• http://qn5.com QN5 ftw


  • sam sneako

    GODDAMN that shit made my day. kudos

  • And Won

    Dope is not a strong enough adjective.

  • Nutt

    Aw man, qn5 stay bringin that quality

  • http://dilaawar.bandcamp.com/ dilaawar

    Cover is 2dope.

  • Billy Jo

    This is ridiculous!

  • http://qn5.com dinner4two

    only 6 comments? come'on people open your ears

  • morrigan

    this is my SHIT!!!!!! qn5 = best label in hip hop

  • ivemar80

    oh damn. This is dope.

    I need to pre-order this.

  • http://berpwillie.bandcamp.com Berp Willie


  • http://www.fannypackninjas.com mrobbs

    oh HELL yea! DeacTheSneak and Sheisty!

  • Nitroxide

    dope shit!

  • ianism


  • http://www.qn5.com Javier

    wow this ish is fire!!

  • JonJonson

    Sheisty Khrist just made a 100 rappers retire.

  • Per

    These dudes are both beasts, but on this, I gotta say Sheisty completely annihilated it!!

    Qn5 >>> your favorite label

  • STreeT-LifEr aLwaYs hARRassEd by tHe c-cyphas

    dope instrumental.dope concept.dopeness

  • Henric

    This stuff is ridicously good!