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Kev – Ghosts & Stuff (rmx) (Video)

blame it on Shake November 1, 2010

The Lost Soundz Crew member puts together some visuals to his Deadmau5 remix.

  • D.r.e.a.m.s

    this dude sounds like a weak, fresh prince rappin ass faggot. no offense. where is his flow. make a difference in hip hop? somebody needs to give travis barker his look back

  • justsayin

    this is a poor excuse for labelling your “shit” a deadmau5 remix. gtfoh.

  • seriously this is wack as fuck. Leave this deadmau5 track alone

  • Coke

    hahahahahaha the new Admiral Crumple right here.

  • BrotherQualit

    he done fucked up ghost n stuff ………Hiphop leave those deadmau5 tracks alone!!!! Or @ least sample a good part or spit some descent shit on it

    I’m a (underground) hiphop head but I like deadmau5’s tracks how they are……I dont need too hear weak as rappers over them, when im in de club

  • seb

    terrible… just terrible

  • Word to your momma

    this is really bad. wtf

  • milly

    leave it to shake to support the whitetrash scene rappers

  • ag

    This made me queezy

  • kashsioadhsihdxsj

    wow…………absolutely terrible….my five year old brother can rhyme better than this dude.

  • basick

    this dude is mad LAME bad look for VEGAS

  • RichCITY510

    I’m going to say again GARBO, I heard Shake knew the guy so he had to post it up. Deaumau5 should use his big mask to kill him.

  • K.O

    this muthafuckas terrible..haha. what the fucks this doin up on 2dopeboyz????? ruined a good deadmau5 song!!!

  • shakes a faggot

    he only posts this queers music cuz they suck each other off in real life

  • lol @the comments ,
    me tjinks kev has some haters,

    i hope none of u haters are wiz fans…cos dis da same ish!