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Kev – Ghosts & Stuff (rmx)

blame it on Shake October 25, 2010

Fresh off doing his thing over Atmosphere’s Trying to Find a Balance, Kev puts his twist on Deadmau5’s Ghosts & Stuff.

BONUS: Kev – Ghosts & Stuff (rmx) | Mediafire
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  • Henry

    never heard of this guy before but this shits fresh

  • Kal

    Feel the music fam the 206 fucks with you. Keep it up!

  • 7


  • fuck outta here this dude is such a faggot

    fucking up a deadmau5 track isnt whats hot in the hood

  • skeeze

    that was hot trash

  • MoodMuzik

    The only reason this guy gets posted is cause Shake knows him. I just ignore any post that says “Kev”, I suggest everyone else do the same. This guy is talentless and a disgrace to hip hop. He is just getting free promotion do to who he knows, it has NOTHING to do with the quality of his music.

  • Zak

    that would be cool to hear someone relevant spit something on this track.

  • sperm

    Actually, this was pretty wack.

  • Cweezy

    This beat should never even be rapped over.

  • wow

    Shake posts this guy because he lives in Vegas.

    Trust me, Shake doesn’t think he has talent. He just doesn’t want to be confronted in public, which I understand.

    This Kev dude is an untalented asshole. There’s a video of him acting like Lil Wayne and shit.

    Douche bag.

  • shake lost

  • Answer Me!

    heard few his past songs on here nothing sucks but he aint worth listening. ad-libs on this right here tho makes him super wack!

  • Maya

    cosign Cweezy

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