Trey Songz - Aston Martin Music (Trigga Mix)

Guess who's bizaaack. #lemmeholdatbeat.

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  • T0KS!


  • thisisviiic


  • skeeze

    hot garbage

  • skeeze

    hot garbage

  • Mz.Drizzy

    wtf...drake's verse > trey's

  • GangGang&J.E.T.S FOO!

    ghost of shake. U used the word wrong. It's who's. Whose is possessive. Eg. Whose shirt is this?

  • Andrew

    whoaaa trey songz rappin??? 8.5/10

  • yep

    ^^^Trey songz has been rappin dude

  • TheShowGoesOn

    This here wack.

  • Navario

    This shit right here is dope fuck what y'all hater talking bout

  • My Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall

    Which One Of Yall!?!?? Want Tunaaaaaa Saladddddddd Yeaaaaaa!

  • Ran$om

    bout time trigga got back on his mixtape shit!

  • red

    Cosign Ran$om I need something good for my lady.

  • what

    lemme hold at beat?

  • assasin9

    thi shit goes in, love the way he sang over the original of drake and chrisette


    Paris Morton>>>>>>

    Trey can be ill sometimes thou

  • YoDaddy

    man destroying a classic

  • sugarmomma

    Who will be the next lucky dog?
    _____ SUGAR MOMMADATE * C 0 M _____

  • ken i kickit

    I think he killed the shit. not as good as Paris Morton Music but I'll take it over Aston Martin Music.

  • Wheelchair Jimmy

    My boy is back.

  • quickV

    i enjoyed this. while i like drake's part on aston, i don't like rick ross. don't really even listen to trey songz or drake; but this was pretty cool.

  • varap

    This is great, you guys are retarded.

  • luvlife

    Trey killed this. Mixtape Trey>>> Album Trey. Always

  • Feeny

    This took time, but the end result is ima jam it.

  • StuntinAllDay

    I fucks with this

  • Arman

    good good, but Drake's verse better

  • skateboardt

    better than the original yall niggaz dumb


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