Yelawolf – Trunk Muzik: 0-60 (Tracklist)

blame it on Shake November 3, 2010

The artwork was released a few days ago, now XXL got their hands on the tracklist for Yelawolf’s Interscope debut retail re-release of his Trunk Muzik mixtape. UPDATE: Just got word from Interscope that this won’t be his official debut album. Thank (you Based) God!

01 Get the F**k Up!
02 Daddy’s Lambo
03 That’s What We On Now
04 I Just Wanna Party f. Gucci Mane
05 Billy Crystal f. Rock City
06 Pop the Trunk
07 Box Chevy f. Rittz the Rapper
08 Good To Go
09 Marijuana
10 Love Is Not Enough
11 I Wish
12 Trunk Muzik

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  • Ryan.T.

    gonna be a huge disappointment..

  • Taylor Gang or …


  • dl

    Fake or DIE

  • jesus people are being evil today
    Yelawolf is ill

  • feining liquor often

    yelawolf is touring with wiz, and taylor gang fans are hating on yela? you guys dumb as fuck?

    but i agree, rather disappointing

  • tgrady321

    Did Raekwon get dropped from “I Wish”?

  • AudioCzar


  • TLS

    Lame album name, wack cover, tracklist looks like a pile of wank too. Album will flop

  • Willpower

    no its a leaked track list! Rae and Bun are still rockin

  • Triz

    I thought this dude was alright…till i saw a GUCCI MANE FEATURE..SMH at this wackness. GTFO here

  • wtf…I wonder if this is his or interscopes doing?

  • Yeah I saw that Wiz show in Mpls… Lots of hate on Yela, clearly not hip hop fans, that said his track list looks a little disappointing since a lot of those tracks are NOT new.

  • lets not forget what label dude is on and who he has as co-signs already!! #BAMA #SEC #nationalchamps

  • MoodMuzik

    I don’t like this dude but at least he didn’t infest his album with features. I give him respect for that.

  • dara

    so you can only dislike yelawolf is you’re not a fan of hip hop? how does that even make sense? maybe some of us get tired of listening to double time flows with dated subject matter….

  • SMH you guys must be gettin paid to post this wack artist’s shit

  • Your Father

    This isn’t his real debut album
    Interscope are doing what Universal did with Drake’s So Far Gone.
    They’re trying to create awareness.
    The real album, Radioactive is out in Feb or March 2011.
    Relax guys.

  • Mr. 2010

    I heard this was basically a re-release of Trunk Muzik, sort of like what Drake did with So Far Gone, and that his actual album, Radioactive, was comin out in 2011. (just sayin)

  • DickVomit

    yeah this dude sucks..maybe i cant get into this southern rap..or maybe this dude just fucking blows..oh yeah he did a song with GUCCI..


  • AnonyMouse

    I heard dude was supposed to be doing a song with Em.


    This isn’t Yelawolf’s debut album, it is just listed as a EP. Yelawolf is supposed to have a completely new album coming out in early spring 2011. This is just basically a buzz album for the mainstream. I heard a radio rip of Daddy’s Lambo and it sounded fucking ill. Hopefully that leaks soon.

  • wolfensheep

    it’s actually amazon who got it first, not xxl…anyways…

  • wheres the bamma rappers at? no jackie chain? dont care any way not a fan of this guy. dont see the hype

  • will wait for this..
    yela is a great emcee..i say emcee…
    listen closely.

  • Sean

    This just looks like a glorified mixtape. =[

  • J. Beeno

    Why does Alabama put out so many white rappers? Yela, Bo Latham, Jackie Chain (questionable)

  • wildlife

    Something has to be up? Do you guys even check out any of the content you post? He’s said in just about every recent interview that Trunk Muzik 0-60 is the fan favourites off the mixtape, plus some new ones, not too long after his actual debut album, Radioactive, is supposed to drop.

  • Pops

    I laugh at people in the c-section every time a “tracklist” is posted. Considering Shake ends up editing these tracklist posts multiple times by the time the album comes out, it’s hilarious to see these simple asses get in an uproar about someone not being listed on the tracklist. Y’all are the definition of crazy… doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results each time.

  • I have an even better question? Do y’all get paid to hate?


    I heard a radio rip of Daddy’s Lambo and it sounded fucking ill. Hopefully that leaks soon.

    BROCHO CINCO said this on November 2nd, 2010 at 4:56 pm


    I was thinking the same thing.

  • uknowcool

    Not real the eminem track ain’t on here. Dull!!!!!!!

  • aidan Sigel Bruse

    FINALLY we get a Cut of Daddy’s Lambo that isnt a fucking radio rip. THUMBS UP

  • A Booger Named Bang

    …. yeah ya’ll niggas hating on yela are some fucc’n succers straight up… he killed the cypher on the BET shit…. while wiz was spitting written flows…. and i fuccs with wiz…. yela prolly had the top 5 outta all them cypher flows…. fucc’n weens…

    word @ wildlife

  • key

    what happened to the em track?

  • For everybody shittin Yelawolf on kick rocks while eattin pinecones!! Wish there would’ve been more than 4 fuckin tracks that I’ve never heard on it though.

  • SomeGuy817

    ^Em’s on the debut album not the EP(which this is) people need to stop hating on yelawolf the nigga’s nice with it on recordings and live shows and yes amazon had the tracklist waaaaaay before xxl

  • FuckStartYourFace

    I’ve liked everything i heard by this guy. I dont know what ya’ll are hatin.

  • Dolo

    LOL @ All Of Ya’s!
    Im Tellin’ Ya’ll…Dont Sleep On This Album

  • mark

    i thought eminem was was gonna be on it ????

  • YoDaddy

    This is pretty much the Trunk Muzik mixtape….mastered of course….I will still buy it because Trunk Muzik was fuckin ridin

  • A Booger Named Bang

    …. yeah maaane these square babies have the slightest

  • sorry

    The Wolf is THE illest rapper out currently, hands down…You playin yaself if you don’t think he gonna be a heavyweight in this rap shit. He got that golden era nostalgic vibe when you hear his shit. Ain’t even speakin on the nigga lyrics…

    Im talkin style and flow. You can feel that shit even if you don’t relate to what he saying…That’s hard for ANY artist to pull off.

  • yugang

    Damn some muthafuckas are dumb! LOL @ya hating on his Re-Release of his mixtape TRUNK MUZIK which will be followed by his OFFICIAL DEBUT LP RADIOACTIVE. Have your opinion on the man’s music either way but Please ppl check your facts before you talk shit

  • Ricki Lutes

    I disagree with the haters and agree with most of the Yelawolf fans.. I dig Yelawolf and i look forward to this project!

  • Dia

    i love yelawolf.. but i have most of these songs

  • bob

    i wont get it . 12 tracks, half of which we heard . ill torrent it

  • red

    I don’t like Yelawolf, but that Trunk Muzik song is fucking awesome. I’m just not down with his image.

  • mmkayy


    Taylor Gang or … said this on November 2nd, 2010 at 4:13 pm

    ^ this guy…………

  • bob

    hes comin out with an all new cd in march 2. but this wont flop. this guy has it al

  • er


  • @J.Beeno hahahaha ! jackie chain clearly isnt white. its real obvious he is asian

  • lol, thank you based god!

  • Skake Thanked The BasedGod


  • Shake Thanked The BasedGod


  • Solroc21

    Thank You Based God!

  • harharhar

    We already knew that.

  • Yelawolf is beast. yall slippin

  • Nia

    im not gonna lie i wasnt feeling yelawolf until this past weekend when i saw him live and that shit was live ! im a huge wiz fan but , he honestly had more enthusiasm than wiz did and it wasnt even his show. everyones entitled to their on opinion but in my opinion yelawolf is the shit .

  • it’syoboy

    YelaWolf is crazy live. He killed that concert in TUCSON AZ w Wiz Khalifa!

  • Teddy

    Ima fuck yo Bitch. Nigga! Ima fuck yo ho. Nigga!

    Based GOOOD!!! LOL.

  • j.a.i.

    Who cares if u have half the songs its called supporting the artist they give us free material so the least we can do is cough up a couple bucks

  • mystalkerisfat



  • JPM

    Why is everyone saying their disappointed? this isn’t his album… so stop bitchin. Someone said it looks like a mixtape… that’s cause it is one. Kanye said it best “Niggas was hatin on the internet? I couldn’t tell. I was too busy rappin.. good as hell” That goes for Yela too. Em said that Yela is doin shit he wished he was doin.. so stop sleepin

  • CmonReally

    What dumbass actually thought this was gonna be his “debut”?? Fact check anybody?? I mean c’mon IT HAS THE SAME NAME AS THE MIXTAPE!! SMH…fuckin Jabronies

  • jacktown

    Ain’t even worried about this, waitin on that mixtape with Yela and K.R.I.T. to drop, shit’s gonna go hard.

  • lonestar_playa

    most of yall critics iz picky as fuck. yelawolf iz a dope artist im supportin his music regardless. plus he unique wit his style! wut yall want him to sound like drake or sum’n? do dem lil pause punchlines dat everybody seem to do nowadayz? peace

  • muzikbumpin

    ayo shake, y didn’t u holla @ em for the correct tracklist / the missin features?

  • Jose Rodriguez


  • strange

    yall are dumb. this aint from interscope. most of these songs are old.. and are u kidding me i just wanna party is a great song and him an gucci sound great and tore that track.. hes a party dude. step off. yall nigs just hatin cuz hes white. ofcourse yall wont like him.. if u can read ud know he is workin on 2 studio albums right now. and all these songs are bangers. daddys lambo.. i just wanna party. marijuana. like come on. yall wouldnt know music if u were right infront of a speaker. if yall think wiz an shit is better. wiz is hella good but come on this dude blows him outta the water lyrically and dudes beats are sick. wiz is great not sayin shit bout him cuz thats my dude but yall need ta step off yela an let him do his thang hes makin good ass music right now so idk what yall haters talkin bout. i think its about god damn time we had a white rapper that aint sounded like haystak or jellyroll ya know. this dudes fresh.

  • Just saw him yesterday at the Waken Baken tour… SHIT WAS LIVE AS FUCK!

    That nigga Yelawolf was hype as hell! Gotta check out his shit now… I’ve been sleepin

  • thetruth

    i wish they would change the snare in pop the trunk…it sounded so much better live with a real snare being used

  • Breezy

    Dear the people who are negative towards yelawolf,

    Yall are the ones who are a disappointment. Must have horrible music tastes.
    Yall must be crazy.

    a person with good music taste.