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Jamie Foxx – Fall For Your Type f. Drake

blame it on Meka October 26, 2010

Eric Marlon Bishop finally finishes up the song Aubrey Drake Graham wrote for him. Radio rip for now CDQ, courtesy of ILL.

DOWNLOAD: Jamie Foxx – Fall For Your Type f. Drake (prod. 40) | Mediafire

  • 1 word – gay

  • Amanda

    Drake should have taken this song back.

  • prince

    daaamn Drake should NOT write for other ppl cause i always prefer him doing it plus WTF he sounds just like drake on tht chorus so whts the difference??? fuckin BITERS


    Drake > Jamie… his version MURKED this.

  • hardy

    justin timberdrake?

  • Big Dee

    Cuz it’s Drizzay

  • torontoTB

    Drizzy should have kept this one for himself! Drake version >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.

  • BangYaHeadHarder

    It’s actually not that bad.. but I will just listen to Drake’s early version and hit the repeat butten 20 timmes.

  • Boi

    man if drake dont take this shit back he bullshittin

  • skratch

    drake should of kept it for hismelf

  • Duke NewKhem

    I’ll wait for a mastered or a better edited version… First opinions tho.. this song fit a lot better w/ Drake’s vocals.. But its still a smooth song.. Drake’s rap is annoying as fuck.. A definite future hit..

  • D easy

    damn i thought this was a JTimberlake track

  • BangYaHeadHarder

    it’s a schame that now it’s just an average song cause drake’s early version had a lot of potential.

    he’s not taking the song back that’s for sure

  • if uve heard one drake r&b song uve heard em all

  • It’s great. Jamie is nice.

  • this nigga 40 needs to change his r%b beats up.. wtf

  • Shy

    wow that was disappointing

  • honestly

    Yeah… Drake should’ve def kept this and made it his single.
    cosign w/BangYaHeadHarder except shame instead of schame lol

  • Mz.Drizzy

    no drake should have kept this for himself..i prefer his version

  • Mz.Drizzy

    @Limassacre 3 words <– insecure ass nigga..whats so gay about singing to a girl stupid fuck boy

  • wellok

    drake version is better imo. jamie’s vocals don’t seem to fit the beat at all.

  • b.

    drake gets a fail for giving this one away. this would have been amazing for his mixtape. maybe someone can talk to him about putting his whole version on the mixtape?!?

  • BangYaHeadHarder

    may b. he’s puting it on his R&B album as an actual single. what about that.

    Small chance but like the idea.

  • JCK88

    Drake’s version > this

  • TE

    Drakes version >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> This. This has to be on his tape, someone should make a blend his verse and his vocals on the old one made into one song. Jamie foxx you suck ass.

  • Brooklyn Kid

    Jamie Foxx > Drake

    ya niggaz need to stop suckin on Drake’s dick so much

  • D

    It’s a good song. I don’t know which one is better, but I like both.

  • BangYaHeadHarder

    Jamie Foxx is in no way better then drake.. except he’s been dating Stacey Dash so….

  • blazer

    yeah, no. this is drake’s song. not digging it. c’mon.

  • neazaz

    gay…. jamie foxx ruined it. Drake was wayyyyyyyyyyyy better on this shit.

  • Jamie sings 10x better than drizzy i like both versions tho

  • tatties

    Drake… I’m just gonna repeat what 99% of folk think, shoulda kept this one for yourself son.

  • Rome

    Drake unfinished version is much much better i downloaded this shit but i’m deleting it

  • Boy2Dope

    wow this is the first time i seen the C-Section have more positive Drake comments than negative.. im pretty sure that will change though.. but yeah Drake’s Version > Mr.Foxx’s



  • jj

    like whoever just said, someone should blend the original drake singing with the new drake rap — cuz u know he loves rapping and singing on one song but fuck it should just be drake singing jeeeeeeeeeeeeezus

  • @ChicanoSD

    Drakes version is better

  • ugh

    damn, sort of ruined a potentially dope track. Drizzy >

  • jay

    -_________- i likee it .

  • Links Are Down,

  • zookeeper

    what the hell… drake actually is the better of the two on the hook, this beat actually fits his voice. as far as his bars on this one… sound out of place… definitely a bad move.

  • B.E.H

    drake would of did this song much better

  • Harsh

    No one else can transition back and forth between rap and r&b as smoothly as drizzy. fuck eric marlon bishop


    take the drums off the beat, keep the same beat as before and TAKE OUT JAMIE FOXX, ATLEAST OFF THE FIKING CHORUS!
    chorus sounds like ish now

  • RichCITY510

    It’s not that bad, it’s just that most people were used to the Drake version. Put this on repeat for 20 times and it’ll eventually get into your head.

  • Never thought I’d see the day where people chose Drake’s singing over Jamie’s.

  • jay

    this is a nice song whether it was Drake’s or Jamie Foxx’s they both can sing…

    … Drake should have kept this tho!

  • 1 word – gay

  • Really solid record right here!

  • 2dopemen

    Stop hatin! Jamie sounds amazing on this chorus, I like both versions of the song, but Drake still gets my vote

  • nilz

    if you listen carefully jamie needed a bit of autotune in this song. it ruins the song. no r&b song should implement autotune. i totally agree that the drake version is better. also seems jamie skips some words in the first verse. it’s not crisp.

  • Sam Flow (yes, im a female)

    This isnt Jamie’s style. So of course it doesnt work that well. Cause Jamie has a fuckiiiing amaaazing voice!!

  • billy joe

    DIRTY version?

  • craigRmani

    i wish drake finished this song but this is still aight

  • Oddly enough, Drizzy’s version has a lot more soul. Sounds like he really means what he was singing. Jamie just makes it sound like an RnB song…

  • cj

    i wonder does drake have a second singin verse 2 this

  • cj

    it probably wont sound right 2 people because they knew how it sounded originally and like that version so much but its different cause of the vocals change.. i think they should have let drake kept the chorus and jamie foxx just says fall 4 ur type

  • 2dopemen

    This would’ve been a great song on Drake’s It’s Never Enough mixtape if he had kept the damn song

  • Jay

    Like people said before, someone should blend the original Drizzy verse with his new rap verse into one song and pass the download around!

  • Whoever said Drizzy is better than Jamie Foxx is crazier than a coke’d out bitch in the club. Plus if this was an all Drizzy song most ppl would probably hate on it. In sayin dat, this aint too bad, but I’ll probably keep the Drake version on the iTunes

  • Ca$h!

    Drake version was better but Jamie did aight.

  • AGuy

    I made a Drake one with his unfinished version and his rap verse if anybody want it let me kno


    i thought this was good. jamie’s vocals go smoother where drake might falter on some of the notes. it’s good and drake wasn’t totally taken out

  • Aj

    @ AGuy i’d love a DL dude

  • amp

    “Oddly enough, Drizzy’s version has a lot more soul. Sounds like he really means what he was singing. Jamie just makes it sound like an RnB song…”


  • manganime

    Don’t know what y’all talkin about- both versions are HOT! Although Drizzy’s verse in this is kinda shit. Hopefully there will be an extended version.

  • poohbear


  • chrizzy

    Take Mr. Roger’s verse and throw it on the original.

  • billy joe

    will someone mix this with drakes original reference (the verses of drake

    to make a full drake song>

  • AGuy

    i did that right above

  • FiGz

    hey ^^ i’d love a DL link man. send it my way!

  • Jamie’s vocals are better in my opinion. Smoother voice and Drake is being what his position calls for… a rapper. Would have liked to hear Jamie to hold a few of those notes. but the song is an instant fav on my mp3 player of choice.

  • b.

    Hey AGuy, i don’t see the version that you made.

  • tori

    this version is the bomb

  • Brianna

    this song be gettin ittt <3 i loveee jamie foxx's voice & the fact the Drake wrote it & is in it , make it 1000 times better <3

  • Diamond D

    da song went hard if u ask me fuck all haters they making money yall not lmao

  • Damo

    This is a hot track. Smooth vocals. There are some people who genuinely don’t like the song and that’s fine but there are a lot of haters on here and they hating hard with no referee to throw the flag.