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Nelly – Gone f. Kelly Rowland (prod. Jim Jonsin)

blame it on Shake November 8, 2010

Nelly and Kelly attempt to recapture the magic they had back in 2002 with this Jim Jonsin-produced follow up. I’m with Low in that this definitely has potential to kill the radio. We’ll have to see what they do with it though.

DOWNLOAD: Nelly – Gone f. Kelly Rowland (prod. Jim Jonsin) | Mediafire

  • this shit suck

  • derek


  • solking10

    Nelly fell off as hard as 50 did

  • SargeWP

    NElly did not fall off your just in your retarded blog bubble, i bet you think nelly is gona sell more than kayne right? well look at this…

    Digital songs round-up:

    01 We R Who We R – Ke$ha – 280,000 / 280,000
    02 Like a G6 – Far*East Movement ft. Cataracts Dev – 187,000 / 1,788,000
    03 Only Girl (In the World) – Rihanna – 142,000 / 1,156,000
    04 Whip My Hair – Willow – 137,000 / 137,000
    05 Just a Dream – Nelly – 133,000 / 1,633,000
    06 Bottoms Up – Trey Songz ft. Nicki Minaj – 122,000 / ?
    07 Just the Way You Are – Bruno Mars – 118,000 / 2,118,000
    08 Sparks Fly – Taylor Swift – 113,000 / 113,000
    09 Raiser Your Glass – P!nk – 104,000 / 378,000
    10 Monster – Kanye West ft. Jay-Z Rick Ross Bon Iver Nicki Minaj – 97,000 / 116,000

  • Mr.Rewter

    sounds like every other nelly song i’ve ever heard.

  • Mr.Rewter

    and this won’t kill shit, not as catchy as i’m sure they thought it was.

  • bucknasty

    this picture makes me laugh

  • SargeWP

    isn’t gonna sell more*

    And it’s looking like a real possibility the white people are rocking with nelly again lol

  • Mr.Rewter

    Sarge if I knew who you were and had a chance I’d bitch slap the fuck out of you.

  • solking10

    ^^^ I thnk Sarge is the only nelly dick rider left

  • SargeWP

    watch nelly outsell kanye, nicki , rhianna, & Banks lmao

    and Susan Boyle is coming out this month shes gonna murder your favorite artist lmao. Kanye is lookin flabby and sick right now on itunes and billboard.

  • RLKJets130

    Nelly has been putting out good shit so far, not feeling this so much tho…

  • SargeWP

    i don’t even fuck with nelly but it’s nice to see you backpacking blogger fans squirm lol

  • Mr.Rewter

    squirm? wtf are you talking about dude? are you fucking retarded or something?

  • SargeWP

    you blog fans have no idea who’s hot lamo niggas you say are done are going double platinum while you hype up niggas that will never blow like j cole, big sean, wale. lmao

  • Mr.Rewter

    ^^ And you’re what then? Considering you’re posting on this blog all the time. Fucking retard.

  • SargeWP

    i never said i wasn’t dumbass lmao, i’m just saying maybe if you niggas got out of your bubble you’d know who’s really poppin

  • Mr.Rewter

    OK, you’re too moronic to respond to anymore. I’m clearly wasting my time.

  • Jav

    Dear Mr. Bloggers…Nelly is a 36 year old who hadn’t been relevant in 6 years..came out and got a top 5 single..lmao while there’s been hype over j cole…with a weak ass who dat..wiz khalifa with a barely top 50 black n yellow..a wale with a top 99 chillin lmao..and nelly comes back to make more money..get your paper up!

  • b wet

    I’d definitely smack this fool Sarge if I saw him in person. Get a life homo.

  • after the BET hip hop awards, when they almost 4play-ed on stage, i knew they were gonna do something together.. just didn’t think it’d be a song lol..

  • SargeWP

    @ Bwet

    i’d smack your mothers titties together after i rubbed my dick on those those melons lol

  • jamesroy

    blogers get over yourself because sarge is right . if you tried to smack sarge & i was there i would stick you all in jaw for being ignorant closeminded hating hip hop fans .what is funny is you all would be knocked out. nelly is hot again. the mighty city of st louis is back & you need to deal with. so stop ignorant closeminded hate for nelly because nelly makes good st louis style hip hop . but what would you all know about the great city of st louis aka the city that is better then then where you live or your city.

  • and you bloggers never stay on topic when in a heated discussion.. silly Americans dont know if they wanna be a fan of real, good music or making money.. most the artist who making money, selling out with lame ass shit like this song.. just to please “America”.. while real, good, music makers do it for the love of music and couldn’t careless about your ignorant billboards and other “contest winnings”

  • SargeWP

    please the love of music? lmao you think j. cole is gonna keep making music if his shit bricks like the great wall of china?

    you think he not worrying about how he’s gonna pay those bills?

    you think he doesn’t want to go platinum or have even a smidgen of success that nelly has?


  • red

    I’d still rather have J. Cole’s CD than Nelly’s CD.

    All the stupid douches who think Ke$ha, Far East Movement, Flo Rida, Willow Smith and Nelly are the best thing since sliced bread can continue to make sure that the Top 10 is the worst list of music ever conceived.
    Myself and many of the bloggers are proud to say we have a more individualistic taste in music.
    Sure I’ll be down if this comes on in the club, but my Zune library is not a club, I demand better music when I’m not at a club.

    You can support Top 10 numbers all you want, but that makes you look like more of a tool than anything else.

  • sigh

    I think Cole would stop making music before selling his soul to get atop the chart with a song like grills. #fact

  • solking10

    SargeWP and jamesray give eachother a double dutch rutter every morning when they wake up in bed together

  • red

    For the record the song is alright for what it is. But it’s type gay.
    I don’t imagine anyone at 2Dopeboyz is in the demographic that this aimed at.

  • SargeWP

    I don’t even like nell lmao, i fuck with j. cole heavy (pause). but niggas love to shit on people like nelly and say they’re “IRRELEVANT” but these niggas are have smash hit songs. while nigga like j. cole and wale struggle to get a single let alone an album popping off.

    and wale is just sad..he had interscope & LADY GAGA and this nigga still flopped. lmao

    Nelly is STILL RELEVANT IN 2010 he should be put up there with with Jay-Z (HATE ON IT LMAO)

  • since when did this discussion become J.Cole vs Nelly? See silly Americans will say anything to prove a point that they forgot because they falling all off topic.

  • SargeWP

    and grillz was a hot song lmao, j .cole even said that he was a fan of master p and no limt back in the day. and he used to rap like them

  • SargeWP

    i was just comparing Nelly to the most high profile “BLOG RAPPER”

  • sigh

    J. Cole is beyond blogs at this point, he’s been popping at a few colleges I’ve been too HEAVY.

  • SargeWP

    nah college students are kinda the blog crowd, i’d say wiz khalifa transcends that he sells out 2,000 seat venues with no major radio play.

    can’t say the same for cole…

  • why? was that part of our argument? or you just tryna reference random, unnecessary facts to say what? its hard to make a fake, useless song that “America” will like? no its not.. you lose this debate. Nelly loses for making 2 songs about Kelly.. Now how REAL was that?

  • red

    No one said he was irrelevant, they said he was bad.

    And c’mon Grillz was the shit back in 8th grade. Who didn’t know the lyrics to that song?

  • theFlagAmerican

    Damn Kluhb you have a serious problem with Americans don’t you.

  • SargeWP

    if it’s that easy why can’t J. Cole & Game get a release date? why did Jeezy & T.I. and 50 Cent keep getting pushed back?

    exactly, you’re just salty, it was apart of the argument because these dumb motherfuckers on here say people “FELL OFF” without looking at facts!

  • SargeWP

    @ Red

    The Common belief around the internet is that nelly fell off and is not selling, which in not true anymore. but people believe what they wanna believe.

    50 up next, i hope he doesn’t fuck it up.

  • FlagAmerican: just a lil..
    Sarge: salty? more like bored.. lets go down this “ranDUMB” ass list you just threw out ya ass..
    We all know J.Cole real and is musically incline. and Jeezy just real so aint no tryna please niggas with him
    now Game, T.I and 50 all fell off around the time Nelly did.. but who made a lame ass pt. 2 duo of a lame a rendition just to get his “fans” back? ..oh ok.. didnt i already say you lost.. “SECURITY” somebody disconnect this one..

  • SargeWP

    lmao JEEZY is too “REAL” lmao……………WOW.

    If j. cole was musically incline he would be making hits like his slave master jay-z….

  • Davvv…

    THe song wasnt that bad..but Iliked the original more bacc when I was 11.lol

    Oh yeah & Get Off Nellys Nuts…Alot of yall 18-20’s know damn well your first hip hop album youve ever purchased was either Nelly’s Country Grammar or Eminems “The Slim Shady LP” & both of those artist are the 2 top selling artist of last decade..So Stop hating on Nelly..
    Yeah he will never go Platinum again, but how many new artist can say they went Diamond on one album?? dont worry …I’ll wait.

  • #NoBueno

    i like it.
    nelly used to be my favorite rapper from when i was 12-17



  • It’s an okay track

  • Abstract

    Why u putting album sales up??? …gay. Nelly’s not even a rapper he’s a pop star..Why is he on this site??

  • @red bro you said it man

    And first of all this post may have little to no appeal with this crowd and thats expected because its not made for this type of audience. And lol at people saying Nelly fell off, he was always this bad do some research. I wouldnt say he’s irrelevant because his name still holds some worth. I would just say that his time is up and people want something else seeing as in he didnt have a top 10 song in forever. And remember he tried this before with Brass Knuckles[Stepped on My J’z X Party People] and that didnt go so well. But thats my opinion on the Nelly discussion

  • Abstract

    Whatsup with dudes talking about what’s “hot” and what’s “selling” more…nigga its White people buying this bull shit so why are you putting so much emphasis into it. This ain’t TMZ nigga. this is a HIP HOP Site…GTFO

  • SargeWP

    How is Nelly’s Time up if he is in the Top Ten Right now AND the single is on track to go Double Platinum? O_o if nelly’s time is up what does that make the rest of these rappers who couldn’t even crack 40k lmao

    But yet there “HOT IN THE STREET” i’d rather be hot to jimmy that buys shit than jamal who bootlegs from the Jamaicans and downloads my shit lmao

  • SargeWP

    and like it or not white people have more say in whats hot because they BUYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY shit.

  • Rio$

    the radio<

    havent turned on my radio since 2001

  • SargeWP

    who’s talking about radio? whitey is using itunes these days lmao

  • WHo wants to know

    Sounds like that R Kelly song but worse

  • MrLOL

    Why isn’t 2dopeboyz working?

  • SargeWP

    shake to busy beating his dick to fix these shitty servers

  • supsup

    ok so everyone who tinks a fucking ARTISTS is measured by the money he makes doesnt even know what art is. idiots make ma rage

  • SargeWP

    we’re talking about whose hot not the “ART” of music

  • reallive

    every nelly song is about love. hes a rapper, not an rnb singer.

  • mmkayy

    the radio<

    havent turned on my radio since 2001

    Rio$ said this on November 8th, 2010 at 10:30 pm

    ^ this…fck the radio

  • z-dro

    Nelly will never be what he was in 2000

  • Nelly is not and never will be 2Dope…EVER. That is all.

  • lawd

    The same damn song…8 years later *smh* Damn Hip-Hop WTFrrrruck happened?

  • SargeWP

    Nelly shits on your favorite rappers career

  • df


  • Joe.

    no matter how many records sold nigga still mainstream garbage.

  • Joe.

    I dont even get why this bullshit is on here.

  • Ronaldo

    Joe. go and fornicate yourself with an iron stick

  • Pimpin

    Nelly will sell a very low number of LPs, of course Kanye will outsell him, he is already 40% more pre-sales than the Nelly album. Do your homework SARGEWP

  • First failed, hey shake the websites been acting up lately…

  • claf

    What’s wrong with the site??

  • serm


  • Is @SargeWP saying that because Just A Dream has did better then Kanye’s singles, Nelly’s album will sell more??? Lol, this day and age, singles don’t always equal album sales. Ask Flo Rida if u don’t believe me