• P


  • Derp

    Mistook this for some Aaron Carter

  • Andy

    SO BAD

  • thetruth

    i liked its alwasy sunny in marieta...this tracks ok

  • southernHospitality

    this is the type of music this kid was meant to make. its not hip hop, its a mash up w/ rock & pop. so theres ALOT of hip hop heads who aint gonna be feelin this but its not targeted for that audience. but needless to say, shit like this SELLS

  • http://www.thesmkaexperience.com smka

    ...big ups to the homie Kyle Lucus

  • benny blanco

    Told ya'll this shit was gonna flop.

  • travie

    gym class is in session

  • MidwestRepresenta

    Def. Diggin the features they got lined up...when does Free.99 drop??


    gotta Co-Sign on what SouthernHospitality said above
    Personally i hope the Vonnegutt Crew keep doing their thang!