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Lil Wayne – My Reality (prod. Timbaland)

blame it on Shake October 27, 2010

The song looks much better on paper than it sounds. Originally heard on Mack Maine’s new mixtape, The Laxative. No, seriously.

DOWNLOAD: Lil Wayne – My Reality f. Mack Maine & Gudda Gudda (prod. Timbaland) | Mediafire

  • mackmaineisafag

    the laxitive? really? go kill yourself

  • On34

    what fucking bull shit it this

  • dj

    The Laxative? must be because everything that comes out of him is shit.

  • DallasTx_Greedy

    That’s what I said last week iam not downloading it because of the stupid ass name ofthebest tape and Mack Maine sucks anyway

  • Ricky

    Is there still dumbasses that believe hes the best rapper alive?

  • DallasTx_Greedy

    WTF I didn’t type “ofthebest” the hell ???

  • Lil Wayne is never a good look. Unless u in a club

  • secondbest21

    The song looks much better on paper than it sounds.

    ^^^^^ what he said…

  • o.O Fukk this (left at 1:40)
    jet life

  • This song is…. nevermind

  • ***********************

    dallastx_greedy it was prob the illuminati you’re always worrying about

  • DatGuy

    Really Wayne??? Just jack Drake’s flow, his punchline flow that he stole from Sean, and now his lines. THis shit sucks and so does Wayne.

  • Kurt Gobang

    i wonder how much money timbaland has made off of his throwaway beats (like this one/?

  • HomieOmey

    Gudda used to be decent didn’t he? It’s laughable how awful he has been on the Young $$ tracks I have heard. He was painfully bad on this

  • this is old ahh fuck and wasnt supposed to impress at all its just mack maine trying to D-Ride Wayne’s fame typical lame shit

  • This song has been out for about two years with just the wayne verse.. i liked it better than.

  • Mack Maine killed it…I mean, like he should be executed for that shit. Horrible.

  • Diamond

    the breakdown of the beat is ill, but the rest, :|

  • owwwbeasley

    lol so the hook is 2 different Drake lines put together?

  • Shy


  • Mz. Drizzy

    i agree with shake smh..i’m not downloading mackmaines wack mixtape

  • the second i heard the auto tune i stopped listening…

  • cloud academy


  • burd

    this shit was just drums and this nigga fuckin around on autotune

  • 4H20M to Houston

    Mack Maine killed his verse. Other than that, this made my ears bleed.

  • Sad, Mack Maine has to use Lil Wayne tracks to promote HIS OWN Mixtape..

  • boy out in 7 daysss !

  • J Kelly

    been waiting for the tagless version for like 2 years…good look….”my drug dealer comes pronto” that shits slick…

  • Jay

    30 Minutes to New Orleans also debuted on Mack Maine’s The Laxative. Shake you gotta post it because Wayne rides the beat way better than Donnis

  • Prince

    turned off after 10 sec HORRIBLE singing i dnt even know wht to say to tht WOW JETS FOOOOL!

  • Michael Knight

    yes, JETS FOOOOL!
    Spitta >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Wayne

    This piece of shit made my ears bleed..

  • STL

    [Lil Wayne]
    I got shot when I was 12,
    lost my pop when I was 14
    Shot again at 20, will I shake these old dreams
    We already have the holy water on my face and 3 blooddrops dried on the side of my eyes
    Why we gotta kill our own kind when we rise
    Got me lookin down the ladder now when i climb
    Pullin up on my nephews
    And they dont wanna drive
    they wanna learn how to work the tool
    And who am I not to do the duty
    And just think, if pop’s advice get sent from black ink
    And that stinks, but homie thats real
    And in the hood even steaks smell bad on the grill
    I remember when you was a hustler you was a winner
    Now thats like raking up leaves in the winter
    And that aint even cool, to miss a few summers
    I’ll take a bite out the onion like
    Fuck It!

  • STL

    @Michael Knight

    Spitta is better than the current Wayne, but overall, Wayne is better.

  • Musikfiend

    Wayne used to be the sh*t. He got rich & stopped tryin, smh. We need pre-Carter 3 Wayne back!!

  • I don’t know why blogs post records like this. I know the people have a right to make up their own minds but this is obviously, and obscenely, horrible. T-Pain is turning over in his grave.

  • dat baby don’t look like me

    THE SHOW GOOOOESSSS OOOONNNN LASERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • someguy

    this song sounds like what would happen to a toilet after taking a laxative.

  • Vashthestampede

    Lol damn tpain turning over in his grave? He’s not dead… Yet haha

  • Boy2Dope

    Be Back later gotta take a shit… and autofuckwithyourvoice?? really? -.-

  • dipsetDIPSET.

    this shit is like 2 years old. gudda is awful on this track too.
    carter 4 will still be fire, trust.

  • i had wayne verse like last year…ha ight everyone hating on this aint that bad.

  • DontGetIt

    Jesus not another fucking Lupe comment.

    I bet Atlantic has a team of interns trolling 2dopeboyz making sure EVERY FUCKING POST has some irrelevant Lupe/Lasers mention.

  • 11111sdg


  • 911

    “I bet Atlantic has a team of interns trolling 2dopeboyz making sure EVERY FUCKING POST has some irrelevant Lupe/Lasers mention.”
    — LMAO this isnt talked abt but the true story is EVERY major album and some underground have promo people that spread the word about new artists and albums and blogs have gotten pretty big on every bodys radar, once what mixtapes and dj’s had power now its the blogs, so ur gonna see some promo dudes

    Ever wonder when BOB new album was coming out every other comment and peoples top 5 artist rant was all about BOB nows thats hes over ur gonna see promo for lasers and such then to the next article till ur dead…
    smoke that greeen

  • ERERyan12


  • team lupe

    Promo? Oh no no the lupe comments are from authentic wasulu stans..let’s not talk abot lupe vs wayne…btw lupe> wayne..
    How could anyone ever consider wayne the “best alive” these days when you got talent lie j.cole(j.cole>wayne) jay elect(jay elect>wayne) kanye(kanye>wayne)
    Emeniem-aka goat(eminem>wayne)
    Even diggy is more reevant to a true “hardcore hiphop fans “Diggy(diggy>wayne)
    Only a ignorant mainstream superfical hiphop fan would ever call him the greatest. I’m sorry its to much talent these days to ever deam this guy as the” greatest” I’m not a hater, I used to mess with him when I was young and ignorant, but I’ve grown enough to know that people who think this guy could ever be the “greatest” are either young, ignorant as in unaware or probably both..Imo

  • DontGetIt

    Don’t get me wrong, Lupe’s a good rapper by all means, I’m just sick of the standom.

  • team lupe

    Like* eminem* relevant* deem*
    Man look at these typos..lol

  • team lupe

    I’m sick [email protected] 2dopeboyz @nahright shunning the guy. What is this “bloggers unite” did you all put your little virtual rings together and make a pact to never post lupe? Get off your high horses and tell shake to let it go already, nobody cares..

  • THIS OLD AS FFUK. Go slap yo self whoever posted this

  • CD

    I am/was a huge Timbaland fan…..

    Until now, I kinda forgot he existed! Beat sounded waaaaaay old/weak. *Sigh*

  • Shit for you spitta fans this better than that wack ass michael knight faggotry

  • STL

    @team lupe

    Diggy> Wayne? No. Wayne has fallen off, but some of yall go way to far with the hate for his new “mainstream” status. Wayne has skill:

    Ha …… Fix nigga)
    Bang nines sporadically
    Same time compatibly
    Wayne Carter, graduate of bang bang academy
    Changed my reality
    Thank God for grabbing me
    Sort of like him, cause they can’t stop the wrath of me
    but, hell have no fury
    Neither I, even I would walk up in the devil’s kitchen eat a pie
    Greedy eye, never full, gettin fat
    and bitch I gotta itch, so don’t let me catch you wit that scra-scra-scratch yall niggaz off the face of the earth
    Even Mase came back for the money outta church
    So with that on my mental, for that money imma work
    My divine intervention might be in that woman’s purse
    Trying to find a better system, but Im running out of perk
    Baby daughter stomach erks
    Then daddy’s heart hurts
    So, daddy pop at em until their heart burst
    For my baby girl candy, I make a starburst
    9-11 was a fucking shame, I done saw worse, like
    What if that bullet would’ve hit my heart first, life
    wouldn’t be different cause I still be fucking around with death
    cause I got shot after that
    and after that, I grab the empty cases and tried to throw that bitch back at they faces, Cita, I made it
    My nigga Reel was on the ground like naw, I got up and looked around and grabbed the spotlight, AAAHHH
    I’m hard to kill, Hardy ha
    Cut the music back up and keep the party going
    fuck em
    and I dont need no crease
    I’m a mothafucking gangsta off Eagle Street
    I don’t need the hot boys, I still keep my heat
    and I aint gotta squad up, I still keep my feet
    They call me Michelangelo, you paint them so street
    but you remove that wallpaper, bet that sheet rock weak (haha)
    and you and I know whats going on
    You probably riding to a different song
    Im probably riding on some different chrome
    Im probably high in a different zone
    But when I’m off, we can get it on
    I take no days off, catch that shift from my friend
    I clock out when I punch in
    I’m shooting, Reel you aint gotta block out, its goin in em
    Them rats stop hating on the snake, the boy venom
    The cat like Peyton for the lakers, gonna win em
    I’m certified stamp, I’m a champion
    like Buju Bonton
    shit I shoot you nine times
    like you was fifty
    but you won’t be as likely as fifty
    I light me some piffy
    like, hella-bright on the enffy
    like, what nigga like me or lift me
    I don’t duck i be right in ya city
    for them bucks, i take me a flight, and come and get right, right in ya city, yup
    Im just like diddy, and nothing like puff yeah
    I’m something like city, he something like young wizzy
    My nikes is spiffy, I’m hardly a gotti
    I’m slightly a nitti, all of a carter
    Bitch niggas never bitch me
    Bum niggas never ditch me
    shit I gotta get me, man im raw, slit me
    Thank god for granting me this moment of clarity, this moment of honesty, aint no moe squad in me HAAH

  • Vashthestampede

    Today, nobody cares but oh tomorrow they will… They will
    FNF UP

  • Mr Xclusive

    wayne will always be the best

    you think kid cudi songs are better than this? rofl gtfo

  • Tristan

    the Weezy part of this track i waaaaaay old!

  • JustMe


  • Roonz

    “wayne will always be the best”

    lmao dickrider, wayne never was the best to begin with. Even during the days when his random, lackluster punchlines were a little less mediocre, there were still plenty of rappers better than him. And yes, Kid Cudi tracks are better than this garbage song.

  • BangYaHeadHarder

    Cosign ^^@ Roonz. Wayne never was/will be the best.


    This beat is crazy. Lyrics are average at best.

  • fuck


  • Ayy-Sheets

    Does anyone notice the Cyclops next to Wayne, that’s more entertaining than the song (if you can call it that).

  • haa fuuuuuck yeah mann (:♥☺