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Aceyalone & RJD2 – Ever Seen This

blame it on Shake November 14, 2010

Roughly five years after they collaborated on 2006’s Magnificent City, Aceyalone and RJD2 link up for a track off The Sims 3: Stereo Jams OST. Sadly, the song is done in Simlish (the language used in the game). Which is a huge disappointment, as I was super stoked to see these two working together again. Hopefully we’ll get an English version soon enough. And possibly some more material in general.

DOWNLOAD: Aceyalone & RJD2 – Ever Seen This | Mediafire

  • oleyeller

    I never thought we’d be blessed with more Pootie Tang tracks! Yes!!

  • eBagatron

    Ok this is getting creepy. When I randomly put up a playlist of an artist I haven’t bumped in a few weeks, a post pops up on 2dbz with ’em. I was bumping ‘Ring Finger’ 5 minutes before I checked the site and then there’s an RJD2 post. Lol.

  • eBagatron

    p.s. DEFINITELY need an English version. This beat is kinda crazy but I like it.

  • DontGetIt

    just wanna say Acey’s first album, All Balls Don’t Bounce, is one of the best and most unique rap records of all time. Magnificent City was GREAT too, the rest of his shit has been kinda spotty. Hopefully this wasn’t just a one-off and he and RJ are back in the studio.

  • pop ber enuf lol

  • i kind of wish there isn’t an English version. this is quirky and dope.

  • ^^i just wanna know what is being said haha.

  • Jeepas

    50 yr old rappppper

  • robertTHEallen

    i think there might be a simlish translator online somewhere

  • Stevie


    you better make a Lauren Hill playlist

  • WTF is simlish?
    Either way, Acey still rips shit!

  • eBagatron

    @Stevie for real man, I’d love her to have some new shit. I’ma make a Hill/Badu playlist right now. Or be really hopeful and make a Aaliyah / Left-eye playlist, cause I was just thinking of them the other day. Too bad nowadays we have Ke$ha and Fergie instead.

  • wat

    wtf is this gay shit

  • Taylor Gang or…

    what the fuck is this…
    ahah i played the sims win i was like 11… i’m 19 now and am just realizing how gay that was

  • @Mr. Andre I’m guessing you’ve never played a Sims game. The characters in the game don’t speak English – they use this kind of mumbling/gibberish speech, while thought balloons over their heads describe what they are speaking about.


    hahaha now generation of 19 20 and 21,didn’t know bout the good rappers and super good producers like this.LOL,some haters

  • emanon

    Aceyalone’s Book of Human Language is a classic and one of my favorites from the project blowed mc

  • jd

    why even bother?

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  • Thit shit sucksss

  • I remember loving “Book of Human Language” back in high school. classic.

  • e

    the whole site has messed up these last few days… can’t see any comments for a lot of things, and going to page 2 goes back to posts from 10th of November

  • e

    oh but now i can read them in this post, just as i have posted. strange

  • whutwhut

    beat is tight but wtf @ the rapping

  • Ryan

    yo what the fuck is this…could’ve been dope too…

  • Per

    @DontGetIt A Book Of Human Language = CLASSIC.. Might not be for everyone, but as far from “spotty” as it gets.
    Aceyalone & The Lonely Ones are also slept on as fuck, consistent, feel-good summer greatness :D

    @Jeepas And STILL he can spit better than 99% of these new rappers flooding the blogs daily.

    Smh @ simlish though..