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Shyne – Israel Freestyle (Video)

blame it on Meka November 3, 2010

I can easily say something about this video, but there’s really no need to do so at this point. Props to Young Sav.

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  • PJ

    So basically everything he just said goes against lots of what he’s ‘supposed’ to believe in.. weaksauce Shynestein

  • Juice101

    so you want a rude boi HAAAAA!!!

  • BudCorleone

    I finally get to see him do this shit with a straight face

  • DayO

    *runs ouside in laughter*
    ooohhohohho man im glad i clicked play!!

  • I really havent heard a song from him that is talkin about what he is now supposed to be — he’s talking about the same ish he was talking about before he got locked up.

  • kidd

    no way his jewish? lol omg

  • kidd

    i couldnt understand


    faggot ass nigga needs to die

  • GeeWizKhalifa

    lol, this dude is a faggot.

  • sxpck

    Shiiiiittt…really, shyne..really??

  • sik

    lmfaooooooooooo def a raof!!!!

  • Rezo

    This guy is such a douchebag

  • KillaKam

    Shyne Go Fuck yourself and go home to your israel . Lets see how they treat your black ass over there . Oh wait if you give them a generous amount of money you got from def jam they will treat you alright . They made the biggest mistake in investing in your weirdo ass self . your voice is mad annoying nigga .

  • KillaKam

    oh my bad moses is in israel you see how them isrealis was looking at him .lol”like look at this fool” haa that was wack shyne go fuck yourself

  • I still like that Roller Song track, though…

    @kidd Yeah, he got converted to Judiasm

  • Trey

    Shyne you a bitch!

    quit putting out shit crazy ass

  • Maya

    lol @ shyne trying to have a career

  • antmizzle

    ****blank stare****

  • HindSight

    I don’t know why I did myself like that… I actually sat through that shit… Very sad

  • AzKing

    he has to whisper cuz hes scared to look like a retarded by talking with that gay ass voice out loud

  • i gotta play this again