• lol

    shake who is in this picture?

  • http://www.imthatdude.com fulltimeboss

    why didnt my first comment register, weak

  • ducks


    Lady Gaga

  • RealHipHopHead

    Thanks, Shake. Was waiting for you to put this back up. Us RnB lovers appreciate it.

  • danielthemartian

    lady gaga is galapagos turtle


    Is that really Lady gaga in the pic???

  • Js

    Where's the Jamie foxx song you mentioned? It's not up as one of the links. Thanks Shake

  • snow

    haha shake listens to "saturday night" before he goes out every weekend.

  • dopeboySMOOTHY

    WTF? why is a MAN on the smoothing session cover this week? you might as well of posted Ye's cock pic as the cover.

  • nito

    Saturday night is catchy to bad its a chick song

  • B


  • http://Shyguy Shy

    "lady gaga is galapagos turtle"

  • txican

    shakira shakirrra

  • GR

    That Ne-yo song had the same sample as an MF Doom track. I think...

  • ***********************

    haha that shits impressive

  • http://www.firewalkwithme.com OhYa

    I wanna see Lady Gaga's TITS!

  • D

    A lot of repressed gay energy in the c-section today.

  • Clap!!!

    How about the nsfw version of that pic?

  • Mike

    yeah i def dont see the jamie foxx u mentioned

  • http://twitter.com/thenewam Truth

    this shit is never soothing. i hate rnb now days.... everyone is too rap or to pop. and rap is too pop.. i dunno....

    i was happy to see all that johnta austin in there, but even he disappointed this week....

  • http://www.arugqkzawyvz.com Ned Klingelhoefer

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