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Travis Barker – Carry It f. Tom Morello, RZA & Raekwon

blame it on Shake November 4, 2010

We’ve seen behind-the-scenes flicks and footage of the video. Now we’ve got the actual track off Travis Barker’s upcoming Give the Drummer Some album. Shouts to OS.

DOWNLOAD: Travis Barker – Carry It f. Tom Morello, RZA & Raekwon | Mediafire
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  • Wesson

    hell yeah

  • Stephanie

    Oh shit.

  • dope features

  • fitri


  • chris

    t barker is a shitty drummer but this is

  • tatties

    rza … no

  • How I Got Over

    A little disappointing, but RZA was pretty good on this.

  • Not feeling it. It’s like a really energized rock type song, and the rappers sound like Gucci Mane lazy on it. Where’s the equal energy from the rappers? The part where they started yelling energy made me laugh. Go listen to some Eminem screaming on some of his new tracks and learn how to come hard on a track.

  • George Clooney

    This shit sucks. Seriously. I like all these artists, but this is garbage. Lets be real here.

  • When is this album coming again?

  • eurythmick

    RZA’s hook sounds like something Zack de la Rocha should’ve been doing… Actually, the whole song screams RATM

  • Hetallica

    Rage Against the Machine >>>

  • Hetallica

    Also, 2DBz needs more “rage against the machine” tags. :-P

  • who cares

    It just doesn’t flow right to me :/

  • horrible

  • meh…….. not sure about this one

  • idk

    Barker needs to either hurry up and drop this or at least leak that Lupe song goddamn

  • beastcoast

    As much as I want to like this I don’t fucks wit it. How did this go wrong? The sirens?



  • Shawn


    You’re a fucking idiot and clearly know jack shit about drumming. And even before you say some shit like “I play drums” or “I know what I’m talking about”, shut your bitch ass up. Even if you did, you still don’t know shit.

    Good song.. Morello is dope as fuck.

  • Rio$

    this wasn’t bad dunno what you fools were expecting

  • bizbeagle

    shit is wack, barker is little bitch. Just cuz you got tattoos doesnt make you hard. Hes a good drummer, but this shit is gay, if it wasnt him, rza and rae, but same song, everyone would agree. Sucks so many are buying into this fags hype. He was in a ska and pop punk band, what the fuck does he know about hip hop. Child please.

  • Druggid

    This could have been real good…but i think it needs some work. Needs more bass and the vocals need to go up. Also i just cant see rea as ever being a good pick for a song like this (no disrespect). I would wana hear La Coka Nostra on this tho if they fixed it up.

  • ROC

    sound quality sucks, and RZA sounds sloppier tha Gucci Mane.

  • Newman


    Not what I expected.

    bizbeagle said “He’s a good drummer”.

    Um that’s all that should matter. Who gives a fuck what Travis Barker looks like and how many tatoos he has as long as he’s good at what he does. It’s music you SMF!!!!!!! Not only that Travis has been fucking w/ hip hop for years son. Ignorance…

  • Scottypeps

    yeah this is terrible, it sounds like I’m sitting in on a practice session for a shitty high school band. I am dissapoint.

  • Virginia_Rhymer

    Give The Drummer Some is gonna be an ill album, you can talk shit about travis barker but lets face it, he is one of the best drummers to ever grace the sticks

  • PinkyPlatinum

    Nowhere near one of the greatest drummers! Come on Max Roach, Steve Gadd, Questlove. Even Ringo Star was comin harder than this guy! Plus this song sucks really really bad for some so called “professional” artists! Sounds like a garbage can gettin knocked down the street!