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Mac Miller – Trippin’ Out

blame it on Meka November 1, 2010

I thought he was gonna rhyme over the old Curtis Mayfield sample, a la Camp Lo, but alas he isn’t.

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  • mason j

    1ST and i must say i rather listen too BLACKHIPPY AND TDE

  • GREEDh.n.i.c.

    This the best I heard this lil bastard spit. I was just about to say whats with all the no talent backpack rap that gets posted here but I kinda like this it was different.

  • SKHipHop

    *ft. Jennifer Hudson & Lupe Fiasco.

  • SKHipHop

    Also, it’s produced by NO I.D.!

  • Whoa mac miller droppin acid in this bitch

  • GREED mac miller is whats up

  • DickVomit

    doubt this dude does acid.

  • red

    People still think this kid is average? If you don’t get it yet then you must be an old man.
    On a lighter note, I can’t wait to get a blunt session going to this.

  • theFlagAmerican

    you doubt he does acid? wat does an acid popper look like a hippe from the 70s? stupid as hell

  • WTF.

  • GREEDh.n.i.c.

    Dude this guy is ok from what I have heard, but the peeps on here got gall to call Big Sean mediocre or over-rated then someone gonna tell me this guy is dope. C’mon son gtfoh. I have friends that work at fed ex thats doper than this kid

  • truthbtold

    macs wack


    Best freshmen rapper out right now. Son is killing the weed rap game. wiz faglifa who?

  • GREEDh.n.i.c.

    Dude I hate to break it to you guys but just because these guys are better than Gucci and Wacka dont make them dope. Have you guys actually listened to Black and Yellow ? The song is cool but what did he say on it that was ear catching? I am a lil older than most of you guys (I AM NOT 30 YET THOI!!) and I just remember when you had to actually be able to rap. MOST of these clowns in the game now suck balls. I know too many people that can really rap to chase mediocre music. Shit if this site would post some underground rap we might hear some people that could be the next Kanye or Nas or whoever.

  • Not a Curtis Mayfield sample.

    But a dope-ass Heatwave song.
    I used to love that record.

  • jojoba

    I have to say this guy is straight ‘meh’ dont know why Wiz cosigned him. His flow is similar to Curious from back in the day. Nodody is saying that Curious is ‘going in’ so why all the hype about this guy.

  • aspeezy

    this is a sample from the ole skool group HEATWAVE-start of the story, i knew i heard it somewhere.

  • SwishasNKush

    actually not bad, so much better then his KIDS mixtape. i can stand this but is it the CLEAN VERSION?? lol beat at the end sounds all sci-fi

  • ^^^ *The Star of A Story*

    Love that track, always wanted to sample it. This is good music.

  • Raz Fresco produced this? Haha…niiiceee.

  • I have to say this guy is straight ‘meh’ dont know why Wiz cosigned him
    cos wiz is “meh” too..he spits JUST AS GOOD as WIZ
    lyrically bar for bar..ur just hating apparently for no reason. if im wrong please post sum great wiz lyrics that blows this guy out the water.

    Dont worry…ill wait. -_-

  • actually not bad, so much better then his KIDS mixtape
    this is actually on par with the stuff he spat on the mixtape. did u actually listen to the whole thing? and im not even a mad fan of mac miller just callin out bs when i see it.

    ive noticed people be sayin this/he/she is rubbish then cosign sum1 just as bad but becasue they fit their “brand” they say said rapper is the greatest in the world

  • High guy

    gonna spark a fat blunt tooo thiss !!

  • GREEDh.n.i.c.

    @BillyClintBackwood : I know your not talking abput me. I think Wiz, Currency, Mac Miller, all these niggaz is just avarage. They are ok but nothing special. Sorry if one of these guys gets your dick hard but like I said before there are too many niggaz I know baggin groceries that would embarrass any one of these guys. You cant tell me any of these guys is better than Lupe. Thats a backpack rapper that has far too much talent unlike these guy.

  • Ryuk

    Its apples and oranges. Spitta is dope in a completely diff. way than Lu is. I enjoy both, but comparing them is damn near impossible.

  • Nes

    Smif-N-Wessun – All About The Cash

  • GREEDh.n.i.c. <no i wasnt talkin bout u fyi. and co sign ur statement.

  • Nes

    Correction: “Nuttin’ Move But Da Money”*

  • b

    thats cool and all that people at FedEx spitt better than this kid, but they have no fucking hustle… talent only gets you so far and then you meet someone working 100x harder than you and they are going to leave you and your “talent” in the fucking dust i’ll take hustle > fedEx any day

  • GREEDh.n.i.c.

    @Ryuk: So who would you compare these guys to? If a rapper is not a standout you cant put them in theyre own categories. I could see if I compared these guys to Game per say. But I chose someone who is lyrically just plain and simply better. Look I dont care about artists that are druggies and use these drugs to make songs, thats what I call someone who wants to escape reality. Look if you smoke weed and or do acid and these guys do too so you feel obligated to like them then say so. But dont tell me he is dope and when I compare him to a real rapper tell me thats not fair. That my friend is a double standard. These the same niggaz tellin me officer Ricky sucks because he had a bad job and lied about it. Look I am not even that big a Ross fan but he would destroy Mack Miller or Wizz and not by eating them either. He is just a better rapper than them.

  • kurbstomp

    don’t front like this isn’t fresh you herbs…

  • GREEDh.n.i.c.

    @b: Ok put it like this I DONT CARE HOW MUCH HUSSLE YOU HAVE! If your an ok rapper get a ghost writer there are plenty out there. Some of the people I mentioned dont even want to rap. My point is those guys are mediocre at best is my point. I can and used to rap better than lil B but I dont want to try to bolster a talent that is not my strongest, hence I am leaving to the pro’s. Some of these guys should do the same. And some of the other guys are so young you prolly will hear some of theyre noise in the future.

  • red

    What do you mean you don’t care about hustle? Example: I can be a great architect building rudimentary projects that never see the light of day in my room, or I could go to school, work my ass off, become certified and build structures for everyone to see.

    Hustle is such a big part of life, especially with the over-saturation of everything (not just hip hop). The only thing separating the top tier from the tier below it is hustle. If you have rhymes and hustle then go for it (take a look at Kendrick Lamar). Getting yourself out there is tough, but with all the options for exposure people have these days there’s no excuse other than you didn’t hustle.

  • GREEDh.n.i.c.

    @red: I understand what your point is it doesnt excuse lackluster. Even with hustle you still have to be able to rap.

  • stupidgreedy

    if I catch him alone, that my gold chain.

  • GREEDh.n.i.c.

    Sorry about the grammar tho peeps. There are real rappers like Buddens, Lupe ,Game, shit even Curt Jack. I’m done on this I have heard all the famous sayings like ” it aint the skill of the man its the will of the man” but dude just because you get your shot and make the most of it dont mean you should have got the shot in the first place. And for the record the song is cool, but he is in no way a good or great rapper. He is ok, ok athletes dont make it so why should ok rappers. When we let mediocre people linger that is why people keep saying hip hop is dead. And also depending on where you live its not about hustle. Yeah there is the net but being from some places you will not even get a look. East coast peeps even peeps in the Chi still have it easier than people in the west coast everyone thinks that Cali is all LA, when that couldnt be further from the truth, just an example say your mind but GREED is done.

  • cosign @ stupidgreedy. He had a show around my way last night, but i wasnt finna give dis my money. fuck that

  • SkyWalker410

    okay this is decent…definitely feeling the vibe and beat of it
    best shit ive heard from him ima download play while burnin

  • red

    Hip hop dies when people pay attention to shit, not average.Mac Miller is bringing back awesome samples, and kicking rhymes that people are chilling to. Mac might end up on people’s iPods and Zunes, but he won’t be taking over the radio and the clubs like Gucci Flocka da Man.
    I guess what I’m trying to build on is that Mac Miller has a lot of hustle, he’s got the proper cosigns, and while he’s not great he’s making feel good music. He isn’t hurting hip hop (at least in my eyes), I don’t think anyone is hurting hip hop. It’s up to the listener to look for what they need.
    Take a look through your music library, you’ll see that hip hop is alive and kicking.

  • GREEDh.n.i.c.

    @ red: Good shit my nigga I respect.

  • Grade A

    yall hate cuz hes white. bottom line. anyone who isnt feelin the kid is a racist. there is no reason to not enjoy his mmusic unless ur too busy worrying about his ski9n colour

  • ^ if u say so…*sigh*

  • GREEDh.n.i.c.

    @Grade A: I knew some white guy that thinks any white guy that can put bars together was a good rapper was gonna say something. Look I used to like Em I was actually the first person I know to fuck wit him. I got hella white friends, look dude just cause everyone wants to be black dont mean they can do the shit we do. I said the song was good. This guy is not elite if you think he is I can already tell what kind of music you listen to. Dude I dont give a fuck if your black white man woman or a fuckin martian if some white guys can spit Iron Soloman gets down. Its not my fault he is mediocre, you sound like the kinda dick head that would say Toby Gehrheart is as good as Adrian Peterson. Look I know white people dont wanna admit it but we do some things better you guys do somethings better. We fuck bitches play sports and make music, while you guys run the country into the ground and figure out how your gonna take advantage of the next nation on your list. Im just being smugg but he is an ok rapper at best deal with it.

  • hmmop

    why does every rapper gotta be the lyrical master? ppl like wiz cuz they can chill and have a good time to his shit. ppl listen to Em cuz they wanna hear some skillful shit. the logic should be rather “what does he bring to the table” i hear new shit everyday that’s just as good as the so called golden era. its just that 90’s dick riders thinks its blasphemy to say that todays artist has the potential to be as good at ppl from back in the day

  • ThatKidRawr

    This kid is dope and lets leave it at that. If you like wiz and hate Mac your just retarded because they are basically the same lyrically, except Mac has been waaaaay better than wiz lately.

  • Jon

    Well in my opinion i think Mac Miller is sick. He does sounds like Wiz, but the old wiz which is pretty much gone now since hes gone so commercial. i mean whats up with the song black and yellow? yeah its got that catchy hook that everyone thinks about as soon as they hear thos two words but did u hear what he raps about? he spends his whole first verse talking about a damn camaro? lol wtf is that about. wiz isnt hungry no more, but mac miller is. Mac miller drops fat beats with good lyrics thats what rappings all about. Listen to nikes on my feet now thats something to bob your head too.

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  • @FUCKMYLIFE: Mac miller & wiz are on the same label you dumb fuck hahahaha lmfao

  • millis

    @GREEDh.n.i.c. no one wants to be black