• christian


  • kNOw’Alias


  • Stephanie


  • http://thechillout.tumblr.com/ TheChillout

    I see my homie berner hopped on board HAHA good shit!

  • Stephanie

    And wtf happened to KRIT on the line up?

  • aiikd

    No bay area!?

  • evan292

    how could they skip the best part of california?

  • http://deleted No Homo

    Woo, can't wait till the 8th. ^^^They skip it because it sucks up there btw.

  • Sebastian Stafford

    wow....skippin the bay, i dnt understand how u have a "smokers" tour nd dnt come to the bay

  • D

    No Bay stop cuz no one in the Bay gives a fuck about 'em!

  • Devo408

    Stalin and berner are from the bay dummy why would people not five a fuck about them

  • http://intelligentRebelLion.org intelligentRebelLion

    wait isnt this the smokers tour?? n your not stopping in northern cali??

    #hit the link

  • http://www.gravatar.com/avatar/b42f8df9c7b20a2605fb66352f5d8f70.png varsityballin

    how could they skip the best part of california?

    best part? lol. so cal or no cal at all

  • Devo408

    If you ain't gettin your tree from the club your getting it from the bay.nuff said

  • eBagatron

    < from the Bay, and cares. They should have hit ANYWHERE up here. Fuck it, I might make it to LA. We'll see.

  • DaBay

    i go to college in seattle so this actually works out but being born and raised in oakland it's just stupid to skip the bay, especially on a smokers club tour, so u can have an extra show in az? give me a break spitta

  • Nateq


  • stupidgreedy

    already got my tickets

  • BW

    no yay area :'(

  • Andrew L.

    was hoping it would be at the el rey...12/08 is gonna be crazy...

  • ag

    Potland! Heewww

  • emanon

    They should cut that Oregon show and add some SF or nor cal shows quick fast!!

  • technique.

    yeah wtf no cares bout them? when berner from the bay?!? not saying he good but shit.. thats a wack statement

  • ace*

    No fucking Bay Area? What kinda shit is that? Have a Smokers Tour and NOT come to the Bay.. Nice

  • olliekid17

    how you gonna have a smokers club hit west and not have Fashawn on there or hit the bay, sac, humboldt, chico. smh at this failure. Curren$y is the only real smoker on there.

  • Campano

    Wheres the Daygo stop?!?!? SMH..fuck it i saw Curren$y in Lawrence, good enough

  • bkerrick

    Hell Yeeeah, Tempe AZ!

  • Nicoya

    for reals? no stop in the bay area?

  • Nicoya

    for reals? no stop in the bay area? that shits lame as fuck.

  • dilla

    ill be there in LA! Dom K Nipsey and Spitta!?

  • yoyoyo


  • hsustudent

    no humboldt? not a good look.

  • markeith504

    Cali Shows Gonna Be Sick

    Dom Kennedy is Dope As Fuck

  • http://artistdfuture.blogspot.com artist

    Will dom kennedy be with them in az??

  • Franklinko

    That is the most fucked up spelling of Tucson i have ever seen. But yeah @artist on Dom's site it has the AZ dates listed so I'd assume so

  • http://newschoolfire.blogspot.com NewSchoolFire

    Clubhouse Dec 11! fuck yea. been waiting for curren$y to come to az for a couple years. i sure as hell hope Dom comes to tempe.

  • http://twitter.com/DillonKirk DillonKirk

    LA BABY! fark yea.

  • j.e.t.s.


  • gill

    VANCOUVER! thats whats up! was choked when I saw we didnt get a date for the orignail tour. no big k.r.i.t. but dom kennedy now so it evens out.. CANT WAIT

  • Wu-Tang Yeeee

    No Bay Area?! I mean come on, you have to do SF (or Oakland)

  • wreckstat

    i kno its far. but one of these days dom reeeeaaallly needs to make it over here to the east coast. he DOES have a fanbase over here too lol. especially come to the dmv/b-more area....

  • sup3rfr34k

    Tuscan lol its tucson yo

  • Chipz

    they aint skip the best part of cali, LA is the heart of this shit...

  • ImaManiak

    See ya In LA

  • http://2DOPE JETS FOOL!


  • http://lifelostinparadise.blogspot.com/ LEEO

    Shake its TUCSON not TUSCAN haha.. AZ!!!!

  • st0ner

    VEGAS!!!! FUCK YES. but on some real shit how u gonna go to cali and not the bay area? thats wack.