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Marz Lovejoy - Love Bullet Gun

blame it on Meka November 11, 2010

The West Coast songstress' EP This Little Light Of Mine , produced by Polyester The Saint of L.A.U.S.D., drops November 22nd.

DOWNLOAD: Marz Lovejoy - Love Bullet Gun | Mediafire
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  • swaga04

    i dunno if im going to like her voice or not.

    btw, she's lesbian right?

  • YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY New Marz Lovejoy!!!! ^_^


  • temu

    she's aite

  • xb

    i like any artist that sounds good and is different

  • Diggler

    Is that the bird in halfbaked?

  • And Won

    This is Bruno Mars in drag.

  • LikeWyze

    yea, she's battin for the other team

  • IllicitMC

    yeah, i like this, i think this is something my gf would like.

  • Roberta

    okay so at first i was just a fan of her artistry but now i'm extremely looking forward to this EP. i really liked this song

  • ODD


  • marzy =]

  • Teddy

    Marz LoveJoy is the shit.

    And NO She Is NOT A LESBIAN!!!

    (Im not yelling I just want to make sure thats clear)

    She has a song out called Dear John (something)

  • billy is the devil

    so john is her lesbian lover?

  • couldnt get pass the 20 second mark #IllFuck


    --POOF THE POST IS GONE..shake took off the friday nights countdown to same some embarressment in the morning



  • Kidd Izzo


  • She looks mad good tho. if shes a lesbian, thats half a waste.
    song sounds weird but she can sing at least.


  • danielthemartian

    Charles Hamilton Vs Serius Jones II: Charles Hamilton Walks Into A Barbershop & Starts Battling! (Jones Gets At Him For Looking Homeless & Bummy)

  • sticky sucked, but this is pretty nice.

  • whaaat

    She sound like a lesbo. At least she ain't the butch type. To bad. What a

  • B


  • A producer friend of mines actually works personally with her. He says she's just an eclectic, enlightened girl and a major hip-hop head; but she's not a lesbian. I personally asked about this, because I thought she was cute..lol.

  • solking10

    Weres the J.cole tape?

  • The Situation


  • GhettoBlaster

    i fuck wit dis.

    marz is cool as fuck.

  • Richy

    this is hot garbage

  • Priest24

    This is trash.I'm disappointed.

  • ziggy

    naw man, she's definitely a lez, or at least fucks w/girls on the regular. my homegirl hooks up w/her whenever she makes it out to the bay & has spent a few weekends w/her in LA.

  • yugang


  • YUP!

    really chill.

  • JAyP

    I like this joint :)

  • asap

    is she lez or not whats good

  • BangYaHeadHarder

    This site is fucked up right naw! damm bouncing that Friday Night Light ALL Dayy!

  • drew

    there is something wrong with this site

  • lol if shes a lesbian honestly y do u care..not like shes gonna b sleeping with u if shes not.

    like her singing voice reminds me of the old 94 97 rnb
    the raps ohh no not feeling or the hook love the beat tho
    love n hate this.

  • drew


  • St.Even

    Wow, the site has been fucking up lately!

  • Siarh

    love it!!

  • scuba_steve

    this bitch would eat my dick like fat black bitches and catfish.

  • POP

  • Kiah Marie

    No, she in fact is not a lesbian. Just a chick with her own style doing her own thing. Respect it

  • Freon

    it's funny how no life haters try to tarnish Marz shine, when in actuality it can't be done... She is the real deal and hate at your own peril. Listen to the album BEEEEEEAAACH.

    Respect the talent and achievement, or jump off a bridge !

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