Michael Jackson – Breaking News

blame it on Shake November 8, 2010

First single off Michael Jackson’s official posthumous album, Michael, which hits stores on December 14th.

Despite the countless debates online on if this record is in fact Michael, I’m only streaming this out of respect for the King of Pop. Be sure to pre-order the album here.

  • 7

    Love Mike, but f sony. Can’t tell if its really him on all of it tho

  • JetLyfe420

    Crazy… Is it really him tho?

  • shit sounds like that britney spears joint that came out after she went batshit crazy.

  • JetLyfe420

    some parts really just dont sound like micheal

  • Kal

    Hahaha shit doesn’t sound like him.

  • This is really dope, I ain’t gonna lie. But is this really Mike? I can’t completely tell, it seems like they may have mixed his voice with a sound-a-likes voice, but IDK. Track knocks either way, I wish I knew if it was really him or not, if it’s not then I’ll just download the album, b/c sony is on their b.s. If it is, then I’ll definately buy

  • Jav

    I’ve heard better impersonators on the hollywood strip.

  • Rezo

    This shit is a FRAAAAAAAUUUUUUDDDD!!!!!!!!!! Don’t buy this shit! His label and family are trying to scam the fans for $$$$$. That is NOT Mike, no way in hell!

  • Protege

    songs allright, nothing bad. just isnt that great.

    i like young michael

  • Ace La


  • Rezo, his family is aware its fake, they are against it. Its Sony at fault here

  • Knoq

    Yup his fam has came out to say this is not him. That’s the grimiest shit i’ve ever heard. RIP Mike.

  • xb

    nooooooooooo this is not him. his fam even said half the songs aren’t even Michael. how can you not tell

  • AudioCzar

    It’s him…Rip Mike Jack “they” killed him

  • Bon’s impostor

    Shake was touched by Michael. Not by his music.

  • King

    sounds like some bullshit to me. FUCK SONY!!!!

  • Byaahman

    Sounds like an impersonator with some background vocals from Michael.

  • It aint fuckin mike, like I said before, mike has that type of fanbase thatl blow buildings up…….. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ just sayin…… #Fuckthemsuits.

  • RLKJets130

    Even if it is mike, he would never want an unfinished album put out like this. It’s disgusting what Sony is doing. They just know it will easily sell a million plus in like its first day. fucking money hungry bastards.

  • Rezo

    Can’t his family sue Sony or have the courts block Sony from releasing the album? There has to be something illegal about this.

  • xb

    Me and meka are banning together and boycotting the label. sorry shake you cant join.

  • crackadon


  • “I was at the studio when these questionable files were delivered. I heard these “so-called” Michael Jackson songs raw and without the distraction of the well produced music by Teddy Riley. How they constructed these songs is very sneaky and sly. many people who have worked on this project either have strong doubts and questions while others KNOW the truth yet decided to turn and look the other way with their hands out for $$$.” – Taryll Jackson

  • BoshJamesWade

    Aye, am I the only that thinks that don’t sound like him lol.

  • illumiJonnie

    Whatever happened to Resting In Peace ?

  • Answer Me!

    Even if its Michael Jackson he wouldn’t approve of this! Only listenable cos it got going a ‘nostalgic’ sound to it!

    Really fuck Sony Music !!!

  • Justin Timberlake, hmmmmm…

  • Shy

    stream doesnt work on mobile |:

  • key

    doesnt sound like him… i pray somebody’s not portraying to be him

  • ripmj

    it sounds better on the official site. i think it is really him with some studio tricks added in. mark ronson confirmed in an interview that the song he produced on the album called “lovely way” was really michael so who knows

  • And Won

    Shake, you ain’t respecting noone, stfu. Mike didn’t know you from Adam.

  • i dunno about this. all of it sounds like it is him except when he is singing his own name

  • Mr. 2010

    dont kno if this MJ or not, cuz it was recorded in 07 and who knows how he sounded during that time period, either way its a damn good tune. Btw wasnt the jackson family sayin somethin similar about the This Is It movie?

  • dddd

    lol ur jokin rite sounds like the n’sysc or backstreet boys version of michael

  • dddd

    Michael Jackson “Breaking News” new Song NOT HIM SINGING


    The real singer is Jason Malachi , awell known MJ sound alike.

  • 32424


    Google update shows live feed of peoples reaction alot of people dont believe this neither

  • 32424

    Taryll Jackson
    On Monday 8th November 2010, @Taryll said:
    I am shocked that things have gotten this far. This is ridiculous. I was at the studio when these questionable files were delivered. I heard these “so-called” Michael Jackson songs raw and without the distraction of the well produced music by Teddy Riley. How they constructed these songs is very sneaky and sly. many people who have worked on this project either have strong doubts and questions while others KNOW the truth yet decided to turn and look the other way with their hands out for $$$. I will NEVER look the other way. Right is Right, Truth is Truth, Facts are Facts and it will all come out!!! I tried so hard to prevent this craziness, but they wouldn’t listen. I KNOW my Uncle’s voice and something’s seriously wrong when you have immediate FAMILY saying it’s not him. Don’t you have to wonder why? I have strong, undeniable points. They can’t give me answers, yet continue to move forward with lies and deception. Sounding like Michael Jackson and BEING Michael Jackson are two different things.
    “If you know it’s a lie then you will swear it, If you give it with guilt then you will bear it, If it’s taking a chance then you will dare it… you would do anything for money”

  • 32424


    Rift in Michael Jackson’s Family Over Song

  • 32424


  • 32424d

    “”I have spent the last 17 years of my life obsessed with this man’s voice. Deeply obsessed. Sadly, this is just not him singing. It sounds like a soundalike white guy who could’ve easily sung in O-Town or one of those bands. I will not buy this record. The family is right. For once, the family is right.

    Posted at 9:25 PM on Nov 7, 2010 by Ray Harmon”

  • 32424

    yo shake next time u load a streaming track make sure u dont do it on ur dopeboyz account
    i jus downloaded this track from ur hulkshare

  • 32424

    Is it Michael? The answer is Yes & No. Some parts are him and some are of Jason Malachi who finished the song for $ony.

    3.9 Mb Michael_Jackson-Breaking_News-2dope.mp3
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  • Gorilla


  • S. Carter

    Most definite not Michael Jackson, sounds like Tito Jackson who sold his soul to the Devil and joined the Illuminati… then he sacrificed Mike, it all makes sense… Tito bout to blow up in 2011

  • Jesus

    Dope track, but not Michael (at least not the whole song). Damn shame.

  • Zoo

    he’s dead bitchez. RESPCET

  • k

    they CANNOT be releasing this…seriously.

  • 32424


  • DONT SOUND LIKE M.J OR they raised the supporting vocals too high.

    im not taking this as him unless i see some official outless co signing its him i.e the jackson family.

  • nah meka lets just take this down. this is a travesty to mike if the fam aint cool with it. something is up.

  • Shy

    yo good looks on that, 32424.
    but yeah there are parts where it faintly resembles his voice and some where it doesnt. either way, this whole song is mad sketch. Im a fan but, whether its him or not, this track isnt good. i cant rock with this. smh.

  • tatties

    this sounds so much like Britney Spears – Piece of Me. HAHA! Shits fake, corny and just not good.

  • m

    the more i listen to it his voice sounded similar on Jam. i think at least some of it is him. maybe not all of it.

  • MCF


  • As a HUGE MJ fan, I have to say no sir. This isn’t the King of Pop. Kinda shakey on the voice (sounds as if he was live after 4 hrs or performing) Michael is a perfectionist. He would not have his voice sounding like that on just a recording.

  • lskska

    La Toya Jackson: That’s Not Michae 11/7/2010 7:40 AM PST by TMZ Staff Add La Toya Jackson to the list of Jackson family members who don’t think the new song ” Breaking News” really contains Michael Jackson’s voice

  • D

    You’ll leak mad songs by any rap artist but you’ll only stream a song by a dead guy, which may or may not even be him? Why?

  • @Jonnie This is 2010 homie: where hoes can write books and strike it rich, Antoine Dodson is actually able to perform at the BET awards and TMZ can post pictures of you taking a shit and niggas think you’re the one who fucked up for taking a dump. The concept of resting in peace died a LONG time ago!

    Seriously though wtf is this shit? Stop fucking up dead legend’s legacies man, shit!

  • Tay

    The song is pretty good actually but yeah, this is some of this Jasok guy mixed with MJ. This is gonna get crazy very quick

  • static

    ^^^^^^^word up @yaboy loook wit.your.thirdeye wake.the fuck up!

  • static


  • Impulse

    this song is mad good but if it isnt michael damn but imma still play this shit though just fucked up it aint even him they sayin it is

  • YoDaddy

    people get killed over shit like this…I promise whoever green lighted this song is gone

  • 2.h!qh

    Shit sounds fakkkeeeee.

  • danielthemartian

    ??????? no one got the INVENCIBLE album??????

    this is fucking michael jackson people ,a monster ,the realest. shut up .
    this is bananas .justin timberlake aint got shit on this ,chris brown aint got shit on this.. etc

  • youngfula

    Yo I’m tellin you I love Michael and I got like his whole discography in CD’s from since the young Jackson 5 days, but this is a posthumous album, and Sony claims it’s ”official”, but to be honest, I really don’t think this is MJ’s voice, the technologies these days is far you know
    They givin’ MJ the ‘Pac treatment with posthumous albums, and I’m still doubtin if im going to buy this or not.

  • mmkayy

    wtf……ive seen the movie and this dont sound like him AT ALL


    Shake, you forgot the download link!!

  • Fred

    wow, this is only the first unreleased song they puttin out and already its shittin on MJ!!! the song isn’t that good whether parts are MJ or not. the fact it may not be and probably isn’t is straight scandalous.

    DO NOT PRE-ORDER this shit as requested in the post. download this shit when it comes out. sony are too greedy and disrespectful for they own good. holla!

  • joeblow

    this song blows i don’t even want to hear what the album will sound like, they’re going to rape his unreleased material just like they did pac

  • mrak

    This thread is a cesspool of misinformation and alarmist morons. It’s him. The song isn’t good. But it’s still him.

    But don’t let reason and logic stop you from defending a man you all thought was a child molester when he was alive.

  • 32424

    — Starting to think shake doesnt care of this song or the stream prob knows it fake now cuz he let the download keep downloading

    3.9 Mb Michael_Jackson-Breaking_News-2dope.mp3
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  • DK

    It’s an okay song ,but I definitely agree there is someone else’s voice mixed in there.

  • R

    when 99 percent of the fans and MOST of his own family says this is some scam from sony , I GOTTA AGREE

  • mrak

    Word, because if there’s one group of selfless, rational, trustworthy people in the world, it’s the fucking JACKSON FAMILY.

  • R

    ahahah ok TRUE
    thats what the skeptics are sayin that sony not givin money to the jackson fam so there actin like this…
    so ur dead bro who is singing on a new album and the world will finally cherish his voice again…but they gonna piss all over that over some money and tarnish the name of michael and cry wolf …im sure this is NOT the case…im sure the truth of this fake will come out soon enuff

  • LOL

    ^ ur both kinda wrong, jus because someone dead DONT mean there family doesn’t get royalties still , if anything there gettin more money from merchandising and other things from a new world wide release, even with the money (might be less) there still crying fake and ruining this guys image severely, thats why i think it has to be fake or editied in some parts by a impersonation

  • i am not convinced…… this shit sounds like jay sean of young money…….

  • harharhar

    Ya’ll act like Sony is the bad guy in all of this, MJ’s family has been just as sketch with the dealings after his death.

  • its mj u fucking idiot sheep

  • chedda

    i guess that means you disrespect every other person that doesnt put out their music for free? (cough) lupe

  • your armz too short to box with gawd

    i agree.sounds like jay sean.hahaha.they should have made it a mj feat. jay sean

  • smh………….

  • prehumous im tellin ya. mj chillin with pac right now.

  • smax

    it would be no suprise if it is indeed not michael and his family goes along with it anyway. IT WILL SELL. money talks.

  • I think this song was very unfinished and qualified as a single for sony.Sounds like they filled in the empty parts with WHOEVER! If u listen closely,u can hear the audio artifacts (under water bubbly like effects) as if they used autotune on the imposter to match MJ’s tone and chords.This low quality mp3 helps bring out those audio artifacts more! MJ doesnt need autotune so they slapped it on the imposter #My2Cents anyone agree or wanna elaborate?????

  • LOL :D

    Sounds nothing like him. this is rubbing his name in the fucking mud. LEAVE MJ ALONEEEEE(CHRIS CROKER VOICE)