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  • Ellio


  • xb

    i am honestly tired of rappers putting these symbols on shit and don't even study or no what the mean. guess they wanna look cool

  • dro

    keep coming with that cap d and all natural. I'm sure Cap D knows about that symbol, he was a Professor at Chicago State

  • Tyree


    Are you fucking retarded? I hope anyone in their right mind can figure out what those symbols are. Infinity.

  • Faulken

    Cap D is one of the MOST UNRATED MC's out of Chicago!!!!

  • Faulken


  • Ellio


  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com BillyClintBackwood

    lol the cover aint actually that complicated...

    peace sign, turntables (music) , mic (voice, rap , music), dollar sign (money) , ying and yang, book (bible, knowledge), handshake (peace,), family, fairness (justice), musical note, islam , cant figure out the last one haha


  • areader

    ditto tyree.... I cant see any illuminati references...brother ali aint on that tip

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com BillyClintBackwood

    ^as long as its a symbol ninjas get all bamboozled have flash backs of youtube videos and the davinchi code n start hollerin illuminati

  • http://2dopeboyz.com forgetaboutit


  • http://www.allnaturalhiphop.com cap D

    @ BillyClintBackwood - the last one is education (no illuminati)

  • Z

    haha you guys are crazy haha illuminati everything eh.

    The man started the song with "Bismillah hirahman ir raheem" which mean i begin in the name of Allah .

  • http://facebook.com/kriMzin88 kriMzin

    teh beat is bananaz!!!...well what do you expect from !llmind..all i can say is...LIVE FROM THE TAPEDECK!!!...forget cap D, Skyzoo is the future