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Tassho Pearce – Give It Up f. Creed Chameleon (prod. Maineframe)

blame it on JES7 November 12, 2010

After giving his latest album, The Opening Act away for free, Hawaii MC Tassho Pearce decided he needed yet another way to give back to the people who have steady showed him love and support. It’s no secret that Kanye is Tassho’s favorite rapper. His G.O.O.D. FriSaturday releases have inspired him and basically anyone who follows good music. Taking a page from Yeezy, ‘Sho decided to premiere a new, original song, along with a few freestyles here and there every Friday until the release of his mixtape, Hi.Story. Reaching out to his deep network, ‘Sho has enlisted both long time friends as well as producers from both the islands and out of state. This first release is an original production (Maineframe) which literally was mixed down minutes ago, teaming up with Hawaii rapper Creed Chameleon. That sample is deadly. Tassho would like to wish the entire world a happy Aloha Friday!

DOWNLOAD: Tassho Pearce – Give It Up f. Creed Chameleon (prod. Maineframe) | MF

  • skeme

    Good looking out on this joint..DOPENESS

  • hi-hater

    i like that aloha friday…. kind of catchy. first time i think i’ve heard mainframe.. pretty ill…. that distortion on the vocals is nuts. feels like an old beastie boys record.

  • kushkillaCA

    I fuck with this musicaly…

  • Ms. Print

    I’m feeling this shit!! Hawaii Hip Hop!!

  • The shoster

    Tassho and Creed sound dope on this track. I hope we get to hear Fortilive and Wun on some Aloha Friday releases. All in all this is a good step forward for the HI..

  • Feverdon


  • COHH

    This is pretty official. Something new. That’s what’s up. Good flows good beat.

  • shittsss on!!!!!

  • rob

    love this shit!!! #alohafriday

  • UCB

    This sounds raw as fuck! Dope record. Look forward to hearing more from these guys.

  • Ye_Day

    Didn’t know Hawaii had rappers.. *kanye shrug*

  • Cease1

    Like this joint… It’s wild man. Much props on this, can’t wait to hear it all. It’s on fire like the waianae mountain range. Oe love. Cease1

  • HIHIStiz

    Wow, I LOVE this new shizzzzz! Hot Like Lava!

  • Mr.Rager

    yo this shit goes hard!! Tassho is killing the game right now. Can’t wait for the next Aloha Friday!!

  • VAsniper

    Dope song. the beat bangs and the raps are dope as hell.. I fux widdit.

  • automatixxx

    CHEEEE HUUU!! hawaii bringing some classic hip hop for the world!!

  • honest

    dope. first verse was on point, other dude was so so. pretty mediocre….

  • lol

    cute matching glasses.

  • Yeeea SHO. bk wit dat bird flippin flo! Hi St808! IMUA

  • 1

    Yeah good tune but that sample has been used before by ra the rugged man and j live on the wu meets the indie culture.

  • hixsf

    This is a dope track. something you can rock to while your driving with the top down in paradise!

  • take notes

    the world should start taking notes on Sho. He’s been putting in work for years! hard work pays off!

  • 13

    dope track. nice post.

  • YERP

    one of the best rappers out right now. Now go play ketchup..

  • Mush Of Fortilive

    Yo sho and creed have been puttin on for H.I. For a minute! They’re definitely 2 of the artist out in hawaii leading the pack and creating a great buzz for a very slept on scene. People are going to hear the words hawaii and hip hop a lot in the same sentence on a national scale a lot more, VERY soon! This is just the beginning. 5/5

  • Dopeshit!

    Yo, been waiting for this ish for some time now! Dope shit!

  • BeastHI

    Boys are Killing it on this track. Beasts of HI. Got this on repeat on my Ipod now…


    Hawaii Hip Hop is a movement with tons of dope artists like 0mega-Cix, Fame-1, Nocturnal Sound Krew, Osna, Big Mox, Prie, Pro, K-Luv, Slapp Symphony, Deadbeats, Spacifics, Fortilive, Wun, Kavet, Ill Hill Society, and the list goes on.. Google those names right now! I promise you won’t be let down.. RIP HIGH CHIEF!!

  • Skill Smith

    Tassho and Creed Kill it on this trizzazk… FLIP THE BIRD is taking ova!

  • WeOutHere

    Dope!!! I’m looking foward to these… dont sleep on Tassho & Creed they’ve been putting in work and putting on for HI for a minute…

  • Prie

    smooth track.

  • check out Mo Illa Pillaz- Fame One x Jasonix,Authentic 808 Hip-Hop indeed, and garuanteed,(google it). New LP done. One Fam! ALOHa.

  • dopeness

  • KimoJames

    I love the track. They’re the best MC’s in Hawaii, so it doesn’t surprise me. lol!

  • ill

    shit is smooth

  • Throw your H’s up in the air.


    Keep em sky HI!

  • follow us on Twitter.. @Tassho and @Creed_Chameleon. Mahalos to all who have commented on here! Sho’s gonna drop more in the near! prepare!

  • Quality emissions from the land of the lava. Don’t sleep on these dudes. They gon’ Freddy Krueger ya.


    Cant stop listening to it! Tassho! so dopedopedope! “& i’ve never been a quitter if i said i did it”…tight Marty MCfly


    TaSSho! So dopedopedope….Marty MCfly…& “Ive never been a quitter if i said it then i did it”. I cant stop listening to it! SO TIGHT


    Props for keeping it boom bap! Can’t wait for the next one!

  • J

    Real nice!! Good ssssht guys!

  • JLeez

    Usually not a fan of Hawaii hip-hop…this is good though i can dig this. nice vocal efx too not overdone.

  • S-SIR

    Do it for the sport! Rest is for the weary! Stay up world! Props Fam!

  • Keepitreal

    Tash killed this track. Not sure why he put Creed on there though. kinda mediocre. ohwell. good job sho, Keep putting on for HI.

  • luv’n dem

    Keep flippin back and forth between this Aloha Friday and Last Aloha Friday’s songs. Luv dem both! BUMP IT! Yah girl sends love to the crew! MUAH!!

  • eargasm

    yeh yeh HI represent..dope stuff

  • Mase

    Killin it….spread the word, flip the bird!

  • Dope indeed…