Slang Editorial: Staying Out Of Jail = Good For Your Sphincter

You would think people would learn by now...

READ: Slang Editorial: Staying Out Of Jail = Good For Your Sphincter

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  • DK

    Sphincter lol...

  • Hahah

  • xb

    kanyes whole album just leaked!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • frank

    man fuck u meka wiz should not be thrown in jail for fuckING WEED for coke,heroin, X, pills, ECT SHOULD GET U IN JAIL NOT A PLANT THAT COMES FROM GOD'S EARTH.

  • You got it meka, it is what it is illegal, I don't care how many fans he got saying fuck the police and shit. Where the fuck do you people live? Just because wiz turned most of you people on to weed and shit don't mean you can smoke that shit in the streets and outside of Wal Mart, because you see and hear him rapping about it, the times ain't change. Any real smoker would tell you that's dumbness, it's still ears open eyes wide over hear when out there.

  • Werrddd

    ^^^ Exactly (M.E.A.N.)... yea it sucks Wiz got caught, I'm a big fan, but nobody is immune to the law and weed is unfortunately still illegal

  • Did that Philly Customs guy get nabbed yet? I'm surprised Kanye hasn't sent someone to that guys doorstep to beat him up.

  • GhettoBlaster

    Dude wiz shoulda seen it coming....all those videos and shit of course theyre gonna search a niggas tour bus and they know u a heavy pothead...c'mon bro get smarter....have a nice ass stash or minimum amount on the u wayne wont go back.....

    mekas writing sucks btw

  • Aj

    weed should be legal for home smoking IMO not on the streets though ! There's kids on the street FFS !

    P.s you got to upload Kanye West Blame Game ! fav kanye song ever

    The full verion of devil in a new dress is pointless there's no new kanye on it grrr

  • bon

    Working with a butt pirate like shake=bad for your sphincter: The Meka story, written by Meka.

  • blazer

    It's not easy for you to accept the fact that your wife is screwing a Negro. Her stretched out holes keep you from achieving an orgasm and the fried chicken crumbs on the bed just add insult to injury. But, what troubles you most is watching her kiss your kids goodnight. If they only knew the disgusting black log those lips were wrapped around an hour ago. It's cuckolding porn the way you never thought it could be, professionally shot and creatively written! For adults only!

    hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha.... how do you know about this stuff??? lol

  • Frylock

    man fuck u meka wiz should not be thrown in jail for fuckING WEED for coke,heroin, X, pills, ECT SHOULD GET U IN JAIL NOT A PLANT THAT COMES FROM GOD’S EARTH.
    frank said this on November 9th, 2010 at 6:39 pm
    A's illegal bro. If you ain't got no reason to have that shit but recreational use, don't whine when you get caught. Or maybe Wiz has AIDs and just didn't want anyone to find out.

  • frank

    ^^^ i mean yes i hear you... and sorry meka i didnt really mean "fuck u".. but i mean my point of commenting was to say WEED should be legal. this is yet another example of a successful man/woman being thrown in jail and wasting 300,000 + dollars for possessing a plant. jesus christ. personal freedoms people. we the people should be able to smoke weed if we can smoke tobacco, if we can intoxicate ourselves we should be able to get high with out being thrown in jail.

    michael phelps, tim lincicum two of the best at what they do both smoke weed.... Pres. Obama smoked weed, former president bush smoked weed, former president Clinton smoked weed.... IF OUR PRESIDENTS SMOKED AND NEVER GOT THROWN IN JAIL THEN HMM MAYBE WE SHOULD LEGALIZE THAT SHIT?

    adam sandler smoked weed....

    there are millions and millions of people who smoke weed every day here in the united states of america. 46% of cali ppl voted yes for legalization and the young demographic did not even turn out in the polls and we all know they are in favor of legalization.

    fuggin ridiculous

  • Larry H.

    That Oh No There's A negro In my Wife Shit Is Fuccin Ridiculous


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