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The Femcee Solution?

blame it on Meka October 27, 2010

Vintage: Chop – “School Is In”

So after my post at XXL yesterday, I got hit simultaneously by a few female artists – some which are familiar, others which are new to the dopehouse, and I thought I’d toss them up here to gauge the viewers’ interest. Note: me getting songs from female artists doesn’t mean I have to automatically toss it up here because they’re female regardless of my thoughts on the matter, especially if I don’t like it to begin with. Anyways…

DOWNLOAD: Mae Day – Horn Intro | Alt Link

DOWNLOAD: Milly July – Running After You | Alt Link

  • The new Money love perhaps…diggin!

  • numonics

    look into dynasty from tampa…….she’s the truth

  • I have played Mae Day on my show as well as Dominique Larue, Eternia, Invincible Tiye Phoenix, Dessa,Rapsody and Eternia. There is not a shortage of female MC’s in hip hop. I been playing new joints all year long. You just gotta know where to look

  • Female rapper

    Meka is a sexist!

  • theostrichknowsnowalls

    It is about fucking time Milly July got posted on here.

    Listen to the mixtape:
    Sneak Chamber.

    ….and GO!

  • hell yea, i funk with mae day

  • 12 Step

    Mae Day is the shit.

  • BoogBrown

    chop so live!!! love her!

  • shout out to chop!! thank Meka for showing love to the sisters – google stahhr the femcee, sa-roc and boog brown – you wont be disappointed.

  • Dessa is dope, she just needs to step her promotional game up! And Mek that video is the personification of why most people DON’T listen to female rappers.

  • 1

    post that new joell & novel…fuckin winter, 5am, on my way to work to a shitty ass boss anthem!

  • robertTHEallen

    that song milly has with XV was dope

  • Ronny My

    Where Can I get some of Chop’s & Milly July’s music?

  • Man

    Meka is a sexist!

    Female rapper
    put ur music in the link in ur name…

  • urmomslovesme!

    “And Mek that video is the personification of why most people DON’T listen to female rappers.” = OUCH!

    I will say when i saw this low budjet looking power to the people, all natural sista..rapping..i was like HERREE WEEE GO!… this is exactly likely ppl dont fuck with women rappers. Most of the time they are too extreme in their issue. There is no balance, middle ground. They are either playing niggas to the fullest, a bad bitch with no struggle …hardcord killa nigga,… etc… but i will say finances and good management is another they dont really have! and the biggest things against female emcees is their HUSTLE! they dont go in like Males do.. they are inconsistent. You hear from there ONCE in a while… imagine if you had a FEMALE who whos DRIVE was like Currency?…. tight project after project…. SHIT WOULD BE DIFFERENT.

  • About damn TIme Chop is getting some light.
    A very slept on MC period.

    2 thumbs up for 2dopeboyz for this post

  • word up people.POWER 2 tha dopeboyz.i give thanks for tha interest.truly.*curtsies* and yup im all about us ladies grindin, what up boog?!…thats why we is.and yes there are those of us that are balanced.yup.and then there are those of us that need guidance.umhmm.it is appreciated when given and not jus mentioned.i guess thats why mommas love a boi who will help, thank u honey*winks and looks above*.its humble beginnings round here,hongry, grindin for eats…and as tanya morgan had me say on brooklynati, “if they aint knowin, WHAh, when then we show em”.peace peace.bigGUP to currencey, and my ladies…boog, stahhr, sa-roc, luchee, stacey epps, and medusa and any otha emcees that look like flowers and rip mics, that i have been blessed to meet.and errr um…can i see a show of hands of folks who do listen to female emcees…oh wait that would be everybody already here.love.check for whats next in the ether near u.

  • aw shit i cant spell, guess thats why people dont listen to female rappers…ha hahhahe…he.

  • focus

    Make sure you keep your eye on the Carolinas. The Queen of the Carolinas Shelly B is killing the entire Mid Atlantic region right now. She is the definition of a femcee on her grind. Lyrics, personality and a buzz that has her with two states on her back right now!

    Check the resume or just google her. Shelly B aka Hollywood Shellz…www.shellybthat.com

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