Jamie Foxx – Fall For Your Type f. Drake [Dirty/CDQ]

blame it on Shake November 1, 2010

I know more than a few folks were waiting for this one. Shouts to Splash.

DOWNLOAD: Jamie Foxx – Fall For Your Type f. Drake | Mediafire

  • ko


  • ko

    damn thats a coincidnce. don’t even care bout this song lol

  • Ripper

    Somebody farted in that picture

  • Muthafuckaaa the opposition.

    The only difference between this & the clean is the word shit.

  • artichoke

    I assume by saying folks Shake means females.

  • Louie Valles


    Drake’s resume of artists he wrote for is getting ridiculous. Jamie Foxx carried it all too well, though. He’s definately one of the most slept on artists to date.

  • Shoop

    Are they having a staring contest in that pic? Anyway I like this song.

  • six

    shit is trash..hey jaime u supposed to make uptempo club banger like blame it with drake not a ballad with him rapping

  • this sounds better than when i first heard it for some reason…..

  • nasirjones

    J. Cole Friday Night Lights November 12th

    Cole world no blanket son.


    “Somebody farted in that picture” – LMAO

  • Well they both starin at “trigga”, So we know whos takin it up the ass. Drake shouldt kept this one for his self. @ least they tryin

  • DontGetIt

    Drake kinda murders this.

    I’m sick of people hating on Drizzy, is he a little limited in his subject matter? Sure. But listen to his “Aston Martin Music” verse and tell me the kid can’t spit, he bodies that verse and rides that beat better than anyone else in the game could, I think that once he gets back with 9th and starts to diversify from the Noah “40” Shebib/Boi 1-Da sound we’re gonna see what he really can do.



    Niggas gone hate regardless, so you just wasted your time typing that lol

  • MoodMuzik

    Friday Night Lights dropping the 12th? Who told you that info cause J. Cole is like C.I.A. secretive about his music for some odd reason.

  • You

    OMG i just creamed in my panties at this pic mmmmmmmmm

  • nasirjones

    ^ Coles twitter

  • MoodMuzik

    ^^ Yea just saw that he tweeted it. I knew it would have had to come from him cause Cole is top secret with his shit. lol

  • Don’t worry about it

    In each of their minds…

    Drake: He’s cute.
    Trey: He’s cute.
    Jaime: I’m finna set this 3some off.

  • kidadonis

    I just don’t understand why he wrote the ENTIRE song but decided not to sing it too? It’s like Drake featuring Drake….

  • MoodMuzik

    Just noticed how really strange that pic is. I know it was probably some kind of funny moment when it was taken but it just looks very suspect. Especially if you consider the 3 guys that are in the picture. lol

  • Mz.Drizzy

    i like it..but i’m still waiten on the drake demo that he’s puttin out

  • Shy

    drake 1 min reference kills this.

  • Mz.Drizzy


  • shook

    ayo, that’s suspect. specially jamie.

  • George Clooney

    The only way you could really listen this shit more than once is if you either

    a) had something to do with making it or

    b) don’t have a dick

  • yMoNey

    yo Mz. Drizzy some drake fans like Cole so speak for urself..

    drake & Cole takin over 2010-2011

  • Punisher

    no Shake I don’t think anybody was waiting was this Drake and Jamie Foxx are both hot garbage

  • My Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall

    3 of the gayest dudes eva

  • mrbabyhands

    cats gazing lovingly into each others eyes n shit

  • I do like Drake’s verse better, but I fux wit Jamie on slow R&B, so this’ll get a few spins on the rooftop deck when the Main-chick comes over.

    The side chick gets the Drizzy reference version

  • JBoogie

    Shake and Meka real late with that Friday Night Lights.

  • anna

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    I can assure you that your will be happy here.

  • prince

    @Don’t worry about it LMFAO thts exactly wht it looks like
    drake shouldnt write for other ppl i always prefer him singin it and WTF?? jaime sounds exactly like him

  • One of these doesn’t belong.

  • J.Cole Lost Again

    J.Cole Lost Again ………………!

    Drake Keep Winning………!

    Damn I Keep Saying 2 myself do anybody know J.Cole But his Underground Fans!!!!

    J.Cole Dropping Another Mixtape ??????????

    Damn, Wheres The Album Player ?????

    Damn It Is Really A Cool World !!!!!

    Ha !

    J.Cole Ain’t Neva Coming Out…………..!


  • nito

    lenny kravits would sound dope on the hook damn they should make something together

  • yaaaaa beeeitch

    should let trey sing this shit if he was going to let anybody

  • RichCITY510

    This song is dope, why are people hating the Jamie version? Drake is cool but I’m digging Jamie’s vocal range.

  • m

    Ok, here’s what i want, Drake first verse from the reference track, Jamie’s second verse, and Drake verse from this all rolled into one.

    someone needs to make this happen

  • word

    suck my dick ohhhhh uhhhhhh yes.

  • There’s so much hate in here that this song must be a hit…

  • panoble

    this picture looks mad gay

  • lanko

    first one to smile has to kiss jamie !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • billy joe


    merge this with the one drake made, just Drake only
    no jamie foxx if possible

  • Good to see that Jamie Foxx isn’t whoring himself out anymore like he did with blame it on the akkahol. Wait. You mean latching onto a popular act regardless of talent just for the mere fact that they’re popular IS whoring yourself?!!?

    Well. There goes that….

  • NY+

    Both version are straight. Wish I didnt have the rap, every r&b song doesnt need a rap. Shouldve switched it up and went uptempo or something more creative to close it out instead of the now cliche 3rd verse rap ender. Still good tho.

  • blue star unniversee :)

    jamiee foxx and drake in thiss song is a good combo ii-love thiss sonqq and its the truthh. :)

  • yorkiepooh

    HEYY!! Yall did great i <3 this song it makes me think about a lot of thngs. I love yall =)