• antihero

    Fire! eminem, andre3000, danny brown and soul khan on the same tape. thats my kinda shit

  • Nickolas Reid

    this tape is real dope.. i had to wait till i heard it, but its ill ya'll. cop this.

  • yugang

    ^^dont forget kendrick lamar is on here too.

    Good ass mashup of dope mcs

  • yugang

    files are corrupted cant play none of the songs re-up PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  • David

    Crooked I, Ghostface, K Sparks, Common, Styles P, and Mac Miller DOPE!

  • confused?

    yo can anyone tell me why it asks for a password to unzip the files?
    and/or provide the password,

  • http://www.twitter.com/criticalhype DJ Critical Hype

    yo yugang & confused...

    which link did u download? should be working fine and theres no passwords

  • confused?

    i did the usershare one,
    ill try the mediafire then

  • http://www.djtrackstar.com Trackstar the DJ


  • YoungCosby

    Links not working, please fix!

  • Geebo

    nah - not working for me either (tried both usershare and mediafire). track 1 opens up, but can't extract the rest..... plllllllease re-up, looks quality!

  • http://www.wordsmithmusic.com Wordsmith

    Dope tape from my homie Critical Hype

  • http://Twitter.com/MithritadesHD MithritadesHD

    Shake where's the Mediafire link,both links are Usershare,I'm not demanding anything,just inquiring....I know u like twitter rants,don't think I'm demanding anything,just asking.

  • Rodno

    This is fresh... I can't wait to hear what Critical Hype is going to do with Mr. Green's beats

  • SNFbeats

    it says deleted.. smh