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Nicki Minaj – Blow Your Mind

blame it on Shake October 25, 2010

Pink Friday, November 22nd. Shouts to X.

DOWNLOAD: Nicki Minaj – Blow Your Mind | Mediafire

  • Mz. Drizzy

    fire !

  • Kanye East

    The Black Gaga

  • SlutButtMutt

    That picture=no words

  • Jonnielluminati put his cock between ya mommy

    She can get on her knees and blow my mind all she wants

  • MoodMuzik

    When Nicki and Waka die off hip hop will be at peace.


    shyt is Dope 4 real

  • Brooklyn Kid

    i would love to face fuck this bitch, i bet she deepthroats

  • DetoxDoesntExist

    This album will sell like hotcakes, damn confused youth. I wish I had more hands, so I could give this shit four thumbs down!

  • facemask

    Great, now my eyes and my ears are bleeding.

  • SwishasNKush

    what a dumb looking cunt ha

  • one

    Hahaha fucking bitch looks RE-TAR-DED

  • woulda like more spit`n
    jet life

  • Rio$

    pls no more trash. Wake Up!

  • TheY sAY wE N.I.G.G.E.R

    Haha @moodmuzik.they sprout like weeds.

  • Linwwod Rose

    This song sucks. Nice tits though.

  • 89er

    no No NO… don’t try and recreate Darling Nikki with that chorus… Nobody frm that camp should be allowed to touch a Prince record

  • bo.v

    the song woulda been better w/ the beat from the chorus


  • whatupsucka


  • My Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall

    The Milks Gon Bad!!!!!!

  • Premise Ptah

    Nicki will do decent numbers, I doubt her numbers will be up there with Dreaks first week numbers. She hasn’t had that extremely successful single. MAYBE that song with that Black Eyed Coon will catch more fire in the coming weeks(But I doubt it) As for her album I think it’s gonna be eh at best. The songs Im hearing not really good. Right thru me was dope though.

  • Premise Ptah


  • blackadon

    bitch looks like will ferrell

  • StyleZ.

    WTF is the that hook?

  • Nick

    When she gonna be on playboy thats all im waiting for

  • harharhar

    When’s her sextape gonna hit the net?

  • MoodMuzik

    I think the Silicone from her fake ass is destroying the left side of her brain. The bitch looks, sounds, and acts RE-TAR-DED. #justsaying

  • Mr.wakethafuckup

    I think this bitch chose the wrong profession she shoulda been a pornstar cuz all she good for is fuckin…she has no talent at all except getting on all fours n gettin it in yo

  • Shawn

    She looks like a dumb bitch in every picture she takes… it’s like.. “OH WHAT REALLY?” SMH.

  • forget gold or platinum, if the rest of her album is like this trash, its going to go “petrified wood”

  • she killed this, and the hook is nice, but damn pink friday the same day as kanye and banks drop, i guess that explains the album title, no blue friday, and no good friday

  • skratch

    this aint no anthem… wheres that sextape already?!

  • blazer

    song sucks. i hope this isn’t on the album.


    keep hating while she sells a couple hundred thousand records. her music is shit in my opinion but she’s making cake so who am I to hate on success.

  • GK

    Because her success means imitators getting pushed by labels and us inevitably suffering through Nicki Minaj clones polluting the airwaves with their bullshit. Clones that, if you can possibly imagine something so fucking awful, are WORSE than the original.

    That’s why you hate.

  • stompinthomas

    blow my load

  • ducks

    Them titties is bangin! Lemme go beat off real quick.


    GK and you actually listen to the radio? NO… so stfu man. You’ll find music you like regardless of what she does. She really doesn’t affect you in any way.

  • yugang

    Nicki stop with the faces!!

  • Musikfiend

    The funny thing is had this idea a few months ago & knew someone would eventually flip Darlin Nikki for her.

  • Smang

    Is this off her new album?

  • Lol @ GK. Well that’s the labels fault not hers, in fact most people who have imitators hate that other people try to copy their shit. Worst thing is it’s pretty blatant that original artists are the ones who make the most money and not these clones they’re signing nowadays. You know the world is fucked up when people with great power and great responsibility are retards.

  • stan lee

    i like this song.. it fits her aesthetic perfectly.. she is also allowed to put her pussy on my sideburns..

  • ttoooo

    not really feeling this… i do dig the dyke tho !

  • Dia

    awwww thats whack.. another rapper named nikki lynette used this sample.. way better since she can actually rap

  • mmkayy

    wtf is she talkin about tho………….damn

  • Ca$h!

    She got some nice HEADLIGHTS!!!!!!
    btw the song is ok compared to some of the other shit I have heard from her.

  • that pic-ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!!! that broad is bugged the fuck out..smh

  • I’d rather her blow something else than my mind.

  • JaySpaceE

    Forgot to say yesterday this was done better by Nikki Lynette and done before Minaj

  • whats up with the decrease in songs on albums mane…first rozay has 11 songs on his album now nikki and I hear kanye has like 13 sheeesh..I need at least 18 damn

  • LodiDodi

    Don’t know what to think of this, I’m trying to stay open minded. No nevermind, it sucks

  • Neva

    why are there so many haterz? i mean damn, if you don’t like then why did you comment in the 1st place. apparently you think you can do better…

  • elvimpora

    this song is amazing!!!

  • george w. bush

    i think this song just gave me cancer.