• http://emdinger195.blogspot.com Evan

    This is dope, good for her.

  • 4H20M to Houston

    Eh. Doesn't sound right without Drake's chorus alongside her's.

  • http://onsmash six

    drakes chorus is on there lol

  • http://americanlinks.info/info.dircula?about=22554 Red Kangol

    Good Sound, glad to see she's still doin her ting.

  • 4H20M to Houston

    @six lol my bad. I didn't listen to the full song and assumed the rest would just be her.

  • http://sdfwefEWG john

    rihannas gonna do this too on her album on the song "love the way you lie part II"

  • The Situation

    Do we have a situation here?

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/luccascarlos Luccas

    fuck it, I'm doing a remix of this too, haha. I'm brazilian

  • SoCoolCurt

    damn i mess with this for real. a nice take on an already tight track.

  • Blackaristocrat

    This is tight. I just wish she had done her own version of Nas song "Still Dreaming"....

  • DK

    Her music is almost always dope one of my favorite female R&B artist