• han

    killa pic

  • http://twitter.com/prophet0fProfit @Prophet0fProfit


  • http://twitter.com/prophet0fProfit @Prophet0fProfit

    now im thrid

  • Ellio

    ...and a comment on the actual track: shit knocks!

  • jet

    i love the lox...but sometimes sheek disappoints me -___-

  • http://www.soundclick.com/blett B_Lett

    This is more like the kind of beat Roman's Revenge needed. This actually goes hard.

  • http://www.freeones.com lisa

    Not bad at all, little cheesy though


    only thing you missing is the glitter

  • Tom

    he said waddup like joe budden

  • Harvey S

    Jada looks like an old man....

  • ck47

    lmao @ Jada's verse

  • sunlargeinc

    LMAO did dude really say i keep tha nick cannon no mariah

  • TheShowGoesOn

    Styles P always snaps!

  • LBCaliKush

    downloaded this mixtape a couple weeks ago. sh*t is fire. "my best customers is soulja boy and ricky hatton" Jada is a beast.