Bobby V – Alter Ego f. 50 Cent

blame it on Shake November 3, 2010

Behind-the-scenes footage from the video shoot can be found up top.

DOWNLOAD: Bobby V – Alter Ego f. 50 Cent | Mediafire

  • nito

    i cant get jiggy to this shit

  • craigRmani


  • is that tahiry?

  • six

    pinky ass clap like woah..shit is tough stop hatin its for the bitches

  • 8that4u

    curtis back to snappin on trax – he needs to rap @ that tempo and re-invent himself !

  • either 50 Cent is alot taller than I realized or Bobby V is alot shorter…

  • NikkiNiks

    Fuck 50

  • Chuck

    is bobby valentino signed to g unit now?

    why would 50 cent be working with him otherwise? has his stock really fallen so low?

  • royalSTATUS

    50 is funny as fuck haha. bitches are ugly as fuck though.. they look more of a gorilla than 50 does

  • j.a.i.

    Its called putting his name out there he’s been gone for a minute so now he’s getting on every feature he can

  • Chuck

    gone for a while so do features for artists who don’t have much buzz or aren’t highly respected? stop reaching for far fetched reasons to defend him. did you see hov or kanye do some random shit like this when they were making a comeback?

    50 has never been much of a features guy anyway, most of them were for shady/aftermath/g-unit artists. only a few exceptions to that.

  • Chuck I guess it was cool for lil wayne to do it or fab…stop it five

  • Musikfiend

    Pinky is waaaayyyy past her prime, lol.

  • forreal

    haha who still like pinky?

  • Reality1989

    Pinky is past her prime but I’ll still watch her shake her ass!!!

  • Smitty

    I don’t think i can clap my hands that loud…(tries it)…nope just as i figured pinky’s ass clap is louder than the one i can do with my hands. (tries again for reassurance)…smh

  • MrWIll

    What’s funny is that 50 can barely find any noteworthy artists that want to work with him (sans Kanye’s recent interview). So he’s forced to work with the Jeremih, Bobby Valentino and Soulja Boy. The B-list.

  • RichCITY510

    Gorillas my nigga? You must not like women or have fucked up eyes.