Macklemore x Ryan Lewis – VS. (Redux) EP

Almost a year after they dropped their VS. EP, the Seattle emce/producer duo are back with the Redux. A remixed version of the original with production and guest features from Jake One, Fences, Sabzi (of Blue Scholars) and more.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump...

DOWNLOAD: Macklemore x Ryan Lewis – VS. (Redux) EP | iTunes

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  • rjblaze23

    are all of the tracks mixed or is it just those 5 that are indicated?

  • A.I.

    Actually surprised that you've dropped a link for this... I'll cop it on iTunes and support Macklemore...

  • ^^mack asked to post. why wouldn't i?

  • A.I.

    I didn't know that Shake...

  • lundy

    this guy is so legit. real talk. good shit shake

  • Blue

    It's taking 5 years to download, fuck zippy.

  • grills

    bought it on itunes, this is too good to be free

  • ^agreed, im looking forward to hearing the remixes, although I dont thing these songs could get any better than they were

  • fuck my bitch shake

  • mystalkerisfat

    lol i'm with Nomos....shake you can fuck my bitch for this one. THANK YOU SHAKE GOD

  • ozneroled

    is anyone else having problems opening this?

  • word. can't wait to peep this. that is if the download ever finishes

  • jamminonthe1

    the file doesn't open. i downloaded this shit three times, they all took about 50 minutes btw, and then when i go to open the zip it says i can't... please make this shit work. i loved the original and i would love to have this. i would LOVE to support macklemore with some cash on itunes but quite frankly i don't have any to spare. i'm on this site every day, i'm begging you to make this shit work

  • Peter

    So stoked that you put Macklemore up! Thank you!

  • piggadells

    macklemore made a cool video once.

  • ivemar80

    Vipassana remix is fucking dope.

  • goretex3030

    Can someone please upload this with something else like "hulkshare", and just the remix tracks if that's cool?????

    The zshare file will not open and have downloaded it like 4 times...

  • @goretex3030 works perfectly fine over here bro you might wanna try another site or just buy it on itunes

  • Uknown

    this is crazy good

  • Just a Seattle Kid

    Buy it on i Tunes, fuck the download. Shit, buy all his albums on i Tunes, they're all sick. Support the Seattle music movement. Let's go far


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