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The KnuX – Medusa (Let’s Get Stoned)

blame it on Shake October 28, 2010

In light of the upcoming vote on Prop 19, the New Orleans to Los Angeles duo cook up a little tripped out jam. Shouts to Jeff Weiss on the heads up.

DOWNLOAD: The KnuX – Medusa (Let’s Get Stoned) | Mediafire
The song is also available on their website.

  • 1997

    No on 19!

  • GR


  • sik

    the knux soooooo underrated …new age outkast

  • varsityballin

    yes no on 19!

    prop 215 all day!

  • DontGetIt

    The Knux simply don’t release enough music, that Fuck You! – EP has to be one of my favorite releases of the year.

  • The Coon

    pretty tight but “new age outkast”? To quote my man Thor “I say thee nay!”

  • Teddy

    Love the Knux but I havnt heard shit about them since “Fire.” I havnt coped their last album. I need it.

  • niggaplz


  • DoIt


  • DoIt

    this song is terrible tho

  • jayogmrmack

    How the fuck could this song be boring or terrible?? Did you even listen to Joey Le Strats verse?? “Joey wakes up in the morning, gets around my chest, naked cinderella greets me, her cosmos the best, taste the fruit kiss the rainbow, see god inside the mirror, walk on water on the acid trips sativa ease the stress, like a blowjob, shit im all about em betterment, skinny chicks and big cats i wanna jump your skeleton”. Terrible, boring, i think not haha.

  • yessah

    Damn this shit is so cold! They might not be lyrically outkast but sonically it is not that big of a stretch to compare. Either way shit is dope

  • Pacetrack

    He actually says skinny chicks in big hats. It’s a reference to Miss Jack Davey. That’s been his girl for a minute now, but I agree with Jayogmrmack, saying this is boring or wak is just foolish

  • maze

    Shit is has good vibe to it

  • donzoo

    Love the transtions. These guy’s are dope producers

  • thathiphopguy

    Knock on the door that’s my neighbors, haters. Lmfao clever

  • imhim

    sleepy banger

  • Scuba Steve

    Man this track is HOTT and if yall can’t see that then you must be way to stoned to even listen to music.. the beat is smooth and the lyrics are tight.. stop hating… keep the flow going.. i keep pressing Re-play lol 1..