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    new Wiz and Curren$y, click my name fool.

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    how bout a link for that jazzy belle free everyday track mek...

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      > how bout a link for that jazzy belle free everyday track mek…

      added. you made me dig through 10+ years' worth of saved mp3s, but it's worth it sometimes.

  • Don’t worry about it

    Miles Davis Bitches Brew on the intro, ftw

  • GRIZ

    i hate the edit on this drags for too longg...

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    these have been great post for me

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    Whoa! Dep looks like he's been through it these past eight, nine years. That dude should've had everything. No way in hell would i sign a contract with Sean Combs.

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    Damn. This is some deep shit. Men. And I thought my grad school decisions were an issue

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    thx bro!!

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    Keep fightin Dep

  • Like Whoa!

    The opposite of the Hypnotize video

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    Sad. Everytime I see former Bad Boy artists I get an image of Puff smirking as he is still making money.

  • Reality1989

    I dont know.. I found this episode a bit frustating. While I feel bad for how far G Dep has fallen, his interview was vague and confusing. He seemed to ramble quite a bit. I heard dude had a serious drug problem, and he looks as if that is the case. Heres to better fortunes for my man. I used to like his unorthodox flow.