Ill Poetic - Gone

A couple years ago, I made the decision to quit my job, move out of Cincinnati and do the whole "persue-your-dream" thing. It's never an easy decision to make. This song is about the conversations all of my body parts had to have until my brain could tell my feet to walk to the bus station and bounce. Don't know if any of you all have hit those cross-road moments, but it's a very intense and monumental feeling. This song kind-of ends "The World is Ours" story and sets up for everything that's happened since then.

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  • This is the shit you can just sit back and feel with a blunt. Bet

  • i'll take a couple joints but yeah underdug /\

  • Punisher

    dope shit

  • Answer Me!

    nice song-writing, absolute mediocre delivery!


  • Genius. I think he can make it. He has it.

  • ima smoke to this

  • Love what Ill Po does...definitely one of my Top 5 MC's. Not because I'm the vocalist on the song LOL...he's just dope.

  • How you gonna say your the vocalist on the song when it obviously says its featuring "Deannah Dukes" not "D'YENNA DUKES"???

  • whaoever dat bicth on tha song iz cant sing worth shyt

  • Drew

    Wow... Dope!

  • Thanks for everyone's feedback. Always much appreciated. Good and bad, it's all love, and it all goes under consideration in my little brain.

    @Kayden420 For the record, that is "Deannah (D'Yenna) Dukes" the singer on the record that posted above me.I think she might have to change her spelling due to another "Deannah Dukes" name in the record books. Not sure, though.

    Also, for the record, I'm tempted to say, If you don't think she can sing, blame me for the mixdown.

    But then, I've seen her live, she was in my band, and she's toured with Zapp (Roger Troutman) around the world for years, so I know it's not her lol. I'll take that L no problem.

    Thanks again y'all for listening.

  • AJA | SnappeR

    Singer sounded good to me, loved her BG vocals thoughtout IP's verse. This has a nice 90's jazz influenced vibe to it. Think we need a mixtape now.

  • supafly-ry

    where's that sample from recognize it from Kingpin Skinny Pimp - Pimpin & hoing joint. dope track by the way

  • Dari

    i found a new artist to add to my library. good shit

  • illpoetic, i made that decision LAST YEAR, i can relate to this more than you know. Thank you sir.

  • Black on Both Sides

    Dope. I'm gonna be on the lookout for more from this dude.

  • sounds crispy to me. good work Ill


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