Bobby V - Alter Ego f. 50 Cent (Video)

New video from Bobby Valentino and Curtis.

DOWNLOAD: Bobby V - Alter Ego f. 50 Cent

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  • what the shit was that

  • Cool

  • T0KS

    Is it safe to say 50cent is done?

  • Hunty

    y do u care whos done or not?u know whos done? 2 pac biggie big pun big l proof etc.. Jk idk its ur opinion so i guess his done for u. Me too but i got to admit i still bump his early career mixtapes and albums its still nice ya dig? Ya kno wha i means? U smell me?


  • danny

    s0000 gay

  • I bump his old shit too, but his work since 07 has been pure shit imo

  • Hunty

    I agree. All his new shit that he dropped i only listened once each. I get money is good tho and couple more tracks but ye not as good as when he use to rap with nas and nore, and QB and more crazy shot that he had

  • Davvv…

    MAn....dont act like BISD wasnt dope...but his commercial shit is weak...I only listen to his mixtapes War Angel,50cent is the future & guess whose back..other that...ehh maybe the G-unit tapes...but who care Banks is the shit!

  • It said "Altered Ego" in the video...? And I know that's not Pinky's ass in the video! Yuuuck

  • not really feeling this one. video seems mad low budget too.

  • LB

    best line in this massacre of musical musicianship [<---see what i did there] "i can't lie, i like to have sex..." poor bobby v. someone help this dude career please...*sings blackberry molasses*

  • LB

    btw did anybody understand fif after the lines "Fifty, uh"??? anyone???

  • Sanj

    what's with fifty's ninja outfit? he looks like an idiot

  • KUNGFoo

    i like to have sex la la

  • KUNGFoo

    i like to have sex la la la la la..........


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