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Grynch – Air Max Em (prod. DJ Nphared)

blame it on Shake October 25, 2010

Off DJ Nphared’s upcoming Red October EP, dropping on Halloween.

DOWNLOAD: Grynch – Air Max Em (prod. DJ Nphared) | Mediafire

  • Justice


  • madConsumer

    i have those sneakers…jus sayin

  • really? you post this bullshit but not odd future foh shake.

  • ^grynch isnt bullshit..hes a talented mc

    odd future is a bunch teenage queerbags that think they have skill but are wacker than wack

    fuck outta hea

  • Shox Rivalry Em !

  • Kal

    Grynch is nasty live. Homie killed the stage presence

  • it aint 2005 rhymin about shoes is corny as fuck. OFWGKTA

  • Kennyis22

    I copped Infrareds in August. Looking for the Laser Blues later this week. YEAAH.

  • ^ i have 4 pairs of infrareds…also the laser blues been out for a minute i got 2 pairs 3 weeks ago SMH

  • Kennyis22

    @fulltimeboss, I live in Oregon and the Laser Blues came out at the Nike Employee Store like last week, and everything’s half off there. I was waiting for the drop there before I got it.

  • danny_

    Who gives a fuck if this dude is rapping about shoes, the concept is dope & he pulls it off. The beat is dope too.

  • u broke thas why

  • Kennyis22

    Lmfao. I don’t purchase shit at Footlocker when I can get things at the Nike Employee store half off, and at Niketown for 40% off.

  • whunting

    the shoes are far better then the song Nphared’s beats are trash

  • 2pn

    got the shoes but the song doesnt do much for me

  • good shit as always grynch

  • 09


  • Shit goes hard. Just shows the Nw is on their sneaker game tough #sneakerheads

  • wow

    Sneaker game? That shit is played.

    Will one of you niggaz make an original sounding song?

    God, this Grynch kid just HAS to rap doesnt he? He couldnt do anything else? He just had to get in the fuckin way with all the other biter as lame fucks.

  • dumb niggas

    too bad the song is about females you fukkin lame

  • decent track

  • stupidgreedy

    song is sick. Grynch doing his own thing for the 206. much respect