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Lloyd Banks – Payback (P’s & Q’s) f. 50 Cent

blame it on Meka November 12, 2010

Off Banks’ Hunger For More 2, dropping November 22nd. Props to Splash, who’s killing me softly with these jokes right now. SHAKE UPDATE: Up top, Banks talks with MTV about his Where I’m At collaboration with Eminem. And after the jump, he dismisses any chance of a G-Unit reunion. Despite Game’s recent Twitter talk.

DOWNLOAD: Lloyd Banks – Payback (P’s & Q’s) f. 50 Cent | Mediafire

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  • 2322

    HFM2 I CANT WAIT!!!!
    lloyd killin it!

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  • dat baby don’t look like me

    god i miss the times of 50 being dope…every once in a while (this song included) you get a little reminder of GRODT…then you weep softly to yourself when you see him on the cover of XXL with soulja boy…

  • WTF is Lloyd Banks Talking About all this random bullshit lyrics

  • All _About_Me

    This album is shaping up to be something serious. 11/22 H4M2

  • @dat baby don’t look like me
    damn foreal that xxl shits wack
    lloyd is under rated mannn… he goes in…this albums gonna be dope

  • AwwwShit

    Umm, he didn’t say anything about Game in the second video?

  • GrandzMuzik

    Produced by GrandzMuzik, Bliz Money , and Buda Da Future.

  • Protege

    whhere the fuck is j coles mixtape.

    and why the fuck dont 50 sing hooks
    like he use to? fuck..

  • SargeWP

    YOOOOOOO shake post this video! lloyd banks went the fuck in on game with the sorce magizine

  • chitownhrey

    beat is hot. thats about it

  • SargeWP

    song is hot!!!

  • meats

    ahhhh just leak the sh*t already!!! im buyin a copy regardless!!! #SupportYaFavArtists!!…[email protected]_Stranger follow a brotha!!

  • Brocho Cinco

    its clean, therefore I dont care about this


    this cd reminds me of old G-Unit days. 50 needs to take a hint from this and form his album towards the old style like banks is doing

  • Loso_Luciano

    This is hot as fuck…..No lie…Damn, fif back on the hooks like the good ol days and banks killing ish….

  • Jason Silver

    banks da dopest

  • so sick

  • snow


  • mine

    hotter … than your favorite shit

  • lol

    what you heard was just snippet.dumbass.
    and yeah.. its hotter than my fav. shit.
    cuz my fav shit WAS your chick.

  • Ca$h!

    Banger…all that’s needed now is the dirty version.



  • Phanatic

    @dat baby don’t look like me, then you might like his new album if you like the old 50, i’ve been hearing pretty good things about his new one, but who knows lol

  • “And after the jump, he dismisses any chance of a G-Unit reunion.”

    banks said nothin bout a gunit reunion?! wtf you talkin bout….?

  • Skinner

    ^^^ nigga that’s what I’m saying! he didn’t even bring it up lol