• Collin


  • Tiniak

    Is this any good? Worth the download? Worth the time?

  • http://vimeo.com/user677428/videos Chi2LA23

    I look forward to this series every Halloween!

  • http://divefm.com DJ Daz-One

    @ Tiniak Its Big Pun and Big L do you really have to question if its worth it. RIP to two of the best that ever did it.

  • http://disposable-arts.com ABSTRACTlegend

    does anybody have a link to the other 2?

  • j-money

    its on the website click through to download and scroll down

  • wE wERe sCHoLaRz LoNg bEFoRe coLLEgEz

    I love cookin soul remixes.Especially the Big Pun-MVP one.

  • wE wERe sCHoLaRz LoNg bEFoRe coLLEgEz

    *Big L

  • feining liquor often


  • red-one


  • http://ohhhshot.blogspot.com OHHH SHOT


  • xastey

    pure do-do .. like the previous version much better

  • jackgerbrandt

    no im last

  • Jon D.


  • http://WWW.yOKO_ONO.COM Jo Jo Pella-SoSo

    AnY a yALL NuCk NiLLaZ HavE dE LiNk 4 dAt BiGGiE MiXTaPe DeY dId a YeAR O' 2 AgO?

    pEacE tO aLL Da ReAL GaNgStAz oN diZ HeRe sItE.

    PeACe Um oUt...wErD Up

  • nykid21

    only if these two were still alive ,
    90% of the garbage out today wouldnt exist . smfh


    This is worth the DL... good mix!

    Peace 7


    I wouldn’t recommend this mix if you’re not into the Halloween theme concept and tenebrous beats. Big L and Big Pun never disappoint, so enjoy the pagan Halloween them concept if you can stomach it.

  • http://thepiecrust.wordpress.com TextbookInk

    This is about to go the fuck in.

  • Me

    put up a link with the last 2

  • http://thereallifemusicgroup.com @AdamLSimmons

    I can't even front, I saw this post as I was scrolling down my reader and it was an INSTANT stop and follow. This is dope for real, are definitely the 2 MC's that should always be in the top 5 convo