Mariah Carey – Oh Santa (Video)

blame it on Meka October 28, 2010

How is she going to do something about Santa Claus when she’s currently carrying what could be the Anti-Christ in her stomach? The true bread-winner of the Carey house drops Merry Christmas II You November 2nd.

  • Ronaldo

    Meka you are so fucking dumb!!!!!

  • Kanye East

    lmao, omg Mek.

  • The anti-christ? Got DAMN man lol

  • DallasTx_Greedy

    in all seriousness prince william of wales is the ANTI CHRIST

  • Man

    wait so nick cannon n mariah = antichrist
    meka thats the dumbest thing uve wrriten yet!

  • Man

    DallasTx_Greedy <
    1 put down the bong.
    2 turn off the youtube videos.
    3 read a book
    4 get a job

  • DallasTx_Greedy

    @Man GTFHO Shoot Me Your Email So i can send you my damn near perfect report card at
    UV of Arlington ill wait….

  • Man

    ^^ really.. do u want my approval that bad you will send daddy ur report card?
    if u aint got all A’s daddy gon woop ur ass

  • DallasTx_Greedy < lol. can i have an email copy of ur report card too.

  • son y lie. you dont study u live in our basement , rent free.

  • WsCc

    Lmao everyone Shut Up

  • O.G. WheatBread

    Rent free? Fuck, im hatin’

  • DallasTx_Greedy have u finished ur homework? and stopp masturbating in your room all day to cee lo’s new song. we know wat u do down there. its making ur mom uncomfortable

  • DallasTx_Greedy

    Wow since your so interested I do live with step mom n dad off Green park idgaf it’s free and it’s a nice ass house I’ll admit that I’m done with u guys

  • stinkylegsorlegidk

    LMFAO @ UV Arlington. I’m usually not a School Snob but c’mon man if you’re name dropping Uni’s at least make up something better. Might as well be a comm coll lol

  • Henry

    ^ lol i think he meant UT @ Arlington but who cares y’all trolling niggas r something else

  • Don’t worry about it

    “Currently carrying what could be the Anti-Christ in her stomach?”
    Dude what the fuck is wrong with you? Niggas CAN find out what you look like Meka, and don’t be surprised when you get your ass beat the fuck up tryin to be controversial.

  • wE wERe sCHoLaRz LoNg bEFoRe coLLEgEz


  • Meka do you know that you are the epitome of asshole?i like your blog, but still, theres a such thing as going to far.

  • rdd08

    ” You know the World’s gone Madd when Blacks wear Plaid and Mariah has Married Nick Cannon!!” – Asher Roth CannonFreestyle.

    And apparently when they spawn Satan’s favorite Son

    Sidenote: Damn Damn Damn!!!! I don’t want the world to end untill I buy LASERS !!!!!

  • Actually, the Anti-christ is anyone that doesn’t believe in Jesus.

    I’m trying to kick that shit you need to learn though.

    But, yeah, I could’ve sworn Mariah Carey released this song years ago.

  • robertTHEallen

    so im the ONLY one who though it was funny besides meka?
    people need to chill, he was exagerating