The Smoker’s Club: West Coast Tour

blame it on Shake November 12, 2010

On November 30th, Spitta, Nipsey Hu$$le, Smoke DZA and Dom Kennedy (w/ the help of Fiend, The Pricks, Strong Arm Steady, The Slauson Boyz, Berner, J. Stalin and Cornerboy P) are hitting the West Coast as part of The Smoker’s Club tour. Hit the jump for dates/cites.

11/30/10 Fortune Sound Club Vancouver, BC
12/02/10 Neumos Seatlle, WA
12/03/10 Roseland Theater Portland, OR
12/08/10 The Elrey Theater Los Angeles, CA
12/10/10 Rialto Theater Tuscan, AZ
12/11/10 The Clubhouse Tempe, AZ
12/12/10 House Of Blues Las Vegas, NV

I’m flying high as hell on the 12th. Get your tickets here.

  • christian


  • kNOw’Alias


  • Stephanie


  • I see my homie berner hopped on board HAHA good shit!

  • Stephanie

    And wtf happened to KRIT on the line up?

  • aiikd

    No bay area!?

  • evan292

    how could they skip the best part of california?

  • Woo, can’t wait till the 8th. ^^^They skip it because it sucks up there btw.

  • Sebastian Stafford

    wow….skippin the bay, i dnt understand how u have a “smokers” tour nd dnt come to the bay

  • D

    No Bay stop cuz no one in the Bay gives a fuck about ’em!

  • Devo408

    Stalin and berner are from the bay dummy why would people not five a fuck about them

  • wait isnt this the smokers tour?? n your not stopping in northern cali??

    #hit the link

  • how could they skip the best part of california?

    best part? lol. so cal or no cal at all

  • Devo408

    If you ain’t gettin your tree from the club your getting it from the bay.nuff said

  • eBagatron

    < from the Bay, and cares. They should have hit ANYWHERE up here. Fuck it, I might make it to LA. We'll see.

  • DaBay

    i go to college in seattle so this actually works out but being born and raised in oakland it’s just stupid to skip the bay, especially on a smokers club tour, so u can have an extra show in az? give me a break spitta

  • Nateq


  • stupidgreedy

    already got my tickets

  • BW

    no yay area :'(

  • Andrew L.

    was hoping it would be at the el rey…12/08 is gonna be crazy…

  • ag

    Potland! Heewww

  • emanon

    They should cut that Oregon show and add some SF or nor cal shows quick fast!!

  • technique.

    yeah wtf no cares bout them? when berner from the bay?!? not saying he good but shit.. thats a wack statement

  • ace*

    No fucking Bay Area? What kinda shit is that? Have a Smokers Tour and NOT come to the Bay.. Nice

  • olliekid17

    how you gonna have a smokers club hit west and not have Fashawn on there or hit the bay, sac, humboldt, chico. smh at this failure. Curren$y is the only real smoker on there.

  • Campano

    Wheres the Daygo stop?!?!? SMH..fuck it i saw Curren$y in Lawrence, good enough

  • bkerrick

    Hell Yeeeah, Tempe AZ!

  • Nicoya

    for reals? no stop in the bay area?

  • Nicoya

    for reals? no stop in the bay area? that shits lame as fuck.

  • dilla

    ill be there in LA! Dom K Nipsey and Spitta!?

  • yoyoyo


  • hsustudent

    no humboldt? not a good look.

  • markeith504

    Cali Shows Gonna Be Sick

    Dom Kennedy is Dope As Fuck

  • Will dom kennedy be with them in az??

  • Franklinko

    That is the most fucked up spelling of Tucson i have ever seen. But yeah @artist on Dom’s site it has the AZ dates listed so I’d assume so

  • Clubhouse Dec 11! fuck yea. been waiting for curren$y to come to az for a couple years. i sure as hell hope Dom comes to tempe.

  • LA BABY! fark yea.

  • j.e.t.s.


  • gill

    VANCOUVER! thats whats up! was choked when I saw we didnt get a date for the orignail tour. no big k.r.i.t. but dom kennedy now so it evens out.. CANT WAIT

  • Wu-Tang Yeeee

    No Bay Area?! I mean come on, you have to do SF (or Oakland)

  • wreckstat

    i kno its far. but one of these days dom reeeeaaallly needs to make it over here to the east coast. he DOES have a fanbase over here too lol. especially come to the dmv/b-more area….

  • sup3rfr34k

    Tuscan lol its tucson yo

  • Chipz

    they aint skip the best part of cali, LA is the heart of this shit…

  • ImaManiak

    See ya In LA


  • Shake its TUCSON not TUSCAN haha.. AZ!!!!

  • st0ner

    VEGAS!!!! FUCK YES. but on some real shit how u gonna go to cali and not the bay area? thats wack.