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Marz Lovejoy: This Little Light Of Mine (Video)

blame it on Meka October 29, 2010

The Los Angeles femcee drops her debut album November 22nd. You can check out a brief bio up top, the album artwork down bottom.

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  • Anthony Bell

    My Nigga Lavish is in that video

  • Stephanie

    Damn, she’s fucken young! I’m not sure whether I like her or not but I like the fact that she’s doing her thing.

  • Luccas


  • Ellio

    yo… between her and nitty scott i’mma try and bag me a rappin’ ass rap 19 year old backpack rap chick for 2011.

    a chick that can drop a post-coital Mind Sex 16 >>>

    drunk but get at me

  • yugang

    not gonna lie never heard of this girl but hearing the clips of her rap im interested in hearing a whole song or two from her cause she seems like she got real talent.

  • like

    too bad she’s a lesbian ma…she’s cool peoples but the crew knows she’s interested in the females just like us.

  • thetruth

    really only know her through pacdiv

  • Sammie (yes im a girl)

    where the nude pics at?

  • TheShowGoesOn

    She’s aite…Nitty Scott goes harder tho.

  • Teddy

    West got a lot of gems out there man. Its crazy what they got goin on. I’ve been telling dudes not to sleep on the West Coast but they aint listenin. Its gonna be crazy when they get their just due.

  • 1

    man i hate that voice, poor copy of niki , why cant females copy invincible or jean grae or lauren?

  • jonnypiff

    Future wifey right there. Love her flow.

  • imonit

    ill support anyone who can make nicki minaj irrelevant

  • about time she got posted… she been popping for over a year.

  • Marria aint a lesbo.. butttt idk what the fuck the deal is with all the baggy clothes I can see why ppl think that. As far as her music is concerned, am not really feeling the single, her flow def needs to be softer and more lady like, but Ill reserve final judgement until the 23rd when the ep drops. Anyways, keep doing yo thang mamas fuck what the haters gotta say. One love

  • YATTi

    I heard of her off Pac-Div joint, she did her thing!