• Muhammad Fitri Haruddin

    and where was i?fuck

  • Jag

    lmao at cee-lo being bored

  • SFUSE613

    It felt like Cee Lo did his whole album. And the energy shift from J Cole & Pete Rock sets to his "bunch of slow jams" disrupted the tone (like a bad album sequncing)
    If that was your girl Meka CHEERS TO YOU!

  • http://wwww.kanyewest.com KanyeWest

    ^^^ what girl with meka?

  • DontGetIt

    I remember a few years ago I saw Gnarls Barkley perform in Central Park and Cee-Lo just isn't great on stage, that's disappointing though, he made a great album and I think it could sound pretty dope with a live band behind him.

  • LOL!

    It's because Cee-Lo a fat fuck.

  • http://TSN.CA DragonMTL


  • Rish da don dadda

    j cole and nas on the same stage... damn...wish i was there

  • Kyle

    dammm Nas is dopeee live. I missed RTB this yr cuz hospital and couldnt see him, prolly was my last chance to too. :(

  • ADP

    It would be sick if Cole and Nas got a chance to work together, or if Cole's dream collabo with Nas was at least discussed

  • Musikfiend

    Cee-Lo is an awesome studio artist but he doesn't strike me as the type to have a dope live show.

  • LoZiN mY baLaNce

    dope shit

  • Per

    Regardless of how Cee-Lo's live show is (never seen him), that's one hell of a lineup!!