• DallasTx_Greedy

    All well at least the cowboys can get a high draft pick now *shrugs*
    Go rangers

  • froZ

    big blue 4eva

  • MoodMuzik


  • MoodMuzik

    DallasTx_Greedy = losers mentality #justsaying

  • jacobmorales15

    SEAHAWKS! it damn sure wasn't pretty but a wins a win!

  • nykid21


  • asdf

    first they broke your spirit, then your clavicle?
    thats a joke. The cowboys wouldve won that game if he hadn't broken his clavicle. in all honesty Jon Kitna only lost the game by 6 points so clearly I guess the Giants must have broken the cowboys spirit when the cowboys were still winning 20 to 14.

  • nykid21

    ^ i knew somebody was gonna say how the giants only won cause tony homo got hurt .

  • MoodMuzik

    Tony Homo was 0-2 against the Giants last season and his own TEAMMATES admitted in interviews that they would have lost no matter who was the qb. The game was a blowout and the Giants took their foot off the pedal. It was 38-20 towards the end of the 3rd quarter. The whole 4th quarter was garbage time so take that bullshit about the Cowboys ALMOST winning and shove it up your ass nigga!

  • MoodMuzik

    If the Giants didn't shoot themselves 5 times they would have put 50+ up on Dallas ass!

  • jay


  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    Dear Texas,

    Have fun in the World Series.

    New York

  • Derrty D

    Jet Blue whooped that ass alot worse than the score showed.

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    Meka, ur just mad cuz you know that your Eagles are next. You ain't even from Philly son! So I don't know why ur a Eagles fan but it don't matter cuz G-Men got the division.

  • http://n/aa Txhustla15

    Rofl at someone big upping John Kitna - are you serious the statistics clearly showed what happened last night and really they should have put in the third string QB from A&M or the Pretzel guy, Kitna is utter trash and im not even a 'Boys fan - hes been the same with every team hes ever been with...

  • mike

    I'm hennessey3cp, I messeged dude to see when we could play, he never replys...I logged on quite a few times to check and ive yet to get a response out of him.

  • Linus

    Ninthparadigm here

    NBA opening night

    apologies if it isn't good enough. I LOVE MY CHIEFS.

  • http://www.reupspot.com reupspot

    i want in on the madden league if possible

    psn - vickjames

  • thehonorable1

    I've logged on every day for a week to beat KC Chiefs (ninthparadigm) and sent messages to him. 2nd week in a row the other player doesn't respond.

  • Linus

    you can beat me right now. i'm on.

  • Linus

    ok....what's going on honorable?

    it's telling me peer connection has been lost.

  • Linus


    i can post pics..or email them to you. i keep getting the same 'attention'.

  • thehonorable1

    ninthparadigm & I are having connection issues. (we've tried to connect 8 times tonight). Never had this problem before in about 20 online games. I say sim the game and keep us in the league.

  • Linus

    it's happened to me a couple of times before, but not in this frequency.

  • Linus

    done trying. Heat game is on.

  • thehonorable1

    I am done trying....I think that was our 11th time. I will log back on in an hour or so. If we can't get it to work, then let the commish handle it.

  • Linus

    that's straight.

  • http://@twitter jzoom


  • Corsico

    (because I live here and are now exposed to the obnoxiousness of their fans)

    F.U., bitch. We here.

  • CloudKicka

    mcgeda its a good thing u didnt show....someone get the vikings and hit me up im the cowboys

  • Actual/Factual

    yea man, its the weak ass EA servers is why nobody can connect, happened to me twice...i was smashin his ass too smh

  • ley

    ^pause at your last statement

  • Kuruption

    I would just like to say that the so called "experts" put the Boys in the Bowl. Its now Week 7 and they are basically already eliminated from the Playoffs. I never liked their line.

  • http://2dopeboyz.com Jonnie Kwest

    ^blame the coach..Cowboys lose every game (besides the Giants game) by 1 touchdown or field goal and its always because of a silly mistake..PENALTIES..the team is undisciplined, FIRE WADE PHILLIPS!!

  • LEVEL_Fresh

    XButta Live is the gamertag for whoever wants a free 2dopeboyz edition can of WHOOP YO ASS! The winning streak is @ 15 & climbing. I don't phucks wit PS3 anything its XBOX or eat a dick! Oh yeah, G-MEN 4 LIFE!