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Kuniva (of D12) – Gun Shot pt.2 (5 Ela Diss)

blame it on Shake November 10, 2010

Last week, members of Proof’s old group 5 Elements had some choice words (above) to say about Proof, his death/funeral, D12 and Eminem. Kuniva didn’t take them too lightly as he just unleashed a new track aimed in their direction. Spotted at UHTN.

DOWNLOAD: Kuniva – Gun Shot pt.2 (5 Ela Diss) | Mediafire

  • DreamVillain

    Shake, new J.Cole can you post it? Thanks

  • mpic92

    Fuck 5ela, Kuniva tellin them whats up

  • Pops

    Damn! Kuniva got in these bums asses.

    R.I.P. Proof

  • fire


  • Damn he went in on them. I don’t understand why these guys have to be hating. Fuck. Em wasn’t friends with any of these cats, why the fuck would he need to come around to see if Mudd was ok? And if Em got some kind of award at Proof’s funeral, why does that make Em a bad person? He didn’t give himself the damn award, someone gave it to him. Ahhhhh….

    R.I.P. Proof & Dilla

  • mmkayy

    ^ actually Proof’s moms gave Em that award


  • |3lackstar

    lmao Kuniva ethered em

  • How I Got Over

    Kuniva is the best in D12 other than Em, this track proves that.

  • How I Got Over

    “Funny that your name is Mudd, you looking all washed up”

  • kuniva killed it!

  • willmofo

    This beef shit needs to stop! This shows why there is no unity in Detroit hip hop. Crabs in a barrel…

  • 1

    kuniva went in his joint was dope

  • flip illson

    Players Pt.2?

    —a dying metaphor—

  • @Chi2LA23 actually Em was cool with 5 Ela, if you listened to his “Infinite” album, Thyme was on it..But seriously, all this hip hop beef shit in the D needs to stop..Proof seriously wouldn’t have wanted this! R.I.P. PROOF!!

  • kuniva killed them

  • shut the fuckup willmofo aint nobody tryin to hear that shit dude..anyways kuniva killed that shit he really went in on em!

  • sean

    Proof’s mother gives Em an award and thats the basis of a beef?, we gone fight over a man who’s dead and try and make some type of gain off of that? fuck 5 Elements for that… RIP BIG PROOF BIG PROOF FOREVER SHADY!

  • Step’pa

    DOPE track.

  • damn shits hard as fuck reminds me of d12 bad ass shit

  • I really want Em TO make anotha diss record man hip hop NEEDS Beef!!

  • OK! Doesn’t appear they will be having a family reunion, this is serious stuff, not some made up beef for publicity…but it’s gonna get plenty of coverage.

  • Tony Kornheiser

    This is what Em is talking about on Difficult…not Royce ffs