Bubba Sparxxx - There I Go Again

Remember this dude? Well, he's prepping his Miracle On Gamble Road EP for a November 23rd release.

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  • frank

    Glad to see Bubba's back. Deliverance>Recovery

  • http://i51.tinypic.com/rsd4rn.gif Y3K

    Generic wack sauce

  • http://www.gravatar.com/avatar/b42f8df9c7b20a2605fb66352f5d8f70.png varsityballin

    booty booty booty booty rockin everywhere

  • twoface

    this guy and his beats will always remind of some dungeon family/cunninglynguists type shit..good shit

  • http://turbocityofficial.ning.com/ Turbo City


  • Rio$

    didn't he just make some songs like a year ago? course we remember him...................this ain't papoose

  • Rio$

    after hearing the song. t.i. makes songs like this, em makes songs like this and they are called classics.............this is booty booty booty tho

  • http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/ xb

    hahaha this dude has the name of one of my favorite porn star

  • Grade A

    gay ass cover

  • 223342

    no to everything

  • smiffl

    deliverance is a very underrated album. but this? this looks like bad news. hell, that doesn't even look like him

  • pecola

    Did he find Jesus or something? What is this?

  • Geoff

    Deliverance was a crazy album!

  • http://www.thesmkaexperience.com smka

    I do own Deliverance...and its super underrated!!

  • T

    booty booty booty rockin everywhere, oh yeah, where has this guy been!?

  • http://teamprolific.com truexile

    this shit is wack...and the cover looks like an SNL skit gone wrong...what happened to this dude?

  • ivemar80

    Deliverance is a classic in my book.
    Good to see him back.

  • http://2dope bohizzel

    yes yes yes we can. this must be what obama was talkin about. haha

  • Trick

    this is what happens when timbo left the building..... deliverance was great but there was timbo on the breaks!

  • static

    Deliverance was sick back when he could spit but this shit GTFO

  • http://www.thingsididlastnight.com/ Shihaby

    Hmmm... sounds a lot like Nappy Roots.

    From the album cover to the beat and flow.

  • http://vipbarberbeauty.com jasontflaco

    sounds like everlast, or the grouch
    i do remember his first single years back, cant really fuck with him like that

  • http://www.twitter.com/ActionBastard E-Rich

    I'm depressed now because I know nothing is going to be better than Deliverance.

  • mfdoom

    wow this is garbage,

    i guess he stopped fuckin with timbaland?

    jesus this is bad.

  • swaga04

    no,no, no.smh.


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