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J. Cole – I’m Coming Home [Demo]

blame it on Shake October 30, 2010

I wonder if Andre Harrell knew how great that I would be when he fired me?

Reference track for Diddy’s Last Train (Wreck) to Paris.

DOWNLOAD: J. Cole – I’m Coming Home | Mediafire



  • kingkicks23

    another j.cole classic :)

  • Mz. Drizzy

    It’s a reference track for diddy? He should have kept for himself

  • Being frank…sinatra!!

    J. Cole should keep this and rework the lyrics…

  • My favorite new cat, along with Fashawn and Kid Cudi.

  • MrCrockett

    yeah fuck diddy.cole should keep this

  • It was so ironic, cuz I was chatting with some people last night about J. Cole and how we were surprised “Who Dat” did as well as it did, but definitely agreed Cole needed that big, radio-appealing single to really put him on the radar of more people. Then this leaked, and it was like YES! This is that joint! I was real disappointed when I found out it was a reference track for Diddy.

    I agree, now that it’s leaked, he should rework it and save it for his debut. This could have Top 40 charts appeal; and it’s one of those types of tracks that can hit the pop charts without being some sellout sounding music. Alex Da Kid is a beast and definitely my favorite new producer out. He’s defining the sound of hip-hop with this whole crossover thing. Props.

  • Young Mo Fo

    Cosign @MrCrockett
    lol most likely Diddy paid for it already, idk how reference tracks work. But if I was Cole, this is THE track he needs to put out. Just change the lyrics

  • sylver21

    ^^^yea, i feel the same. this could(have been) be big for his mainstream appeal….but can someone explain exactly what a reference track is? like the verses he spit, would diddy be using them verbatim? or idk, jus wonderin…

  • sylver21

    and the ^^^ was @M. Hannah

  • Depending on how the song does on the album, and if it gets released as a single, at least Cole has an idea of what he’ll need to release to get on (mainstream-wise).

    Is that Norah Jones on the hook?

  • 35

    weak ass chorus

  • nito

    this would have made j.cole the star he should be. sucks its for diddy

  • timmy2409

    y’all that use twitter should tell him he’ll be the stupidest motherfucker on earth if he doesn’t keep this one for himself

  • timmy2409

    oh yeah i forgot to say

  • That A

    I’m tired of bitches on chorus’ man. Ever since the B.O.B. song “Airplanes” women have been killing the songs with their oversinging.

    Every time I see a new Cole song on 2dopeboyz it’s like Christmas and I got two gifts this week.

  • Jammin

    I like it when he sings on tracks
    Cuz I can’t sing either lol

  • byahbyah

    can anyone confirm if thats Holly Brook on the chorus? Shes worked with Apathy and Mike Shinoda before. Sounds just like her.

  • will

    that…. was pretty good

  • Big545

    Fuck diddy, keep this shit cole

  • Urtest

    this is AWESOME. i really wish he would keep this.

  • CZ

    A song like this could really blow his exposure up.

  • random

    the chick on the hook is roc nations alexis jordan FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS COMING SOON

  • MoodMuzik

    Cole needs to keep this song! This song alone will give him an extra 100k sales first week! This is “that” song for Cole to push him towards the top of hip hop. If he adds 3 dope verses to this, it will be a top 20 song easily!

  • sunlargeinc

    If you dont write your own shit dont rap godammit

  • me

    lol @ everyone – this is a joke. Is this supposed to be “rap” ? These butterfly hooks with simple raps are seriously hard to take serious…”Is this taylor Swift” – girl that just walked into the room … hahaha

  • me

    listen to “The Joy” above … Pete ROcK : _*_

  • I really cant c Diddy rappin this I think Cole should keep it for himself and do the verses over

  • Method Man

    receding hairline ass diddy

  • Slowbot10

    Cole already said in an interview that he is tryna follow the same single lineup that Jay-Z had on Blueprint 3(DOA,Run this Town,Empire State of Mind)..Thats why he released a street single first…Im pretty sure he has a big record in store much like “Empire State of Mind” but it most likely will be released as his 3rd single

  • GeeWizKhalifa

    ^^ He better man, he’s too talented to not “Blow Up”.

  • CZ

    @me Most of the comments have mentioned mainstream appeal and radio play. Cole’s other shit is rap, this is soft rap that will boost his exposure. If you think every song is supposed to appeal to the same demographics then you are pretty simple.

  • @Me

    That’s the thing though. “Rap” and hip-hop is evolving man. Alex Da Kid is definitely having a hand in changing the sound as well. (Airplanes, Love The Way You Lie). I think this is a good thing for hip-hop and music in general. The crossover sounds and the more epic collaborations are incredible, in my opinion. It may not be for everyone, but at least give it a chance. I, for one, like the evolution. If you’re not feeling it, there’s always plenty of classic, old boom-bap you can listen to. But sometimes, we need something new…

  • bam12393

    Yes this will be that single he needs to get the mainstream/radio attention he deserves. But if he focuses on that attention by making songs like this then will he be the “second coming of Nas” like everybody thinks? Most likely not. Just put out dope music J. Cole, fuck album sales. We know the greatness Cole is capable of and tracks like this don’t show it.


    @bam12393 yea its easy to say fuck album sales when your not the one whos gettin the money… smh niggas think they kno wat their talkin bout

  • MoodMuzik

    Some of you idiots that say stuff like “who cares about album sales” really sound ignorant. As a fan all you do is listen to the music, but for the artist it is their JOB to make the music. They care A LOT about sales and the only time they claim they don’t is when their album flops. Rappers don’t rap for respect alone, the main reason is MONEY. Put it this way saying “who cares about album sales” is like somebody saying to you “who cares if you get a raise”. Would you care that people think you’re a good employee if you get no benefit from it? The benefit rappers get is people buying their album, they really don’t give a shit if you think they’re dope. Cole chose the rap game to make A LOT of money, he didn’t get into the game to be just “another rapper”.

  • duke1fan

    If J.Cole wants the mainstream this is the song for it you know the people on them pop radiostations will take it and play the shit out of it because this right here is mainstream type

  • N0

    Biting off Andre? Come on Cole

    And i’m not a fan of the Villematic album title. Don’t compare yourself to Nas, you got some potential- but you haven’t done shit yet to be even in the same sentence.

  • Slowbot10

    ^^Villematic is not the album title nor the mixtape title..it is the name of the song he did to that “devil in a new dress” beat…

  • Slowbot10


    And Cole already said that he has a long way to go before even being mentioned with Nas when Drake made the Nas/Cole comparison

  • Being frank..sinatra!

    Calm down,,haha why would he put effort into a referenc track?
    I Wonder if Cole knows that the blogs are feeling this….

  • kingkicks23

    sucks to be Andre Harrell

  • straightkillah

    i mean…i personally don’t like this song TOO much…( i didn’t like airplanes/love the way you lie either) but…this would get j cole a HUGE amount of exposure…i have never heard of a reference track but if it is a track where someone writes/preforms the song and sends it to another person for them to preform the song…that’s just fucking stupid…cole, dont be a dumbass…this is a dog eat dog world…

  • clyde dreskler

    holly brook is on the chorus

  • @ jammin .. dig that haha

    and dont really like this, not a cole song

  • This song is so nice it just needs to be on his album, not DIDDY’S

  • That A

    For every good Nas song, there is another shitty song right around the corner. Hate Me Now, anyone? Stop riding the Nas is the shit bus ’cause the dude made some wack shit as well.

  • team lupe

    Cole keep this!!!


    now what the fuck we have here?…oh shit! (places hands over face). you know what? I think I’m done with this A. Hole wack nigga. just when you think he couldn’t get any more embarrassing, this shit pops up. when I heard the beat and the chorus I spitted out the 40 all over my puppy pit bull which was napping by my computer (sorry Jeter). A. Hole with the lady gaga singing on this track is enough for me to stop drinking 40’s and become more involved in trying to find a cure for cancer. no wonder this nigga has about a million fuckin’ interviews out there and 3 1/2 songs. this is bad, and I mean bad meaning awful. A. Hole should of wiped his ass with this demo, got a hammer and nail the demo to the wall and throw darts at it, pull the sucker off the wall and frisbee it in the microwave, super glue it on top of his head and do a crazy legs break dance head spin… word to the rocksteady crew. A. Hole YOU WILL FAIL!

  • hyeerr

    Actually I believe this is one of the greatest cole-tracks lately, because he didn’t produce it himself and he doesn’t do the chorus – It becomes too much of the same.

  • hyeerr

    I love the last lines about the breakdance, but apart from that you’re the saddest person i’ve seen in long time. You spend time writing disses on all of J. Cole’s tracks. Come on.

  • TheShowGoesOn


    Your love interest takes interest in J.Cole right? There’s no other reasonable excuse for the hate…unless you tried to get backstage at a J.Cole show for an interview and get snuffed by security…#Shotsfired

  • bam12393

    @philadelphia & moodmuzik My point was if you focus on money alone then you aren’t putting your entire heart & soul into your music. You will be making what gets the most sales, which is what appeals to the people that listen to the radio. And what appeals to the radio is the same shit we all bitch about all day. “They really don’t give a shit if you think they’re dope”. In the same way fans don’t really give a shit how many sales they get, we just want dope music. Without dope music, with or without tons of sales, you will never be considered a great.

  • J

    At least it shows he has the ability to make those types of records, because some thought he was just this aggressive type rapper. I applaud J. Cole for this because if Diddy uses this then Cole has a Ghostwriter credit. That’s big b/c Diddy normally has ghostwriters on deck. So for him to reach out and ask J. Cole is definitely a smart business move for him.

  • We don’t need j cole mainstream. best if he just stays underground and continues to make the realest shit out there. mainstream just took wiz, dont need them taking cole too.

  • Being frank..sinatra!

    J.cole keep this beat! Im starting to think “mainstream” is just a code word for “Hit”…You seriously think j.cole trying to stay underground??smh

  • Mainstream doesn’t = sellout. Fickle ass rap fans.

  • coleworldnoblanketson

    yo if hes giving this shit out….imagine the shit that’ll make his album

  • MEKANOMiCS x101

    thank you. real talk cuz i was real sad bout cole givin track away… to him of all ppl. smh

  • SkyWalker410

    gotta love j. cole. dope music

  • HOLLY BROOK on chorus!!! Digging it!

  • mmkayy

    We don’t need j cole mainstream. best if he just stays underground and continues to make the realest shit out there. mainstream just took wiz, dont need them taking cole too.

    jordandw22 said this on October 31st, 2010 at 11:37 am

    ^ yeaa im sure thats exactly what J.Cole wants *smh

    Mainstream doesn’t = sellout. Fickle ass rap fans.

    Marly said this on October 31st, 2010 at 2:33 pm

    ^ this

  • thatdude

    what is a reference track?

  • FakirWise

    @That A must have not listened to hip hop very long, putting a woman singer on the chorus has been used always in hip hop. It usually signifies a platinum album.

  • underground

    ya’ll are dumb for sayin he needs THIS track to blow up mainstream! all he’s gotta do is do him and the rest will follow

  • FakirWise

    “Mainstream doesn’t = sellout. Fickle ass rap fans.”

    This is true. However, the word “slavery” will seem to stick there for a lot longer.

  • JPM

    Diddy wouldn’t even know what to do with this beat

  • CZ

    FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. 11/12/10.

  • FG

    I dont feel this, cuz this is not J. Cole. He needs to do it the J. Cole way.

  • MF173

    A reference track is an audio of how the song being sold is supposed to sound. This song was purchased by Puffy, but J. Cole gets writer’s credit & gets points, $$$, from sales. & no J.Cole CAN’T use this for himself…