The Best of Both Worlds = R. Kelly x Jay-Z 2pac?

blame it on Shake October 29, 2010

In this month’s issue of XXL, Kelz breaks down TP2.com track by track. During the dissection, he reveals that Best of Both Worlds was originally supposed to be him and Tupac.

Well ‘I Wish’ was basically about Tupac at first. I met Tupac in L.A.- the [Hotel Nikko], and he was rolling by in his drop-top whatever hot car. I seen him, and I yelled out, “‘Pac! ‘Pac!” He was driving by, rolling by himself. I’m like, ‘This nigga got a lot of balls to be rolling by hisself!” So we kicked it for a minute, I said “Dude, we need to do an album.” See, The Best Of Both Worlds was for me and Pac at first. “I Wish” was gonna be the first song we were gonna do.

Yeah… me neither. Shouts to Low on the find.

  • bnease

    Actually, I could hear ‘Pac on the “I Wish” beat…….1st

  • dunno bout that.. that means he saved i wish for 4 yrs afteer pac’s death… nah not buying it

  • Yeah ok R Kelly. Word?

    And Lamar just laid the ball up with his right hand…

  • Lol @ ear2ear…can’t top that comment

  • computeruser

    Hey growing up here in the Chi, you do learn a couple if valuable lessons. One, Chicago women ain’t shit but money grubbin’ broads with very bad attitudes. And two Robert does A LOT of LYING! Like a lot!! Like denying yourself on camera in your house doing unspeakable acts when YOU AND YOUR HOUSE WAS ON FILMED ON TV MONTHS BEFORE…AND AFTERWARDS!

    Just sayin’

  • riktar

    LOL WHAT!?! bitch please

  • the real Best Of Both Worlds!

  • Grade A

    fuck r kelly

    using tupacs name to get some shine is fuckin dispicable

  • DangerWillRobinsonDanger!

    I hate to call anyone a liar, but that sounds like complete bullshit… Why is he just saying something now??? Wonder how fucked up he was when he did the interview…

  • ill always love H.E.R.

    i dont want r kelly anything

  • Kid Cudi-Man on The Moon II the legend of Mr Rager …Already Leaked!

  • O.G. WheatBread

    Hahaha @ “yeah…. me neither”

  • jet


  • Nickolas Reid

    Still.. pac and kelly woulda been a better album… lol, even if Roberts full of shit

  • Kanye West’s All of the Lights leaked…it’s full it sounds mastered BUT only Rihanna is on it and I think Tony Williams. So I’m not sure if its that actual album version. But it is mastered. Pretty dope regardless. Rihanna sounds good on the hook.

  • skeme

    dont sleep on THE LEFT “gas mask”..go cop it

  • D

    I’m kind of glad Pac didn’t do this shit…

  • invitado

    i dont think pac would have sounded good on that. Why is he suddenly brining this up is he feeling irrelevant and out of lil girls to pee on -__-

  • LV

    ^^^^ nuff said

  • it took 19 posts for someone to mention ‘pee’…

    i’m impressed dope boyz n’ gurlz

  • team lupe

    Why aren’t u guys talking about YeKs peen?

  • team lupe



    Team Lupe is a homo. And not the trendy kind like ATL, San Fran, and NY. I’m talking post gay comments all day on 2bz like anyone cares gay. You know, gay like ya neighbor calling the cops cuz weed smoke is coming outta your house at 5 in the morning gay.

    Oh yeahh… R Kelly is lying. This was gonna drop around the same time as that Fat Joe and Biggie track.

  • dopee

    fuck r.kelly that nigga wack

  • I mean, damn!

    I’ma fight R. Kelly if I see em in the street. Meka too.

  • Folksanddem

    List of Chicago phrases that indicate a lye…

    1. basically…
    2. I’m like….
    3. What had happened was…
    4. and then..

  • Slaughterhouse NIgga

    that sounds bullsit to me?

    Pac and ridin around alone in his car at the sunset??? never ever atleast the outlawz would drove with him…but i guess kellz smoked that cheap shit—.—

  • nigga

    Wow at all the 2pac fans getting butt hurt! I think he meant to say that they were supposed to do a collaboration album like Best of Both Worlds. The journalist most likely took what he said out of context.

  • RIKO

    TUPAC SAID “Jay-Z, from “Hawaiian Sophie” fame, Big Little whatever, and several other corny sounding motherfuckers”..

  • RIKO

    TUPAC SAID “I’m a Bad Boy killa, Jay-Z die too”

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