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Kanye West - The Joy f. Pete Rock, Jay-Z, Charlie Wilson, Curtis Mayfield & KiD CuDi

blame it on Shake October 30, 2010

Click for NSFW version.

Little late on posting this but hey... it's Halloween weekend, and I live in Vegas haha. Anyways, this shit is super smooth and quite possibly my favorite G.O.O.D Friday joint to date. I'm quite sure Mek is on board with me on that too.

DOWNLOAD: Kanye West - The Joy f. Pete Rock, Jay-Z, Charlie Wilson, Curtis Mayfield & KiD CuDi | Mediafire

  • Early


  • DK

    Lol kinda late I don't blame ya friday + haloween props.



  • Ayyoo

    one of my favorites so far. beats so smooth

  • whap


  • A

    HouseShoes - The Makings .. same sample. dope joint tho

  • yeezy


  • idk

    Easily the best cover so far. Music wise, I'd put it in the top 3. This is amazing.

  • Nate86


  • jrocmosdef

    finally i thougth it was never comin

  • spoof

    no file

  • Jav

    this is doodoo..im tired of his charlie wilson features..where's legend at instead? verses are good but thats it.

  • H2H

    Finally got that Pete Rock track. Now all I need is that Premo one and I'll be happy.

  • AudioCzar

    Sweet Curtis MayField bout time they pay respect to these legends who all hundreds of times more talented than any rapper will ever be
    Ahmad Jamal,Charles Earland,Eddie Henderson sonnie Liston smith...etc the list goes on

  • pillpusha

    WOW!! I gotta agree this is one the best tracks thus far!!!

  • Casper Wordsmith

    People shouldn’t listen to the joints with Jay-Z on it, cos they may end up on Watching The Throne. And then we got moaning all over the place again, cos people already know the tracks.

  • David

    Now this is a dope good friday. Has that BP1 feel to me. I love it. I'm assuming this is a throwaway? Cause if it is, then thats too bad. And if its for "watch the throne" then before you know it, Ye' has leaked that album too.

  • pillpusha

    This is what I need in my life!!! Beats like this and RZA-produced track at the beginning of runaway!!! Some head nodding shit!!

  • kaohtix

    yeah this is super fresh
    pete rock killed it

  • 3000

    the link is busted

  • Ryan.T.

    Classic Ye!

  • markjaystrong

    Dope as fuck! Been listening to it all morning!

  • Black on Both Sides

    as in file not found :(

  • Mz. Drizzy

    2 dope boyz is late smh

    This track is soo dopeee..i like the old school vibe of it

    Mr. west = one of the goat

  • Merlin2408

    yep file not working....

  • leutrim rexhaj

    produced by the chocolate boy wonder or yeezy

  • Kareem

    This is probably Pete Rock's most un-creative sample flip/selection, lol. Still dope.

  • Rio$

    LOL @ this

  • 911

    his fixing the stream u can jus click on the hulkshare link he put same deal , its jus embeded ,,
    the "refill of the plan b " line had me laughing out the chair...

  • DonParaL

    pretty dope dark/real song this is a classic ye/jay

  • yo is that a nude pic of pam Grier she hella fine

  • dddd

    here comes the 300 comments in a hour....

  • 43Ddene


  • downloadit

    The Faculty – Art Of War (feat. The Incomparable Shakespeare)

  • 214reppin

    Fuck the song(even tho its the second best GOOD Friday track)...The highlight here is Pam Grier.

    I swear the first time I jacked off was to Coffy/Foxy Brown

    Dont judge me...or do. Idgaf

  • the download link works absolutely fine. it's just the embed that's acting up.

  • Banks >>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Clyde Dreskler

    (initiates Google image search)
    (masturbates furiously)
    (apologizes to co-workers)
    (closes door)
    (masturbates furiously)

  • truth.

    Are niggas really hating on this....
    Yall motherfuckers just dont know what you want.
    Theres no pleasing hip-hop fans.

  • Shits dope, only flaw is Pete Rock continuously repeating "Pete Rock...Kanye...1,2" over and ove at the end.

  • downloadit

    Inception DVDRiP XviD-ARROW

  • this guy said "tho the jewlerys Egyptian know the hungers Ethiopian" thats dope

  • Michael Knight

    lovin this shit

  • downloadit

    The Social Network DVD - Streaming

  • a movie and a kanye and jay z track ...aaah the joys of this site...

  • Alteez

    Pete already used this sample on Soul Survivor 2, but there's no way I can hate on Pete's production. Still can't stand Kanye, but I'm glad Pete's getting some shine from Ye and Jay.

  • Tom

    he just can't rap without features, take a look at joe budden mood muzik 4. he just got the features on a few songs, not EVERY song.

  • JaySole

    Fresh joint for a smooth cruisin

  • D. $cience

    9th Wonder>Pete Rock>Flying Lotus @ sampling Curtis Mayfield

    This is still one of the best G.O.O.D. Fri...er Saturday tracks. My favorites are So Appalled, Devil In A New Dress, and this track...the rest are okay for free music. Something still tells me that My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (f*** that title) will be 808's and Heartbreak with more rapping on it. Maybe...

  • mahleekdrayke

    @ $cience, i couldn't agree more with what you just said. that dark fantasy track is really solid though.

  • mahleekdrayke

    kanye can rap without features..are serious? college drop. and late registration.

  • this is the best one.

  • Digital crack vol 23 -- Google it --- Strongest Hip Hop Mix Ever made..

  • This is ..ooOOOOH WeeeeEEEEE

  • "This beat deserves Hennessy, a bad bitch and a bag of weed the Holy Trinity
    in the mirror where I see my only enemy,
    your life’s cursed, well mine’s an obscenity"


  • Kanye’s The G.O.A.T.

    Tyga killed the So Appalled track. He went the hardest.

  • leutrim rexhaj

    this should be on the album

  • Big545

    pete rock.Yes

  • TheShowGoesOn

    This is undeniable! Jay-z will forever be the G.O.A.T.

  • IllicitMC

    Where was Cudi and Charlie Wilson on that track?

  • damus

    if common would have rapped on this track too it woulda been best of the year.

  • damus

    lol @ Tom trying to compare Joe Budden and Kanye.. that shit is like comparing High School and Pros. cmon

  • will

    dl not working?

  • facebook.com/newton.antony?v=wall

  • ZZZ

    Pete Rock Killed it ! nice boobs, KANYE Goes HARD !!!!!!

  • ttoooo

    man i love this sample but gotta say the labratz flipped the beat nicer

  • Young Dub

    yes,yes,yes, thats how you win!!! this track is 2dooooooope!

  • Black on Both Sides

    whats with all the spam today?

  • dope, this fits jay- z... reminds me of the first blueprint

  • Being frank…sinatra!!!

    I bet shake picks up local vegas prostitutes....smh shake you cant find love in vegas,get outta there now, runaway as fast as you can!!!! Go to Rome and find you a nice girl, get married, have a beautiful family..ok??

  • Being frank…sinatra!!!

    @damus: you calling joe budden a rookie compared to ye?? Guess I can't relate

  • danny_

    Jay-Z's verse was the best.

  • jay

    pete rock brought the soul is it just me or does soulful tracks fit jay-z and kanye way better than other beats dope track tight curtis mayfield sample

  • Yo....i swear....i dont think people realize how historic this song is.....Pete Rock & Jay-Z .....amazing...The only thing that would of made this song absolutely bananas and a real instant classic is a verse from Common....

  • @ jay
    exactly. it's sad that Jay-Z doesn't stick to this type of beat. He sounds very comfortable on it unlike ie Monster where he sounded senile.
    this song is great though. no one can be mad about this one. it's not groundbreaking. it's hip hop and that's what's great about it.

  • yeahnnik

    curtis mayfield <3
    nice track

  • LyFZ_a_bitch_n_then_u_die

    Dope song.G.O.A.T?hell no.

  • I'am about to smoke a blunt to this joint.kanye always on point

  • thewiz


  • shakespenissize

    this track is alright

  • danielthemartian


  • shakespenissize

    and when is cudi on it just the "uh huh"?


    Damn man, one of the best tracks in the series.

  • TheShowGoesOn

    Dear Jay-z,

    That was dope. Now don't ever let Kanye "Run This Town" you again. My heart wouldn't be able to take it.

  • Anthony Bell


  • me


  • drew

    this shit is so fucking smooth...sounds like old ye. i love it.

  • paperstacks

    with kanye on a streak fresh off an album, pete rock, and hov... this is the BEST they can do? come onn son

  • sahlay

    this joint is niceness. track is so smooth.

  • this is stupid smooth one of the best GOOD Friday releases yet

  • vlado

    DOPE!!! pete rock...

  • NY+

    you can't even be mad at this...how can anyone complain?

  • kofstar

    Pretty sick.

  • Amp

    Does the link work for anybody??

  • AXE

    "she's in her birthday suit cuz of the damn cake" fucking sick

  • BE E.Z

    Love it when Jay flows like that

  • JM

    best GOOD Friday track to date, and easily my favourite thing coming out of 'ye

  • Mohammed

    90's Hip Hop ish. Amazing song. Pete Rock on the boards. Reminds of the golden era. Love it.

  • 1

    defo the best good friday to date

  • Clap!!!

    Jigga + Yeezy + Curtis on the hook + Pete Rock beats = I can die now.

  • @ChicanoSD

    #101 Jay go hard

  • straightkillah

    People shouldn’t listen to the joints with Jay-Z on it, cos they may end up on Watching The Throne. And then we got moaning all over the place again, cos people already know the tracks.

    Casper Wordsmith said this on October 30th, 2010 at 1:42 pm


    ...dammit...wish i made that connection 2 hours ago...*plays song for the 63rd time*

  • bam89

    Although this Sample was used twice already, its a cool track.

  • SargeWP

    this one of the weaker good friday tracks to be honest...

  • Iamthenewblack

    i guess i'm in the minority about this song, probably because I;m a Mayfield head, I don't like how that used that sample, it made sense with the sound but just not the meaning. There were a couple hot lines here and there but otherwise the verses were ordinary. One of my least favorite G.o.o.D. Friday leaks

  • I'm fuckin wit this

  • james

    This is too ill. Really nice vibe with this track.

  • this shit put a nigga to sleep

  • Ryuk

    Great fucking song.

  • Fuckin rad.
    Who else is glad they didn't speed up the sample after the intro like most niggas do cause I am.

  • NY+

    I love you, Pam.

  • hiphop

    Hip-Hop fans are the worse! I really hate you niggas. You ask for this, you get it, and you bitch about it. I'm done, I'm just going to adios my body with somebodies toast.

  • VL

    This is real hip-hop. More songs should be more like this. (Smooth/Laid back).

  • Wundrus

    9th Wonder>Pete Rock>Flying Lotus @ sampling Curtis Mayfield
    This is still one of the best G.O.O.D. Fri…er Saturday tracks. My favorites are So Appalled, Devil In A New Dress, and this track…the rest are okay for free music. Something still tells me that My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (f*** that title) will be 808’s and Heartbreak with more rapping on it. Maybe…
    D. $cience said this on October 30th, 2010 at 3:01 pm

  • AMV

    Jigga man...and Yeezy...if you haven't figured out by now that yo ass needs to makes 1000 more songs like this with (yourself Kanye)pete rock, premier, and or no id....then you u, u sir are truly insane. This is the best anyone has heard from the both of you in the last 8 years. The BOOOTH OF YOUUUUUS GUYS.

  • cmbanks13

    new bishop lamont Rain producer by dr.dre

  • definitely one of the best ones from Yeezy's recent drops. Verses were on point and its good to hear a Kanye/Pete Rock collab. Mad soulful.

  • Knox

    Its a great track.
    But what was the point of putting Cudi's name when he said like 3 words?. Lmao

    I would've liked a cudi verse, cause he's a smooth artist.

  • Pam Grier is one of the greatest of all time...OF ALL TIME!!!

  • hmmop

    can someone post a download link?

  • NEW LINK???

  • @you can’t even be mad at this…how can anyone complain?

    lol right - todays new breed will bitch about anything and everything - nobody takes shit at face value and enjoy shit for what it is....

  • OPP

    link got fucked up <.<

  • Kamikaze

    "The jewels are Egyptian but the hunger's Ethiopian."

    Toooo sick. I want Common on this. Or Talib.

  • and i want this song but i can't download it lol

  • thetruth

    go to kanyes website..type in a fake email and click download...