• http://www.youtube.com/zahlberg jones

    Gilberte Forte' is that kinda dude that helps hip hop stay alive

  • DreamVillain

    Budden deleted his Twitter account, he got caught cheating with one of those Twitter/video hoes haha

  • MartyMackFlyy

    this totally caught me off guard,it was like the beat dropped kick me in my chest.Gilbere as well as Liva been dropping consistent heat lately,better add em both off the waiver wires you narcoleptics.

  • http://twitter.com/sebastian_yuri seb

    anybody know where to get that hat?

  • http://thunderkush.com/ THUNDERKUSH

    this dude is next up

  • Brocho Cinco

    dope, his mixtape was top 5 in 2010 imo