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T.I. – Ya Hear Me x Get Yo Girl (Video)

blame it on Shake October 27, 2010

Official video from Tip’s “upcoming” album, King Caged No Mercy. UPDATE: Hit the jump for visuals to Get Yo Girl w/ Rich Kid Shawty.

  • killa

    dope song ya hear me
    but these visuals are very low quality…
    guess the label iffy about putting more money into t.i. huh?
    who knows, i wish him well regardless of the bullshit.

  • DontGetIt

    I’ve gotta say Tip might have the best delivery of any major label rapper out.

  • D easy

    he just putting in a bunch of crummy videos before he gets locked up
    i hope this album comes out

  • biff


  • biff boof


  • dashboard

    that come and git ur girl joint was suspose to be about some erking bitches not stripper

  • Dude gonna be out before we know it.

  • l0l

    dis nigga is done

  • I’m always down to hear new joints from Tip. Video reminds me of BET Uncut.

  • Don’t worry about it

    Get yo girl had so much more potential to have a better video.

  • hatinacropolis

    T.I aint got shit on my girl britney. dis nigga is done. britney fah Lifeee

  • hatinacropolis

    oooo babbbbbbbyyy i just wana give a shout out to my boo Cornelious the mother fuckin great! Go britney!!!!! britney spears ahhhhhhhh

  • hatinacropolis

    OKAY GUYs like seriously let me drop it low while i do my pretty girl swag while i say oh my gosh while i drop it to the flooooooor while hitting a bitch with a bottle

  • Yougoon

    he’s wearing the same shirt in both videos!

    I ain’t mad at cha, tho haha

  • @Yougoon

    LMNFAOOOOOOOOOOOO maybe he shot the vids back to back

  • Yawza


  • Actual/Factual

    “tell my P.O. i don’t blaze up/pee wee fire the haze up”…lol smh

  • huh


  • huh

    TI -Ya hear me mp3
    damn this song hot
    TI back

  • JustMe

    Ya Hear Me is a dope song……the videos for both songs look shitty as fuck!

  • Tiniak

    This is some good shit. You hear me?

  • birdman

    okay sound. terrible video. it was way to low of quality. kinda feelin bad for t.i. thats some straight bullshit that just went down ya hear me? and yeah he’s an idiot for what happened to him but shit im in the same mafuckin boat

  • Brother man

    Both dope. 2nd video is pfff. Strip club videos are always nyceeee