
    6. That’s My Bitch
    7. Runaway f. Pusha T
    8. Lost In The World f. Bon Iver
    9. Gorgeous f. KiD CuDi & Raekwon
    10. Monster f. Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj & Bon Iver
    11. Holding Me Back
    12. Devil In A New Dress
    13. The Joy
    14. Mama’s Boyfriend
    15. So Appalled f. Jay-Z, Pusha T, CyHi da Prynce, Swizz Beatz & RZA
    16. Blame Game f. John Legend & Pusha T
    17. Sweat On My Face
    18. See Me Now f. Beyonce & Charlie Wilson [Bonus]

  • David


    Now THAT’S what I wanted to see. If that was the official tracklist, then this would be, IMO, Kanye’s best album.

  • Big Dee

    Straight doo-doo son that we heard most of these tracks already

  • hmmop

    so is there gonna be a deluxe edition with chain heavy and mommas boyfriend and christian dior denim flow, cuz i kinda need that

  • 12345

    wtf No way.. this cant be it.. i remember he performd chain heavy and sweat on my face on that facebook performance

  • Tom

    I watched the Runaway movie again last night and I came back on my decision, I’m still hopin he’s gonna change it but the songs I heard in the movie were great. Devil In A New Dress will be extended, All Of The Lights and Lost In The World finished, Power in a new version, Runaway got the robotic auto-tune part, Dark Fantasy, Gorgeous and Blame Game are just great songs. See Me Now is certainly mastered too and Monster got fire verses from Nicki, Jay and Kanye. So Appalled is only bad I think. Mama’s Boyfriend and Chain Heavy will probably be included as bonus tracks or they will appear later on the basic tracklist. So we got somethin new. Do you fucking love real hip hop or do you want to miss the greatest hip hop album of 2010 because of the unfinished leaks?
    I choose the first. Better buy it!

  • kindbuddy

    So Appalled is a good song. As for the greatest hip hop album of 2010 thats funny. It won’t even be top 3 but it will be a good album.

  • Tom


    it’s better than

    I’m Not A Human Being
    Thank Me Later
    Battle Of The Sexes
    The Adventures Of Bobby Ray
    I Am The West
    Teflon Don
    The Darkside Volume 1

    This are the best Hip-Hop albums of 2010. You maybe will say that Recovery’s better but I just like the way Kanye’s different to the others and smash them all down.

  • kindbuddy

    Recovery, no. Revolutions Per Minute, How I Got Over, and Distant Relatives in no order are the top 3 albums this year. Kanye will probably go at 4 above Recovery. So yea I guess Kanye’s album will be better than all you named.

  • Tom

    Hmm Distant Relatives was very good too, didn’t mention Revolutions Per Minute and How I Got Over is more like soul. Distant Relatives was more a mix of reggae and hip-hop.

  • yougotrondo’d

    Sir Lucious Left Foot is the AOTY. Why are people in here talking about Lloyd Banks like he’s ever made a good album? All of Kanye’s hip hop albums have been great. Late Registration and College Dropout are top 10 of the last 10 years. Graduation was fucking dope too, and if you take out Drunk and Hot Girls and Barry Bonds that shit is probably a classic. Even 808s was dope from a production standpoint even if it isn’t your personal style. This tracklist isn’t official, itunes fucks up all the time.

  • shakessister


  • Fresh

    Be Serious, who cares what leaked! Its still all good music, every album leaks, the versions on the album could be different from what leaked and the point of buying the album is to support the artist! Graduation leaked early as fuck too and its still a classic!

  • Jwalk

    Joe budden, Mood Muzik 4 album of the year!

    Crooked I hip hop weekly reloaded is better than good friday!