NFL Predictions (Week 8)

We're already eight weeks into the NFL season? Damn, this season is too short and too fast. Anyways, the key matchups look to be Pittsburgh against New Orleans and Houston and Indianapolis, with Brett Favre fighting to save face with the Vikings. Schedule down bottom. Per usual, the (2)Dope Madden League is on again this

J. Cole - I'm Coming Home [Demo]

I wonder if Andre Harrell knew how great that I would be when he fired me? Reference track for Diddy's Last Train (Wreck) to Paris. DOWNLOAD: J. Cole - I'm Coming Home | Mediafire

Kanye West Finishes Album

Click to enlarge. While we wait for tonight's G.O.O.D Friday track, Kanye revealed that he's put the final touches on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. So I guess that means we can expect an album leak sometime soon? Regardless, be sure to hit the store (or iTunes) on November 22nd and support.