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Media Gasface Presents New York Minute ep.4: Night Nurse w/ G. Dep (Video)

blame it on Meka November 10, 2010

What goes up must come down. Everyone knows that, especially if you are from Uptown, Harlem. G Dep was the talk of the town when he joined Puff Daddy in 1999. But he felt in love with the Night Nurse… 8 years after his meeting with the Hip Hop mogul, he was arrested for breaking a display model mobile phone and spent a year on Rikers Island, without anyone showing up with his $750 bail. Sometimes the night seems endless on Allerton Ave.

Being a Los Angeles resident for most of my life, it was always an amazing thing to visit New York in the summers. One particular year there was this guy with an unorthodox flow running with Puff and Black Rob and the hip hop world here would not stop playing “Child Of The Ghetto,” “Special Delivery” or “Let’s Get It,” proclaiming him as the future of the label (I personally liked the original, Faith Evans-free version of “Everyday” myself). It was all good just a week ago.

Props to Media Gasface for putting together these terrific mini-documentaries.

PER REQUEST: G. Dep – Everyday (original, without Faith Evans)
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  • new Wiz and Curren$y, click my name fool.

  • how bout a link for that jazzy belle free everyday track mek…

    • > how bout a link for that jazzy belle free everyday track mek…

      added. you made me dig through 10+ years’ worth of saved mp3s, but it’s worth it sometimes.

  • Don’t worry about it

    Miles Davis Bitches Brew on the intro, ftw

  • GRIZ

    i hate the edit on this drags for too longg…

  • jerome

    these have been great post for me

  • Whoa! Dep looks like he’s been through it these past eight, nine years. That dude should’ve had everything. No way in hell would i sign a contract with Sean Combs.

  • Brother man

    Damn. This is some deep shit. Men. And I thought my grad school decisions were an issue

  • benny blanco


  • thx bro!!

  • Keep fightin Dep

  • Like Whoa!

    The opposite of the Hypnotize video

  • jubei208

    Sad. Everytime I see former Bad Boy artists I get an image of Puff smirking as he is still making money.

  • Reality1989

    I dont know.. I found this episode a bit frustating. While I feel bad for how far G Dep has fallen, his interview was vague and confusing. He seemed to ramble quite a bit. I heard dude had a serious drug problem, and he looks as if that is the case. Heres to better fortunes for my man. I used to like his unorthodox flow.